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A Comprehensive Guide To Disneyland Hong Kong

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

While the rest of the world has been enjoying Disneyland for decades, the Hong Kong Disneyland Park didn’t open until 2005. It was built with the country’s residents in mind and was heavily influenced by feng shui as a result. By 2013 it had become number 13 on the list of the amusement parks that people all around the world have visited the most.

Best Times To Go

As Hong Kong Disneyland is much less crowded than Disney’s other parks, it is not difficult to find just the right time to go there. No matter what time of year you might be visiting a good rule of thumb is to be at the park by 10:00 for its 10:30 opening. Otherwise, you risk spending a good portion of your morning waiting to gain entry. It also pays to make plans to be there on weekdays as opposed to weekends and school holidays when the parks are likely to be packed. Chinese holidays are also days when the parks are particularly crowded and are not the best days to go with children.

Getting There Quickly

Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland is easy when you fly into the airport. If you want to go from the airport straight to the parks, security will hold your bags until you are ready to leave. Other ways to get there include taking buses or taxis, but you can also make train reservations between the airport and the parks. The Disney Resort MTR Line takes you to and from the airport and also picks up at some of China’s largest train stations.

Admission Prices

Unlike other Disney parks, which make the price of admission complicated it is easier at Disney Hong Kong. A one day ticket for a child costs HK$458. This is the price for children between the ages of three and 11. Those under three can get into the parks at no charge and anyone over the age of 11 but under the age of 65 pays the adult ticket price, which is HK$619 for one day. Those 65 and older get one-day tickets for HK$100. Two-day tickets cost HK$589 for children and HK$799 for adults. Those 65 or older pay HK$170.

Top Disney Hong Kong Attractions

Certain attractions particularly stand out from the crowd at Hong Kong Disneyland. One of them is Tomorrowland’s Hyperspace Mountain, the equivalent of Space Mountain at Disney’s U.S. parks. It now has a Star Wars element to it, putting a new spin on a classic ride.

Another top attraction is the Animation Academy. Any visitor to the park can experience what it is like to draw a character for Disney. Located on Main Street, the academy offers drawing classes in which students can draw their favorite Disney characters.

Hong Kong Disneyland Must Sees/Dos

A visit to Hong Kong Disneyland isn’t complete without a ride on the Mystic Manor. The ride is a tour of the home of Lord Henry Mystic and Albert, his resident monkey friend. The tour includes glimpses of important artifacts that actually come to life right before your eyes. This is one ride that you won’t find at any other Disney park in the world.

You won’t want to leave Hong Kong Disneyland without first seeing the Fairy Tale Forest. It brings Disney stories alive through miniature figurines. Interacting with the figurines may be the best part of this attraction. They include castles, music boxes, and even towers. These figures morph into Disney characters such as Ariel, Bella, Cinderella, and Rapunzel.

Fastpass at Disney Hong Kong

No one wants to wait in long lines for rides and attractions, so a huge time saver is acquiring Fastpass tickets when you arrive at the park. They are only good for that particular day, so you will have to use them or lose them. The attractions/rides that you can use a FastPass for include The Ironman Experience, Hyperspace Mountain and The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh. It is important to note that if you and your family are all using FastPass each one of you must have a valid FastPass ticket.

The Best Hong Kong Disneyland Restaurants

Since there is no doubt that a visit to Disney can make anyone hungry, you should make it a point to dine at some of the park’s best restaurants. This includes Magic Kingdom’s Corner Café, located on Main Street. You will want to plan on experiencing a Magical Afternoon High Tea.

Disney Planning Tips

Tackling Hong Kong Disney is not as difficult as tackling Disney’s parks in the US, The Hong Kong park is much smaller and can be best seen over the course of two days. This gives you just enough time to see and do everything notable without leaving yourself exhausted.

a comprehensive guide to hong kong disneyland

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