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The Ultimate Guide to Miami for families

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Quick tips and tricks to family fun in the sunshine state

As a place known around the globe for world-class fun, Miami is a traveler’s paradise! It is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking beaches in the state, and marked by some of the best Latin food known to America! Miami is a city of a thousand attractions as you explore everything from nature reserves and culture centers within these city limits! For some quick tips on what to do with your family, check out this helpful guide to making some memories in Miami:

Loreva in Miami
Loreva in Miami

Things to do

Monkey jungle

Monkey around in Miami with true fun for all ages! This is one of the best stops in Miami for anybody looking to have some family fun. Groups are encouraged to spend hours here in one of the many exhibits or gardens. It spans a massive 30 acres of land in premier South Florida sunshine and makes any trip to Miami memorable. Monkey jungle is not just an interactive zoological experience; it is also a wildlife park with plenty of educational fun for everyone! Check out all that this amazing location has to offer, and find your next family favorite in Miami!

Little Havana

Get ready for some authentic Cuban culture! Little Havana, Miami is a great area for tourists of all ages to wander through one of the liveliest local attractions that span for several blocks. Here, you can walk, shop, or even stop at a park and fully embrace all that Miami heat! Don’t forget to stop at an authentic Cuban restaurant while in town! These restaurants serve up the best in cuisine known to the state that’s loved by all ages.

South Beach

A trip to Miami is incomplete without having some toes in the golden sand! South Beach is internationally recognized for being one of the most exciting, vibrant beaches in the world. That means you can stop here and find something for everyone. Sandcastles for the kids, perfect tanning spots for the professional relaxers, and even a few beachside bars for the parents. If the crowds aren’t really your family’s speed, then try the outskirts of South Beach. You can take a walk on the beach towards the popular main area to see all the bustling fun, and then head back to where you set up for the day, for a day of quietly lapping waves and exciting childhood fun.

Zoo Miami

Go to a place that’s been loved by the years! Not only is Zoo Miami Florida’s largest zoological garden, but it is also the oldest! That means it’s been slowly perfected over time to provide its visitors with a fun, fascinating trip for the whole family! Zoo Miami is an excellent place to spend the day, as everyone can find something to marvel at in these grounds. Check out some cheetahs, or ogle at the ostriches and you’ll be going home with enough memories to last a lifetime!

Jungle Island

Adventure on the Atlantic! Previously known as Parrot Jungle, Jungle Island is an all-day eco-exploration. Even though you’ve been to this location before, you haven’t seen it quite like this! After the tragic events of Hurricane Irma, this destination underwent a massive renovation. That means everything is new and tailored directly to the modern traveler and their family. You do not only get to explore the zoological wonders of this parrot paradise, but you also get to do it all on the gorgeous coast of Miami! Don’t just sit under the sun, soak it in! Enjoy the most out of your vacation and check out Jungle Island!

Locals Tip:

Check out Oleta River State Park! Are you looking for something with a little bit more thrill? Oleta has you covered! This massive, sprawling state park has numerous paths to choose from that all have one thing in common: beauty. Oleta River State Park means you get to trek through one of the best-hidden gems in all of Miami, and you get to do it all without the crowds. As such a popular local’s destination, you also come across some of Miami’s friendliest natives who can point you in the path of most Miami beauty. No matter where the road takes you in Oleta, it’s sure to take you somewhere gorgeous!

Where to Eat

Ms. Cheezious

Even the pickiest of eaters are raving about Ms. Cheezious. Not only does it have the perfect name, but it also has delicious food to back it up. This is an artisanal food truck found in the heart of Miami that comes loaded with flavor. Every other grilled cheese will pale in comparison to one gooey, cheesy bite of this proud Miami native! Bring the whole family for sandwiches that literally change the game of lunchtime!

Versailles Restaurant Cuban Cuisine

Outside of Cuba, there really is nowhere better for an authentic Cuban dish than Miami itself. And in Miami, few can beat the mouthwatering taste of Versailles Restaurant. It is jam-packed with rich, fresh ingredients and served up from traditional customs and cultures that dictate only the finest of flavors, and there’s something on the menu for everyone! From kid-friendly options to some of the best cocktails on the Atlantic Coast, Versailles is the place to be at with a hungry tummy!

Locals Tip:

Don’t forget LeKoke Wine and Bites! During your trip to Little Havana, this is the best place to stop! Infused with all that Miami-Cuban charm and served up hot and ready, LeKoke is one of the best Tapas bars in the whole state. From the outside, it may not look like much, but that’s because the real work gets put into the taste. Locals and tourists alike have only the highest recommendations for this proud Miami native -- and families will be pleased by all the options available!

All in all, whatever you choose Miami for, you’re sure to make some memories. Be it under the warming Florida sun playing in the waves, or at one of the numerous ecological parks found in South Florida -- Miami is here to deliver! Embrace the kind of adventure your family will be talking about for years to come!

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the ultimate guide to miami


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