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Los Angeles- A.K.A City of Angels

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

If you want to stay in a place where people make a business of dreams, come to Los Angeles. The City of Angels warmly welcomes families. Your kids will have endless fun, and you will get an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the extravagant life, the world's most famous people have. We have family in L.A, so it is just natural for us to stop by from time to time to reconnect with family and friends there. Here are some of our suggestions when visiting the L.A


This trend-setting metropolis is so packed with world-famous attractions that it will be difficult to choose what to visit.

Certainly, you will not miss Universal Studios Hollywood, a film studio and theme park featuring a cinema, shows, rides, restaurants, and shops.

The legendary Disneyland Park overflows with brilliant things to do for kids and adults alike.

An American landmark and cultural icon overlooking Hollywood, the Hollywood Sign is a must-visit selfie spot, just like the iconic Watts Towers.

You will certainly take a stroll along Hollywood Walk-of-Fame, with 2,600 five-pointed terrazzo and brass stars in the sidewalks, and Rodeo Drive, mostly window-shopping as very few of us can afford the items in the designer boutiques from the film Pretty Woman.

You may want to book a ticket for a show at the Walt Disney Concert Hall or TCL Chinese Theatre.

The famed sandy stretch of The Venice Beach Promenade invites you to experience the true bohemian sense of California.


Among so many kid-friendly places in L.A, it is not easy to choose what to begin with.

Lily ponds, roses and leafy trees of Descanso Gardens will let your kids roam free and give you some rest from the heat of the crowded streets.

The Kidspace Children's Museum is one of the top destinations for children. The interactive exhibits with indoor imagination workshops and interactive greenhouse are just a few wonders of this magnificent world.

Griffith Park, with a variety of things to do and Los Angeles River with biking, picnicking, fishing, horseback riding, and even kayaking, will provide enough activities when your kids get bored of sightseeing.


If museums and galleries are an important part of your visit to L.A, you will be happy to see an overwhelming array of temples of art like the Broad, the Getty Center, the Hammer Museum and the Annenberg Space for Photography. You can visit them for free. L.A. is full of free museums, some without admission fees on certain days, like LACMA (the Los Angeles County Museum of Art), MOCCA, Skirball, the Norton Simon Museum, the Huntington Library, the Art Collections & Botanical Gardens, etc.


For visitors seeking places off the beaten track, Sunken City is a must-visit. The neighborhood sunk into the oceans is popular for bonfires, sunsets, drinking, and graffiti.

The abandoned zoo in the heart of Griffith Park is a great place to venture through the history of L.A. wildlife.

Visit Shakespeare bridge, an L.A. historic-cultural monument located at the intersection of Los Feliz and Silver Lake, built in Gothic style.

Take a stroll around the Echo Park Lake, ride in a pedal boat or take a yoga class.

Venice Canals located near Venice Beach are a version of the Italian canals filled with boats and beautiful bridges.

Enjoy nature and wildlife at the Wildlife Learning Center. You can actually interact with the animals, many of which are rare.


As a genuinely family-friendly city, L.A. offers plenty of places for families to stay. Whether you choose to stay at Beverly Hills, in Santa Monica, Hollywood, Downtown or in any other neighborhood, you will find numerous family-friendly hotels featuring spacious family rooms plus a full kitchen and other amenities that will make your visit to L.A. the most enjoyable one. Require babysitting or child service and spend some time carefree. Afford luxury accommodation or enjoy L.A. in a budget hotel. Book a room at the beachfront to enjoy stunning sunsets with the Pacific caressing sandy beaches at your feet. Don't leave your furry friends at home – most hotels are pet-friendly.

If you prefer to have the place to yourselves, you can book your accommodation from local hosts through rental services. Stay at cozy houses with pools, lovely gardens, and barbecue area or in a luxury condo.


This is the city that boasts of Michelin-starred restaurants. The first thought about food in L.A. is the gastronomy marvels created by celebrities like Gino Angelini, Wolfgang Puck, and David Myers. Still, other different sophisticated options are on menus in L.A. restaurants – many national dishes like Italian, Japanese, Mexican, etc. You will certainly want to try top-notch drinks in the great city's cocktail bars.

When in L.A don't forget to stop at one of our favourite French bakeries in L.A: Chaumont Bakery. You will enjoy all the viennoiserie and more. You shouldn't be afraid of street food. These are famous food trucks serving hot dogs, barbecue, sushi, burritos, quinoa bowls, tacos, danger dogs and many other mouth-watering foods. And, of course, don't pass an In-N-Out without stopping.


• Although the public perception is that the tap water is not good for drinking, that is not what the Los Angeles Department of Water says. On the contrary, they ensure that the tap water is as clean as bottled water.

• Magnificent blue ocean water is much colder than it looks, fed by cold currents from Alaska.

• There is no center of the city in the usual sense of the word, so Downtown L.A. is not the only starting point for tourists.

• Wait until dark to fully experience Sunset Strip. It is not as glorious during the daytime.

• Be careful not to jaywalk. The police really don't like it. You could be fined.

• You can't get very close to the Hollywood Sign. There is a fence around it.

• Tips are appreciated by any person providing a service to you.

• English is not the only language spoken in L.A. On the contrary, Spanish is also widely spoken.

• Smoking in public places is banned, but you can look out for designated smoking areas.


The best time to visit L.A. depends on your priorities. The weather is most pleasant and the city less crowded from March to May and from September to November. In the summer, you can expect to seek fresh air and rescue from the hustle of the city. Heat and high level of smog will probably drive you to overcrowded oceanside neighborhoods. Winter has deals to offer, but you will probably need an umbrella.


The most common opinion is that you can't explore Los Angeles without a car. However, visitors should try to discover L.A. riding on the well-developed public transportation system and avoid the effort of driving in the heavy traffic. They can choose between Metro cards or mobile ticketing application and use the environmentally friendly subway lines to get to almost any corner of the Greater L.A. area. You can reach all the major destinations, including state parks, attractions, and shopping districts by buses and shuttles.

Discover L.A. without a car using Car Free L.A. that features self-guided car-free vacation itineraries. Experience L.A. in a different way on foot or bike.

If you still prefer a car ride, you can use Uber, Lyft or taxi services.

Come to Los Angeles and see how celebrities live. If you are lucky enough, you can come across a famous actor or actress dining at the restaurant in which you booked a table for your family or shopping in Rodeo Drive.

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