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Travel Coach

Let us take care of the travel planning

So you can focus on making memories

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Booking a vacation always sounds like a great idea - until you reach the

planning part. Travel planning and booking is stressful and time-consuming,

especially if your family is bigger than just you and your partner.

Did you know that the average vacationer browses at least 30-50 websites

before making a decision or booking?

Imagine what you could do with that time instead?


Finding time to travel, alone or with the kids, is hard enough as it is,

without having to worry about the mountain of research and planning you

have to do. This nail-biting process often detracts from the whole

point, which is to take a break from your busy life and recharge your

batteries. Many parents find any excuse possible to avoid traveling,

even though they do really want to go, purely because they are concerned about the intense planning and research. After all, it takes

time and patience to coordinate a trip, especially when there are kids involved.


What if we told you there IS a way to travel whenever you want, alone OR with the kids, without fear or setbacks? That’s where The Traveler Butterfly comes in, relieving the stress and anxiety associated with planning a getaway! We want to help you enjoy every vacation experience to the fullest, worry-free! As seasoned, multi-lingual world travelers, we know what it takes to help families get the most out of their vacations and time with their family.


Once we get to know you and your needs a little better, we can work with you to design your dream itinerary - especially for you. No carbon copies. No templates. With The Traveler Butterfly, we’re all about what YOU want and what YOU need to make happen.

the traveler butterfly blog


We’re your Travel Coach, a service you can learn more about by clicking here. Why hire a travel coach? Because nobody can do everything alone - and that’s ok. Just as you would hire help for your finances, home cleaning requirements, and more, a travel coach is a MUST for families all around the world who are ready to make MASSIVE bucket list ticks, fuss-free, and make travel a part of your lifestyle - no matter your budget. There’s nothing wrong with outsourcing the tasks you don’t enjoy or have time for!


Find affordable accommodation

Find the tools, resources, and guidance you need to feel empowered

Find and book all activities and excursions

Cut through the noise of conflicting information online and apps

Beat travel intimidation

Book all flights

Master financial planning

Discover must-know airport tips

Enjoy emotional support every step of the way

Discover your purpose

Travel with confidence

Learn cultural insights

Save money, time, and stress

Find a new sense of meaning

Build your own travel story!

Gain guidance when transitioning back to normal home life

the traveler butterfly blog

Why Use The Traveler Butterfly?

We are passionate about what we do, helping families save money, time, and sanity when researching and planning getaways. We are here to help you design the life you’ve been dreaming of, from ideation to planning to booking, so you can become a master at balancing work and play. Together, we can make your travel dreams come true - all by following our simple, powerful, and proven process from start to finish

The Process


This is where every Travel Coach journey begins. We can chat for 30 or 60 minutes via phone or Skype, so we can get to know you and your needs a little better. After this initial brainstorming session, we can suggest the best plan of action accordingly


When you work with us, your only job is to start getting excited! We’ll book everything on your behalf, including flights, car rentals, accommodation, transit, and beyond

Game Plan

Once we have a firm grasp on exactly what you’re hoping to get out of your trip, we can get to work crafting your personalized itinerary accordingly. You’ll get everything you need to enjoy your vacation to the fullest, from activities to logistics to travel tips

the traveler butterfly blog


Our goal is to ensure you get optimal value for money when working with The Traveler
Butterfly. By bundling our services, you can extract the most insight for your upcoming

getaway, accessing a one-of-a-kind package especially for you.

We also want to ensure your time is spent as wisely as possible. This is why we always advise
our clients to email us as many questions as possible once they’ve made their payment, so we

can get a head-start on answer preparation for our next chat.

We can’t wait to welcome you into our family and community! Why not book your first
coaching session today? We look forward to sharing our travel wisdom and insights with

you soon!

But don’t take our word for it. Here are what our biggest fans are saying


Thank you, Evanie, for designing my perfect weekend getaway, David, USA

It was worth it, thank you for saving me time and money and managing to create a fantastic trip itinerary for my family and me in Europe. Charlotte, USA

We loved the cape town trip The Traveler Butterfly planned for us so we much we referred friends and family! Sam & Jessica, Canada

Thanks, The Traveler Butterfly, for turning my dream into a reality. I traveled to Japan with my kids' hassle-free, and your travel coach services made it happen for us! Thank you. Nathalie, Canada

Thank you for saving me time and designing an amazing itinerary.
I will book again! Rosalie, Montreal.

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