9 Tips On How To Manage Jet Lag

Updated: Jun 16

tips to manage jet lag

There are lots of theories and tips on how to deal with jet lag, Here are my tips on how to deal with jet lag, especially when you're traveling with children:

These tips can help everyone sleep better at night, no matter where in the world you are

H20 is life

It is a family motto of ours. So, indeed, we believe water is your best friend, It will flood your system, flush out those toxins that built up on the plane and get your body ready to face the next adventure.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Plane air can make everyone parched -- and be dehydrated can add to the weird feeling you get when you jump time zones.

Drink something that contains electrolytes that helps you assimilate the water instead of retaining it.

Dress for Comfort

Wear loose-fitting clothing -- comfortable, breathable, natural fibers --, and you will sleep better on the plane.

The more convenient you dress, the more likely you'll be able to relax and enjoy your trip.

Get Cozy

Make it easy for your kids to fall asleep. Bring comfortable blankets and travel pillows to make it easy for them to get some sleep on the plane. At the same time, don't freak out if no one sleeps much (or at all) on the plane.

Pretend You're There

Act like you're already at your destination when you hit the plane. Reset your watch, and do what you would be doing if you were already at the location. For instance, if it's 3 a.m. in China, but only 3 p.m. where you are, you should try to settle you and your kiddos in for a few hours of napping as soon as you get on the plane. That means you should also try to avoid light on the plane if it's nighttime where you're going. Drop the shade on the airplane window and perhaps bring along a sleep mask or even sunglasses to trick your body into thinking it's dark.