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Is Airbnb Really Cheaper Than A Hotel Room?

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Is Airbnb Really Cheaper Than A Hotel Room

When you’re planning a holiday, prices can upload up speedy if you’re not careful. You need to get the sweet deals on fundamentals such as housings and transportation so you can splurge on other activities that create unforgettable memories.

Airbnb can be a game changer in daily savings, even outside of room costs. But it’s not for everyone. In cities where price differences are more marginal, it’s not hard to see why guests may still prefer the hotel experience. Free breakfast, no neighbors, and consistent standards, not to mention social spaces- it makes sense. But as hotels crack down on late checkout, free breakfast, and other previously standard amenities, the conversation takes new shape.

That trend of Airbnb beating the hotel repeats itself in most cities around the world, and the following infographic shows how things stack up.

Is Airbnb Really Cheaper Than A Hotel Room

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