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The Ultimate Family Guide to Munich

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Enjoying Munich with the munchkins!

Find fun for the whole family in one of Germany’s most beautiful cities! Nicknamed “Millionendorf”, Munich really is “the village of a million”. This is a place with all the big city draws that refuses to lose its small town charm. Here you can walk the quiet streets of the city on a Sunday afternoon, or join in on the immersive family fun just a block over. There are festivals, carnivals, and hundreds of nature and educational activities all over the city! Whatever you are looking for, Munich is sure to deliver. But if you plan on making the most of your time here, check out this ultimate guide to traveling to Munich for all the insider tips:

What to do in Munich

Visit the English Garden

Outdoor fun for the whole family! This is a charming waterside park that provides all the space kids need to run around on, and all the quiet spots adults need to relax in. The English Garden is a popular destination not just for families, but for all tourists who visit Munich and are looking for something to do in the great outdoors! It is typically regarded as an incredibly safe space that many parents feel comfortable letting their kids run off some energy in without fear. It is also a beloved destination for parents and couples looking to find some alone time. It is the perfect spot to sit back, relax, and enjoy the warming Munich sun.

Tour the Bavaria Film Studio

Lights, camera, memories! Experience all the movie magic by being in it! At the Bavaria Film studio tour children can enjoy live shows, interactive exhibits, and even a ride! It is affectionately dubbed the “Hollywood of Germany” and has enough fun exhibits to keep people of all ages interested. Parents will enjoy this location too as there is so much to learn about European film making, and even a few attractions catered especially towards the older crowd.

Stop by Viktualienmarkt

All ages love free samples! Here you can taste everything from the finest chocolates to the finest cheeses and explore the vibrant and lively culture center of Munich. This is a great place to spend the afternoon as there are numerous shops to explore, and attractions to draw the eye. There are even a number of high rated restaurants and eateries around here which makes getting the whole family to one place that much easier! And with a shop for everyone, this is the perfect outing for everyone in your party!

Seasonal celebrations

If there’s one season you’re going to want to be in Germany for, it’s Christmas! Especially Munich! Locals and tourists alike flock to this city for some of the best celebrations in all the world! Christmas is the best time to go to Munich with the family if you want to explore all your options. There are Christmas markets, holiday concerts, and even an in-city ice skating rink! The city really comes together to celebrate this holiday and everything from restaurants to street corners is decorated in holiday spirit. Christmas is a lively, vibrant time in Munich, wherein the whole city comes together to celebrate. No one in your family will be bored this holiday season as Munich delivers all of the best in Christmas cheer.

Of course, if you’re thinking about festival season in Germany your mind might immediately go to Oktoberfest. And while Oktoberfest and ‘family’ may not seem like a likely duo, there are surprisingly many options for visitors of all ages! Oktoberfest isn’t just an adult’s only affair: there are plenty of celebrations within the city that offer entertainment, festivals, and plays catered towards the younger crowds! Here you can experience a family-friendly festival wherein the adults casually drink some of the best brews in the country and the children explore German culture in fun and interactive ways! Try out some of the best in locally produced food, or play some street games with the kids--- whatever you choose, this’ll surely be a festival to remember!

While festivals in summer are less famous, they are no less stunning! Summer festivals means blooming flowers and the best sunshine in Munich! Here you can hike and enjoy all the natural beauty of the German countryside with the whole family! Trails here range from expert difficulty to casual stroll. And what’s better is that they are all just as stunning! These sights will leave fond memories for years to come, and involve a great way to exert some of that energy in a fun and immersive way!

Loreva having fun during Christmas season in Munich
Loreva having fun during Christmas season in Munich

Getting Around in Munich

Germany is a country widely known for having some of the best public transportation in the world, and Munich is one of the best examples! Munich has a stellar underground (U-bahn) and above ground (S-bahn) train system as well as numerous busses and car services. This makes transporting the whole family around the city incredibly easy and safe! While cars are available it is recommended to indulge in local culture and take the trains where you can and walk amongst the city when the destination is close. Public transportation will take you all around for incredibly low prices which are nice on both your wallet and your family.

Where to eat

Everything in Munich is delicious! From the appetizers to the entrees all the way to the desserts, you’re sure to be dreaming of German cuisine for months to come. There are some staple mark foods such as Schnitzel or Bratwurst that are essentials in Germany, and some lesser known items like Spätzle or Sauerbraten that are well worth a taste.

Most restaurants in Munich are incredibly family-friendly and offer a wide variety of options for all ages. Most have some classic German twist infused with them, but they are just simple enough to please even the pickiest of eaters. To name a few, check out Steinheil 16, Schmalznudel, and Goerreshof for some of the top rated family restaurants in the city! Wherever you are, you are sure to find a mouthwatering meal at every corner! Guten Appetit!

One thing that’s certain about this trip is that whatever you choose to do in Munich, you’re sure to love! As an area of rich cultural significance, and brilliant and bright forests, Munich is a city that appeals to everyone in the family! Get involved in the local customs, eat with the natives, and overall: enjoy your time in one of the most beautiful cities in Germany! Glückliche Spuren!

Munich Marientplaz townhall
Munich Marientplaz townhall

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