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Traveling Families Short Term Apartment in Europe

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

a short term apartment

If you have a trip to Europe planned soon then here are some options you can explore! Europe is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It is known as the hub of the world's culture and cuisine. The experience is undoubtedly worthwhile and a one in a lifetime chance!

Now if you are planning to live the local experience, then a great option is to rent out a short-term apartment. This adds to experiencing European culture to its fullest. While hotels and hostels are also an option, it gives you more of a tourist experience. If you are looking to live the local life and experience the culture more authentically, then it is recommended to rent out a short-term apartment.

Why should we opt for a short-term apartment?

A short-term apartment is always easier on the pocket. Splitting an apartment cost between two people is much easier on your budget as compared to a conventional hotel. You also get to live the European experience more authentically, living among the locals. Apart from this, the experience is more home-like. With televisions, Wi-Fi and washing, your trip are much more comfortable as well!

How can we rent a short-term apartment?

There are several ways to book yourself a short-term apartment in European countries!

1- By Owner rental services

There is a ‘by owner’ rental service available in different European countries you visit. This means that apartment owners personally advertise their apartment spaces available for rent. These advertisements are aimed at travellers and tourists from all over the world.

2- Air Bnb

Another option is to avail Air BnB services. Air BnB is a popular service used by business travellers and tourists. It provides a service that connects local apartment owners to travellers looking for spaces to rent out! This often leads to a traveler finding a local, small furnished apartment for themselves. You can also check photos and reviews of the apartment before booking one. Their service allows you to pre-book your apartments online making the service extremely efficient.

3- Other services

Similar to Air BnB other online services offer travellers to connect with locals when trying to rent out a smaller apartment. One famous site is called ‘Home Away’ where rentals are updated on the daily. Another site called VRBO (vacation rentals by owner) which is a ‘by owner’ service as well.

If you are planning to rent out an even cheaper apartment, then you can also use sites like Craigslist. These sites don’t need a registration fee that a travel agency would otherwise take. However, this is not always a reliable option, but you could use it for last minute bookings!

How do you select an apartment?

Make sure you select an apartment based on your needs. That means the size of your apartment is significant. Select a listing that can accommodate you and your family, adequately. The location is important too! You might want to pick a site based on how commercial or residential the area is.

Also, make sure to check what services the owner or rental service is offering you. If you need necessities like washing machines, Wi-Fi or perhaps a few electronic appliances, make you read the blueprint to find out whether the location provides you these!

Happy travels

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