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Hey There

Welcome to the Traveler Butterfly community! We are thrilled to give you a warm welcome to this space. You'll find a growing community of multilingual, enthusiastic travelers. Our goal is to foster helpful, informative, and fun conversations to inspire and empower one family at a time to go out there and explore our beautiful world while learning new things with their kids–especially learning a new language. Let's get out there in the world, learn something new, share, help and support each other.

Forums Guidelines

We would like you to have great conversation in this space, to help us do just that, here are five community values we've developed  that should underpin all your interactions and help guide your posts and participation:



No disrespectful or derogatory remarks about any other member

Be respectful of other people's opinions and ideas. It's OK to have different views and disagree but present your case tactfully. This is a community and, respect for others is what will make forum posting really productive for you.



We count on all members to help keep our community and the  forums a safe place for people to share ,learn and view information. Your community experience begins the moment you embrace learning and adventures- This is only possible when you feel safe. Therefore, we require that you refrain from threatening or endangering anyone.




We encourage our members to make decisions that support positive engagement, benefit the community and its wellbeing. Don't hold back in sharing your knowledge and any useful  information or ideas. When you give information, provide your sources.




Welcome new members, show them how to use the forum.

New member , introduce yourself-We are glad to have you with us. Our discussions are geared with  kindness, warmth and  always assume the best intention.



Give people a little time to respond to your requests. People are busy and usually, participate in forums in their free time. it may take a little time for people to notice and respond to your request.  If you have a question and it doesn't get answered right away, don't take it against other members. Please be patient.

It will also be helpful if you:



  • Try to add value when you post. Post with purpose, to inspire or share.


  • Stay on topic. Provide a clear topic title and put your post in the appropriate category when creating a new discussion thread.


  • try to "give" back to our community the best you can . For each time you find help or answers, try to help someone else out in return.


Zero tolerance for :


1. Racism, sexism, and other discrimination will not be tolerate here.

2. Adult material, offensive language, gross stuff. Nope, not allowed.

3. Illegal activities: Posting links to illegal downloads, and other nefarious activity is not OK here.

4. Spreading misinformation:  conspiracy theories and misinformation are not OK here. We will remove posts promoting obvious falsehoods.

5. Spam / Advertising.We don't mind if you include links to useful source, websites or your travel blogs in your messages, provided it's relevant information, but commercial solicitation, straight-up advertising, or contributions designed to promote traffic to another site aren't acceptable.


6. Describing or encouraging activities that could endanger the safety or wellbeing of others.

7. Infringes the privacy of individuals - Don't reveal someone else's personal information.

8. Cross posting: Don't make duplicate posts across different forums.

9. Multiple identities on our forums are not permitted. If you cannot access your account, please get in touch with us rather than create a new one.


This is not a comprehensive list. We reserve the right to remove anything we deem inappropriate.We're trying to foster great conversation, and we will remove comments that harm that endeavor.

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