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Discover Finland with Kids: A 2-Week Family Adventure Itinerary

Picture this: you're standing on the shores of a tranquil Finnish lake, the early morning mist rising in harmony with the sun. In the distance, a reindeer grazes quietly. It's a scene that embodies Finland's essence - a land where nature, culture, and history come together in perfect unison. Finland's motto, "Peace, freedom, sisu," defines its people, who possess an indomitable spirit that's as unwavering as the midnight sun. And then there's the language - Finnish, a linguistic marvel that stands alone in Europe, hailing from the Finno-Ugric language family and flourishing amidst a sea of Indo-European languages. It's a testament to Finland's individuality, a quality that's been nurtured through centuries of history under the influence of neighboring giants.

The Finnish people are more than just resilient; they're shaped by a rich past that saw them under the rule of Sweden for over 600 years, followed by a century under Russian rule, before gaining their independence in 1917. The Swedish influence is alive in coastal areas, where Swedish-speaking Finns maintain their heritage. The Russian connection, too, has left its mark on the east of the country, in the form of Eastern Orthodox churches and architectural styles. But Finland is not just a product of its history; it's a land of enchanting natural wonders. Dense forests, pristine lakes, and the mesmerizing Northern Lights in Lapland form the backdrop of a culture deeply connected to the environment. In this two-week journey, we invite you to explore, learn, and experience the many facets of this extraordinary nation, discovering the heart and soul of Finland like never before. Here is a glimpse of our 2-week itinerary in Finland, which you can use or modify according to your interests.

A Comprehensive Two-Week Family Adventure in Finland

Discovering Finland: A Tapestry of History and Culture

Our journey through Finland is a remarkable exploration of a country steeped in history and influenced by its neighbors. Finland's intricate tapestry of culture, geography, and tradition has been shaped by the historical presence of Sweden, Russia, and Germany. This unique blend of influences makes Finland a captivating destination for travelers seeking a diverse and enriching experience.

Week 1: Helsinki - A Capital Full of Surprises

Day 1: Arrival in Helsinki

Our adventure begins in the vibrant capital of Finland, Helsinki. We land at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, excited to explore the city's treasures.

  • Our Finnish adventure begins as we arrive in the vibrant capital, Helsinki. A city enriched by its Swedish history, the presence of the Royal Castle, and the legacy of the Swedish-speaking minority. Helsinki is also known as the "Daughter of the Baltic" due to its strategic location.

  • On our first day in Helsinki, we took it easy, familiarized ourselves with the surroundings, and relaxed.

Day 2: Exploring the Heart of Helsinki

  • Morning: We visit Senate Square with its iconic Helsinki Cathedral, serves as a reminder of Finland's Russian influence and Eastern Orthodox tradition. Senate Square was built in the 19th century as a symbol of Russian Emperor Alexander II's commitment to turning Helsinki into a grand European capital.

  • Afternoon: Our afternoon takes us to the vibrant Market Square at Helsinki's historic harbor. This renowned marketplace, steeped in history dating back to the early 19th century, continues to be a thriving center for Finnish culture and commerce. Here, you can relish traditional Finnish dishes like salmon soup and reindeer stew while exploring the stalls filled with handicrafts and souvenirs

  • While at the Market Square, you'll also have the opportunity to admire some of the city's iconic landmarks. The Presidential Palace, a neoclassical masterpiece, stands proudly nearby and often hosts official state functions. Its presence adds a touch of grandeur to the historic surroundings.

  • Evening: In the evening, we visit the National Museum of Finland, located conveniently in Helsinki's city center. The museum's unique architectural blend of modern and classical design reflects Finland's transition from tradition to innovation. Inside, a vast collection of artifacts and exhibitions provides an in-depth journey through the nation's history, from prehistoric times to Finnish independence.

  • One significant exhibit, "Väinämöinen," features prehistoric relics, including ancient jewelry and tools. The museum's captivating stained glass windows depict scenes from the Finnish national epic, the Kalevala. Exploring the museum offers a profound understanding of Finland's cultural heritage, political evolution, and societal progress, making it an enlightening experience.

Day 3: Discovering the Underground City

  • The underground city in Helsinki, known as the "Keskuskatu" tunnel, is a fascinating subterranean network beneath the heart of the Finnish capital. The tunnel system began its development in the 1960s and was officially opened in 1971. It was originally constructed to provide efficient pedestrian access between various important buildings. This unique system of tunnels stretches for over 200 meters and connects various buildings and facilities in the city center, offering shelter from the harsh Nordic climate. The tunnels house a range of amenities, including shops, restaurants, and even an underground swimming pool, making it an intriguing and practical space for both locals and visitors to explore. Discovering this hidden city below Helsinki adds an extra layer of intrigue to the city's charm and history.

  • Explore Helsinki is an amazing adventure that offers a blend of modernity and tradition. The Oodi Library, a true architectural gem, provides an excellent starting point for your journey. With its striking design, it's not just a library but a cultural hub. Stroll through the impressive Main Shopping Center, filled with boutiques and Finnish design stores that showcase the nation's creativity and style.As you make your way through the city on foot and tramway, don't miss the Central Station, known for its distinctive clocktower and magnificent façade. The station is a hub of activity and a historical landmark.

  • Helsinki's tramway system is a unique experience in itself. The vintage tramcars, particularly Tram 3B, offer a charming way to explore the city's historic districts. Venturing into the Kallio neighborhood, you'll experience Helsinki's vibrant local life, with its historic charm and exciting nightlife. Take your kids to Linnanmäki Amusement Park, where they can enjoy thrilling rides and games.

Exploring Helsinki is like unwrapping a gift of Finnish culture and modernity. It's an adventure filled with architectural marvels, bustling markets, intriguing museums, and the warmth of its neighborhoods. Whether you're discovering the beauty of the city or experiencing it with your kids, Helsinki offers a wealth of experiences that will create cherished memories for all.

Day 4: A Day Trip to Porvoo

  • On day 4, we embark on an enriching day trip to the picturesque town of Porvoo, an ideal escape located just about 50 kilometers (31 miles) east of Helsinki. It's easily accessible by car, bus, or even by boat along the scenic Porvoo River, which offers a unique perspective on this charming town.

  • Porvoo's allure lies in its historical roots, connecting it with Sweden and showcasing the historical interplay between these two nations. This enchanting town is most recognized for its iconic red ochre buildings, which lend a unique and captivating character to its streets. The heart of Porvoo is its old town, a delightful labyrinth of cobblestone streets, exuding the ambiance of a bygone era. Here, you can't help but feel transported back to the days of Swedish dominion.

  • Moreover, Porvoo enjoys the distinction of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, primarily for its remarkably preserved 18th-century architecture. The town has embraced modernity while safeguarding its historical charm. The old town's wooden houses, painted in rich shades of red, provide an atmospheric and photogenic backdrop to your visit.

  • One of Porvoo's defining landmarks is its old church, which adds to the town's historical significance. The Porvoo Cathedral, an elegant structure originally built in the 15th century, is an essential part of Finland's ecclesiastical history. It's worth a visit to admire the cathedral's Gothic architecture and soak in the spirituality that resides within its walls.

Exploring Porvoo isn't just a visual treat; it's also a culinary adventure. The town is known for its culinary heritage, offering various local delicacies and quaint cafes. We highly recommend trying Runeberg Tarts, a delicious pastry named after Finland's national poet, Johan Ludvig Runeberg.

All in all, a day in Porvoo is a journey back in time, filled with captivating history, remarkable architecture, and the chance to enjoy the vibrant culture of this Finnish gem.

Day 5: Skywheel and Atlas Pool

  • On Day 5, we embrace the modern side of Helsinki while enjoying its timeless traditions. We begin by visiting the Skywheel, an iconic landmark offering panoramic views of the city. Located at Katajanokka Harbor, it provides a unique perspective of Helsinki, and you can often see all the way to Suomenlinna Fortress on a clear day.

  • Following this, we venture to the Atlas Pool, also known as the Allas Sea Pool. This contemporary gem beautifully represents the Finnish way of life, perfectly blending leisure and nature. It is situated right by the Baltic Sea, making it an excellent spot to relax, unwind, and take in the sea air.

  • The Atlas Pool offers a range of pools, including freshwater, sea, and children's pools. Saunas are a significant part of Finnish culture, and you'll find several of them here, with separate saunas for men and women. You can indulge in the traditional sauna experience with the opportunity to cool off in the cold Baltic Sea waters or take a dip in the warm seawater pools.

  • As we delve into Finnish sauna traditions, it's worth noting that there's no better place to experience this ritual than in Helsinki. Saunas hold a special place in the hearts of Finns, with approximately two million saunas in the country, one for every two people. The sauna experience in Finland is a must-try for visitors. It's not just about relaxation; it's an essential aspect of Finnish culture.

  • While in Helsinki, you have an array of sauna options to choose from. Three additional highly recommended saunas to try out are Löyly, Kotiharjun Sauna, and Kulttuurisauna. Löyly is known for its modern architectural design and waterfront location, offering traditional saunas, a smoke sauna, and an excellent restaurant. Kotiharjun Sauna is one of the last traditional wood-heated public saunas in Helsinki, providing an authentic Finnish sauna experience. Kulttuurisauna is a unique gem, set in an urban and artistic environment, making it perfect for those looking for a serene and cultural sauna experience.

A daring Finnish tradition that's quite the experience is winter swimming. Brave souls can take a dip in icy waters, and it's surprisingly invigorating. Winter swimming is seen as a way to improve circulation, relieve stress, and boost overall well-being. The Atlas Pool itself is an excellent spot to give this tradition a try, providing easy access to both the sauna and the cold sea.

So, on Day 5, immerse yourself in Helsinki's modern attractions, indulge in the sauna culture, and maybe even try a refreshing dip in the chilly waters of the Baltic Sea.

Day 6: A Journey into the Russian Past

  • Our exploration continues with a visit to the Uspenski Cathedral, an iconic Eastern Orthodox church. It deepens our understanding of Finland's Russian heritage and the role of Orthodoxy in the country's history. The cathedral was built in the mid-19th century during Russian rule.

Day 7: The Nautical Charm of Suomenlinna

  • Explore Helsinki's subterranean World Heritage Site, the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991, we delve into the city's fortified history, reflecting influences of both Sweden and Russia. It is a historic gem situated in Helsinki's harbor. Its fortified history is deeply rooted in the 18th century when it was initially constructed by the Swedish crown under the name Sveaborg, signifying its role in defending against Russian expansion. However, in the 19th century, Suomenlinna's narrative shifted as it fell under Russian control, evolving into a pivotal military base due to its strategic location on a group of islands off the coast. This transformation led to extensive modifications and expansions. Suomenlinna's role extended beyond Finland, safeguarding the Gulf of Finland and the Russian capital, St. Petersburg. In contemporary times, this fortress stands not only as a living testament to its historic past but also as a vibrant community and a coveted tourist destination, offering visitors the chance to explore well-preserved fortifications, tunnels, museums, and exquisite natural landscapes, thus encapsulating a harmonious blend of history and the present.

  • Easy day in the city.

Week 2: Turku, Lapland, and Beyond

Day 8: Turku - Ancient and Historic

  • On Day 8, our journey takes us to Turku, a city with a rich and ancient history. We embark on a train journey from Helsinki to Turku, which is an excellent way to travel, as it offers a comfortable and scenic ride through the beautiful Finnish landscape. The train ride itself is an experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy the views as you make your way to this historically significant city.

  • Upon arriving in Turku, you'll immediately notice the distinctive architectural heritage that reflects the city's strong ties to Germany and Sweden. One of the most prominent historical sites in Turku is the Turku Castle. This magnificent fortress is not only an architectural marvel but also serves as a powerful symbol of the historical connections between Finland and Sweden. The castle is a window into the past, allowing you to step back in time and explore the history of the region.

  • Turku's historical significance goes beyond just its architecture. This charming city also has a unique cultural heritage and traditions. Notably, Turku was Finland's capital until 1812, when it was replaced by Helsinki. The decision to move the capital was influenced by the evolving political landscape and the growing influence of Russia. Exploring Turku gives you a chance to immerse yourself in the country's fascinating history and witness the legacies of its diverse cultural influences.

While in Turku, make sure to visit other iconic sites such as Turku Cathedral, which is one of Finland's most significant religious buildings. It beautifully represents Finnish medieval architecture and is a testament to Turku's historical and cultural importance.

In summary, Day 8 is all about taking a captivating train journey to Turku, where you'll explore the city's historical and architectural wonders. This is an opportunity to delve into the rich history and culture of Finland while being immersed in the fascinating stories of the past.

Day 9: Turku Archipelago

  • A boat tour through the Turku Archipelago immerses us in the natural beauty that has profoundly influenced Finnish culture. These islands have been inhabited since the Stone Age, showcasing the enduring connection between Finns and their archipelago.

  • Turku Archipelago, a region with over 20,000 islands and islets, this remarkable natural wonder offers a captivating blend of pristine landscapes, from lush forests to rocky shores and sandy beaches. The archipelago holds ancient secrets and archaeological treasures that provide insights into early human history. Its enduring influence on Finnish traditions, from culinary delights to maritime heritage, is a testament to its importance in the country's identity. The archipelago's protected nature reserves provide sanctuary for unique wildlife, including seals, sea eagles, and diverse bird species. Its awe-inspiring beauty has long been a source of inspiration for artists and writers. As we sail through these stunning waters, we're not only exploring a unique natural wonder but also embarking on a journey into Finland's soul, where ancient history, tranquil landscapes, and vibrant wildlife harmoniously converge, leaving us with indelible memories of this captivating experience

Day 10: Lapland - Santa's Hometown

  • On Day 10, our journey takes us to the enchanting Arctic region of Lapland, with Rovaniemi as our destination—famously known as Santa's hometown. To reach this winter wonderland, we recommend taking a direct flight from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. The flight itself offers breathtaking views of Finland's snowy landscapes, creating a sense of anticipation for the Arctic adventure that awaits. Rovaniemi is often referred to as the "Official Hometown of Santa Claus," and it's the perfect place to experience the magic of Christmas all year round. A visit to Santa Claus Village is a must, where you can meet Santa himself, cross the magical Arctic Circle, and send postcards with the special Arctic Circle postmark.

Santa village from above

  • Within the Arctic Circle, Lapland's unique culture is profoundly shaped by its Arctic surroundings. The region offers an array of exciting activities, including husky sledding, snowmobiling, and the chance to witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights. Embracing the local customs, you can indulge in traditional Lappish cuisine and even try your hand at ice fishing.

  • The Arctic landscape itself is awe-inspiring, with vast forests, frozen lakes, and a serene, pristine atmosphere. It's not just a destination for winter activities; Lapland is an embodiment of enchantment and natural beauty throughout the year. Santa Park, another must-visit attraction, offers an underground world filled with festive cheer, workshops, and thrilling rides. Whether you're a child or an adult at heart, Lapland's magic has a universal appeal and is certain to fill your heart with joy.

Day 10 marks the culmination of our Finnish adventure, where the Arctic's mystique, the spirit of Christmas, and the beauty of Lapland converge to create lasting memories of wonder and enchantment.

Day 11: Arctic Wildlife Park

  • Our encounter with Arctic animals in Ranua Wildlife Park reflects the deep-rooted Finnish tradition of living in harmony with nature. The Arctic wildlife of Lapland has been a part of the daily life and culture of the Sami people, the indigenous inhabitants of Lapland. This connection with nature is central to Lapland's identity.

Day 12: Ruka - A Winter Wonderland

  • Ruka-Kuusamo offers a wealth of winter activities, providing an authentic glimpse into the Finnish way of life. The region's cultural heritage is rooted in outdoor activities and embracing the natural world, even in the harshest winters. The "sisu" spirit, a Finnish term for resilience, is deeply ingrained in this region's culture.

Day 13: Saariselkä - The Northernmost Point

  • Journey to Saariselkä, the northernmost point, reflects the Finnish love for their pristine wilderness and an authentic Arctic lifestyle.The northernmost regions have historically been associated with reindeer herding and the nomadic Sami culture, which continues to shape this area.

Day 14: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

  • Spend your final night under the mesmerizing Northern Lights at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. This experience is emblematic of Lapland's mystical allure, where nature and the Arctic are celebrated in harmony. Lapland's connection to the Arctic is profound, and this experience epitomizes that connection.

Day 15: Departure from Helsinki

  • As we return to Helsinki for our departure, we reflect on the profound connection between Finland and its neighboring countries and the country's evolution from a part of the Swedish and Russian empires to a fully independent nation. Finland's transportation system, known for its efficiency and innovation, ensures seamless travel throughout the country. An interesting feature is the "Underground City" of Helsinki, a network of tunnels connecting various buildings, reflecting Finland's adaptability to extreme climates.

Finland, a land of captivating contrasts, provided us with a journey full of wonder and delight. From the cultural riches of Helsinki to the Arctic magic of Lapland, this two-week family adventure was nothing short of enchanting. Whether you're seeking history, nature, or a dash of Arctic magic, Finland offers an unforgettable experience for families.

As we left this Nordic gem behind, we carried with us the echoes of the Northern Lights, the tales of Santa Claus, and the warmth of the Finnish people. Finland had left an indelible mark on our hearts, and we knew we would return to this enchanting land one day, for it had become a part of our own unique family adventure.

This itinerary provides a comprehensive and educational journey through Finland, with a special focus on family-friendly activities and destinations. From Helsinki's cultural attractions to the Arctic wonders of Lapland, this two-week adventure offers a perfect blend of experiences for travelers of all ages.

Our Finnish adventure was an educational and magical experience, leaving us with cherished memories and a newfound appreciation for this extraordinary country. Savor the beauty of your journey to Finland just as we did—this captivating country left an indelible mark, ensuring we'll return for more wonderful moments! 🇫🇮✨

Do you have a favorite place to explore in FINLAND ? Please share in the comments below and spread the Traveler Butterfly love !


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