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As passionate world travelers, we’ve been exploring the world for over a decade. Now, we’re excited to be bringing our 10+ years of hands-on experience, passion, and knowledge to you, so you and your family can indulge in a slice of the wanderlust cake!


If there’s anyone who understands how difficult it can be to travel with the whole family, it’s us. It’s hard enough to plan a trip for yourself and/or your partner, let alone with kids who have their own set of needs. We wanted to find a way to help families focus on their travel priorities, while we take care of the time-consuming research and planning aspects of each getaway.


What started as a simple idea of helping friends and family with their travel needs has now turned into a successful business, officially established in 2018. The Traveler Butterfly is headed by Evanie, a seasoned traveler who specializes in softening family burdens by outlining tailored itineraries on their behalf. Evanie is obsessed with exploring the world and learning about new cultures.


We care about attention to detail, going above and beyond to make your dream getaway a reality. You shouldn’t have to wait for retirement to start traveling again. We want you to experience everything this beautiful world has to offer!


We firmly believe that travel is so much more than just, well, travel. It’s a way to unwind, reset your batteries, reconnect with your family, and break cultural barriers. The world is an awfully big place. Let it be your playground - there’s a bottomless treasure chest of magic out there just waiting to be explored. Let’s discover your motivations and achieve your personal travel goals, together!

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