20 Fun Museums Virtual Free Tours.

Updated: Jan 24

While many of us are staying at home during this pandemic, with no possibilities of traveling anytime soon, there are still some ways to get out there and discover our beautiful planet and the many exciting sights it has to offer. We compiled a list of Museums around the World you can explore virtually and enjoy while at home with your family.

1) Let's start our museum adventure with a stop in Alexandria, Virginia, and explore the National Women's History Museum. This museum has an online exhibit covering many topics about the contributions of women in history. You can travel virtually in their many exhibitions and learn about women of NASA, the Olympics, Standing up for change, fashion, and more. In addition, the museum offers free daily virtual programming with plenty of educational video resources. Click here to learn more.

2) Let's now fly south of the border and pay a visit to the largest and most visited museum in Mexico City. Museo Nacional de Antropología or the National Museum of Anthropology. The museum offers 23 Exhibit rooms full of Mayan artifacts for you to explore in English or Spanish.

3) After our visit to the country of Pico de Orizaba (The highest mountain in Mexico) is time for us to fly across the Atlantic to The Netherlands. There we will visit one of its greatest museums. Rijksmuseum which is located in a neo-Gothic/Dutch Renaissance building. We had the opportunity to explore this museum a couple of years ago, and we loved it. 

It was nice to see that they can also accommodate virtual visits. You should check out their must-see virtual exhibits tour here. They have 14 multimedia tours and displays legendary works by Rembrandt, Vermeer, and other Dutch artists for you to discover.

A sweet memory at Rijksmuseum

4) The next stop is a visit to the land of milk and honey. You guessed it we just landed in Switzerland. To see animals by region, species, and group, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums have a virtual Zoo at your disposal. 

5) Next stopover, Paris, to see the 3rd most visited museum in Paris in the comfort of your home through their virtual tour. Let's travel opposite the Tuileries garden and stop at the Musée d'Orsay on the left bank of the seine. You want to see works from many impressionist painters such as Monet, Gauguin, Cezanne, and, of course, Van Gogh. You are in the right place, so enjoy your virtual tour and have fun learning.

6) While in la Ville lumière( City of lights), let's have a visit to the World's largest museum. Welcome to the Louvre for a 360 virtual tour. It never gets old to revisit the Louvre; there is always something interesting or new to discover, now you can do it from home and avoid the queue.

7) After your break from the French Capital, let's continue our world culture exploration in England. Maybe a quick hello to the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace for a virtual meet and greet with some English tea before exploring the Royal Palace in all its splendor online will be a nice change of pace. Buckle your seat as you can click here for a virtual field trip to the World of the royals.

fun times at the Buckingham Palace

8) While in one of the World's financial hubs ( London). We shall head to the Bloomsbury area to the British Museum. The museum currently offers 1.9 million works of art available online for free. A stop here is a must while in London. There are 11 ways to explore its many exhibits while at home. Through Podcasts, galleries, informative audio, interactive games, and more available to you just by a mouse click. Click here to learn more about the British museum

9) Let's now pay a visit to Spain to Salvador Dali hometown of Figueres in Catalonia. Courtesy of the pandemic, you can now explore the Dali-Theatre museum virtually like never before. There are plenty of exhibits to discover around Dali's life and works but also other artists he has invited. The Spanish Surrealist artist is buried below the stage floor of the museum as well. Click here

10) Heading to Madrid the capital and most populous city in Spain to explore Thyssen -Bornemisza museum. It displays work of art from the 13th century to the late 20th century. It is also known as Madrid's must-see art museum. Now you have access to the museum virtually click here

11) Let's practice our Italian as we are heading to Vatican city and start our day with a visit to the Vatican museum. You want to see the Sistine Chapel up close, well you are in luck as Michelangelo's work of art and other extensive collections and classical sculptures curated by popes over many centuries is available through their virtual tour

12) After our European tour, let's head back home to North America shall we and start in Canada through history, science, nature, and art through virtual exhibits from Canada's museums and heritage organizations. Click here for more

13) The next stop is a visit to the big apple with a stop at The Met or Metropolitan Museum of Art. The largest art museum in the United States and home to over 2 million works of art. If you can't get to NYC anytime soon, at least you can experience the Met from anywhere in the World. Click here and browse through their many virtual exhibits of its most impressive pieces.

14) Now, let's fly an hour from NYC and land to the Bay State ( Massachusetts) with a visit to the Boston Children's Museum. Your 360 virtual tour begins at the museum lobby.

my baby in Boston

15) We will stay in the North East a bit and head to Maryland and try to plan our visit to the 18 Smithsonian museums in D.C and leave the remaining 2 for our next trip to NYC. You are in luck with the 360-degree view virtual tours they have available; you won't be concerned about parking tickets to go from one museum to another. Also, there is plenty to see and explore, and if you already know how to Navigate Google Maps, then this virtual Smithsonian adventure should be an easy peasy fun thing to do at home.

16) Capitol Hill is always a fun place to visit so we can stay here longer and explore more by heading to Lincoln Memorial. The National Park Services has panoramas views of the memorial. Click here to explore more.

17) Before departing D.C, let's head to the White House and discover some of the different art and culture in the famed building virtually through here.

18) Now let's travel to the deep south to Atlanta, home to Dr. Martin Luther King, an activist, and a great leader who contributed to shaping the civil rights movement.

We have visited his home( Martin Luther King, Jr's Home) many years ago, and it was nice to be able to revisit the site virtually with the kiddo. You can take a virtual tour of his home by clicking here.

19) It's time to fly west to California and have a stopover at Monterey Bay Aquarium for a change. There you can experience the aquarium and see penguins, sharks, coral reefs, and some of your favorite sea animals through their live webcams from 9:30 am to 5 pm Pacific time. Click here to begin your journey under the sea.

20) Our World Museum exploration Virtual tour comes to an end with a visit to NASA International Space Station. Click here if you want to stimulate a virtual space experience to steer your astronaut spirit.

We hope you have enjoyed this museum's virtual odyssey tour. Please don't forget to share as sharing is caring, and for more posts like this, don't forget to subscribe.

What are your favorite virtual tour trips? Did one of them make our list?

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