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Canadian's Airports With Play Area

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Canadian's Airports With Play Area

While many airports are opening new, innovative play areas for kids, don't leave your child there without supervision. No matter how secure the airport seems, a supervised play is a safe play. Here is a list of Airports with a Play area in Canada.

Toronto Pearson International Airport

Toronto Pearson International Airport has several small children's play areas in terminals 1 and 3.

Terminal 1: A mini children’s play area can be found at Domestic Departure Gate 124. Terminal 3: A children’s play area can be found at International Departure Gate C34.

Put your kids in some "Comfy Cars." In Terminal 1, you'll find them in the Domestic Departures area next to Gates 140, 144 and 106. In Terminal 3, look for a Comfy Car and jungle gym next to Gate C34. More Comfy Cars are on Pier B, near Gate B14 in Terminal 3. Also in Terminal 1, you'll find play areas with plenty of room for parents, too.

YYC international airport
calgary international airport

The Kid Zones, which feature a variety of themes and destinations that are Calgary-centric, are carved entirely by hand by Playtime LLC out of Denver, Colorado. Each play area features custom carpet covered foam floors. The soft-sculptured foam makes it easy for children of all ages to play and explore, and the areas also have integrated seating for adults to relax comfortably while watching their child.

Domestic Terminal Departures Level (2nd Floor) Play Area 

Domestic Terminal Departures Level

Age Range: There is a section for kids 3-5 and a section for kids 5-12.

Play Area Features: Airport theme- Large climbing structure, TV, airplane cockpit, control tower with small slide.

Domestic Terminal Arrivals Level (1st Floor) Play Area 

Age Range: Suggested for ages 3-5.

Play Area Features: Calgary Theme – tunnels and small steps. Very cute but best for small kids. Two dinosaur climbers. Best for small kids for a short period of time.

Spaceport (3rd floor by the food court)

Age Range: All ages. Features: Toddler play area with space themed panels and video game stations; various hands on exhibits and artifacts on display.

vancouver international airport

Children’s Play Areas at the Vancouver Airport

With three locations after security and one before security, there are a number of areas throughout the airport for kids to play and climb. Before security, near the domestic terminal food court (Departures Level 2), you’ll find a play area.

After security, there are three different play areas to choose from:

Domestic Terminal, Departures Level 3, Gate 3 Domestic Terminal, Departures Level 3,Gate 43 International Terminal, Departures Level 3, Gate 54

Additional fun zones and things to do with kids at the Vancouver Airport (observation area, aquarium and park):

If you’ve got a child that loves to point to the skies every time an airplane flies overhead, you’ll want to take them to the Public Observation Area located before-security in the Domestic Terminal on Level 4.

Located in the after-security area of the International Terminal is a 114,000-litre aquarium with over 5,000 aquatic dwellers. Kids can seek out a variety of Cascadia-native underwater fauna, including wolf eels, sea stars, sea urchins and more than 20 different species of fish.

Edmonton International Airport

Edmonton International Airport

There are children's play areas at the airport located: by Gate 66 (after security in Domestic-International Departures)

by Gate 80 (after security in US Departures) Looking for child-oriented entertainment at the airport? EIA is equipped with three children's play areas, located in the US Departures lounge, the Domestic-International Departures lounge and the North Terminal Departures lounge. For older kids there is an X-Box connection in the US Departures area.

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Travellers with children will find several play areas located throughout the departures lounge at Halifax Stanfield International Airport. These areas are equipped with padded floors for safety.