20 Fun Museums Virtual Free Tours.

Updated: Jun 15

While many of us are staying at home during this pandemic, with no possibilities of traveling anytime soon, there are still some ways to get out there and discover our beautiful planet and the many exciting sights it has to offer. We compiled a list of Museums around the World you can explore virtually and enjoy while at home with your family.

1) Let's start our museum adventure with a stop in Alexandria, Virginia, and explore the National Women's History Museum. This museum has an online exhibit covering many topics about the contributions of women in history. You can travel virtually in their many exhibitions and learn about women of NASA, the Olympics, Standing up for change, fashion, and more. In addition, the museum offers free daily virtual programming with plenty of educational video resources. Click here to learn more.

20 Fun Museums Offering Free Virtual Tours in 2021

2) Let's now fly south of the border and pay a visit to the largest and most visited museum in Mexico City. Museo Nacional de Antropología or the National Museum of Anthropology. The museum offers 23 Exhibit rooms full of Mayan artifacts for you to explore in English or Spanish.

20 Fun Museums Offering Free Virtual Tours in 2021

3) After our visit to the country of Pico de Orizaba (The highest mountain in Mexico) is time for us to fly across the Atlantic to The Netherlands. There we will visit one of its greatest museums. Rijksmuseum which is located in a neo-Gothic/Dutch Renaissance building. We had the opportunity to explore this museum a couple of years ago, and we loved it.