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Buying Over The Counter Medication & Prescription Drugs Abroad.

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Buying Over The Counter Medication & Prescription Drugs Abroad.

Have you found yourself in a foreign country, plagued with an issue involving over-the-counter medication? This might include running out of your existing stock in the country you are visiting or not getting your prescribed drugs across the airport's security check. Or do you doubt that you can get the right prescription drugs abroad? This article will help you with valuable information on buying over-the-counter medication and prescribed drugs abroad when you need them.

· Get your over the counter medication and prescription drugs stocked up

It is extremely important to be sure you have enough drugs to take along with you. This is vital, especially if you will be visiting a foreign country, in which you do not speak the language.

· Pay attention to the rules

Even when your prescribed or OTC drugs are fully stocked, they won't be useful if they do not make it to your destination. So, ensure you are in line with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)'s guidelines for boarding a flight with your medication.

The TSA permits you to travel with prescribed drugs on board, but their original containers must be obtained. Also, a note from your doctor to explain your medications and their use will go a long way in helping see them through the airport checks. This is quite important if you will be going along with other supplies like syringes.

· Purchasing Prescription Drugs Abroad

It is also advisable that you approach your doctor and request for a written prescription in case there is a need for it where you are visiting. In a situation whereby you arrive at your destination and realize that you really need to have a refill of your prescription drugs, you will be surely glad that you brought that prescription along. Make sure that your prescription is written generically with the chemical name and not its brand name for easy identification.

If the prescription given is rejected by a pharmacy, you should approach another since a foreign pharmacist might not be inclined to follow through with the prescribed medication. You might need to try out different pharmacies till you find one that will fill it for you. If you still can't find a pharmacist who is ready to fill your prescription and you want your medication, you might need to go to a doctor in that nation. You might end up visiting a local doctor who might call your home doctor to confirm, and might have to write you a prescription from that country.

· Over-the-Counter Safety

If you need an OTC drug abroad and you have doubts concerning its safety, these are some steps you need to take:

- Examine its manufacturers.

- Check its generic chemical name before leaving the store, take note of its maker and make a comparison of what is available to you in your home countries.

- Ensure you are with a dictionary especially when the country isn't an English speaking one. Look out pharmacy with staffs who can communicate with you.

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