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The top 29 best family-friendly beaches in Canada

As the summer approaches, you may find yourself and your family longing for a lovely summer months vacation. Luckily for you, Canada is ripe with stunning beaches that offer diverse activities for all ages. Extending throughout the provinces, you'll be able to find a fun adventure close to home or venture elsewhere for your trip. You won't be disappointed by the gorgeous scenery, sandy beaches, and sun-filled days spent at the beach.

We'll explore some of the hidden gems that only add to Canadians natural beauty. Here are some of our favorite family-friendly beaches in Canada:

If you're planning a trip to Vancouver, then Ambleside Beach is a must on your itinerary. Located within Ambleside Park, you'll have endless activities available for the family. From the on-site water park with plenty of water activities, dog beach to the athletic fields, your day at the beach can be a whole day in the sun.

With its crystal-blue waters and rolling green hills, the views at Katherine Cove will indeed have you and your family wanting to come back for more. Located on Lake Superior in Lake Superior Provincial Park, the cove offers what some describe as "bathwater" for you and your family's enjoyment.

Sandy Beach boasts a much quieter experience than some of the more urban beaches might. Located just north of Lake Superior Provincial Park, you can enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Superior's crystal waters and the dunes that surround it. So make sure to bring your picnic tables, enjoy your meal and splash in the clear water while admiring the sand dunes.

The Jean-Dore Beach is located about a 15-minute drive from downtown Montréal, making it an excellent addition to your family's trip. According to the beach's official website, they have invested in the quality of visitors' experiences by ensuring the cleanliness of the water and sands.

Basin Head Provincial Park is well-known by its nickname Singing Sands Beach due to its stunning sandy beach, which "sings" as you drag your feet through them. So take your family to swim and walk the lovely beach and see if your kids can hear the "singing." while in this beautiful place.

You won't want to miss one of the most beautiful beaches in North America; Parlee Beach, located on the coast of New Brunswick, is a blue flag beach. Boasting the warmest saltwater in all of Canada, you and your family can soak the sun, the kids can enjoy the play area and the warmest waters all day.

Between the crystal-clear waters and golden, sandy beaches, you and your family can enjoy the beauty of Sandy Bay surrounded by lush forests. Sandy Bay additionally boasts safe, shallow waters, ideal for families with small children. Once you're finished swimming, you can enjoy the excellent location for fishing.

The French Beach Provincial Park, nestled on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, will provide your family with a day filled with outdoor activities. In addition to the breathtaking views, you can embark on a family hike or admire the wildlife native to the area or walk the 1,600-metre beach.

Horseshoe Beach rests within Pukaska National Park, making this experience ideal for hiking and beach lovers alike. The beach's official website boasts the beach's golden sands, surrounding forest, and dunes. Pack a picnic and enjoy a beautiful day full of family fun.

If you have younger children in your family, Port Stanley Little Beach is a perfect choice! According to Swim Guide, the shallow waters and location make it an ideal setting for your family excursion. It is located near a more expansive beach, providing options for all ages.

According to the official website, Wasaga Beach offers the world's longest freshwater beach at an impressive 14 kilometers. Enjoy the breathtaking views, the outstanding sunsets, and the protected birds in the area. You canoe, fish, kiteboard, and boat at this beach if you and your family are interested.

The Hibou Conservation Area offers gorgeous trails and sandy beaches, the perfect recipe for a fun-filled day of nature. The views of the Georgian Bay will make your time at the conservation area time well-spent. There is a parking fee of $6.00 with options to purchase a seasonal pass if you plan to make this visit a more regular occurrence.

Carters Beach, Port Mouton ,Nova scotia

Recommended first thing to do while in Nova Scotia is strolling the soft, white sand and sandy shores of Carters beach of one of the most beautiful beaches and best beaches in this province. The crystal clear warm water will make you believe that you are in the Caribbean.

Ipperwash Beach is located on the Lambton Shores, a collection of beaches that sit on the coast of Lake Huron. According to their website, the freshwater and sandy beaches are an excellent spot to watch breathtaking sunsets, some of the best in the world.

Grand Beach, located in Grand Beach Provincial Park, offers warm waters and warm sandy beaches, ensuring a relaxing and fun-filled vacation. This beach additionally has campgrounds nearby, providing you with an excellent camping trip by night and beachy days.

Cobourg Beach is an excellent location for a family beach day. Slightly more populated than some of the more remote beaches on this list, your family can enjoy the beach's playgrounds and the splash pad before enjoying a packed picnic lunch in the picnic area.

Sept-Iles is located near the town of Sept-Iles, making it the perfect destination for a lovely vacation. Enjoy the town's offerings before planning a day at the beach for sun-filled activities. You and your family can build sandcastles, try your hand at windsurfing, or even explore the beach on horseback. A trip to Sept-Iles Beach is the relaxing getaway you've been dreaming of.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park is located on Cape Breton Island, known for its coastal views, incredible hiking trails, and island culture. Ingonish Beach will provide you with a quiet getaway in one of the most stunning locations in the world. Enjoy with your family, and you won't regret your time making unforgettable memories.

Outlet Beach, which rests on the western shores of Lake Ontario, is one of the most highly populated beaches in the area, and for a good reason. Spend the day playing in the sand, swimming, enjoying the pet-friendly area, or enjoying lunch at the Currah's Park Store and Grill.

Devonshire Beach, located in the Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park in Alberta, offers diverse scenery, with the beach on one end and a mountain on the other. The native plants provide a gorgeous backdrop to your beach trip. The beach is 1.5 kilometers long and well-cared for, according to their website.

As the name might suggest, Escuminac Beach and Family Park should be at the top of your list as you plan your summer family vacations. Travel to the beautiful province of New Brunswick and soak up your feet into the Atlantic ocean. You will rave about this beach while having beautiful and memorable experiences with your family a. You don't want to miss this great spot, so be sure to add it to your summer itinerary.

Long Beach, located in the Pacific National Reserve, is, as their website states, "steeped in Nuu-chah-nulth culture." You'll have the opportunity to spend time in the tidal pools or try your hand at the Canadian version of surfing. You and your family will spend time in the great outdoors with lots of opportunities for adventure.

Kinsmen Lake provides visitors with a quiet experience, with a capacity limit to avoid overcrowding. You and your family can experience a fun day at the beach with the purchase of a day or seasonal pass. You can also purchase a family pass if you plan on regularly visiting the beautiful lake, which is perfect for swimming and playing in the water.

Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park is more than just a beach; it's a whole experience, with the option to explore the boardwalk or participate in windsurfing. The quintessential summer holiday, a trip to Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park, is sure to become a wonderful family memory.

Katepwa Beach offers fun for the family with their kid's activities on the beach, yoga classes, and even swimming lessons for those who are a little nervous in the water. In addition to these fun activities, you can enjoy the wildlife, boating, or just a lovely day playing in the water.

The Kinosoo Beach gets its name from a Cree legend, according to Swim Guide. The beach made the list of Canada's Top Beaches in 2008, a significant feat considering the many stunning beaches in Canada. Enjoy the family-friendly waters, which are marked clearly and are shallow.

Sunset Beach is located near the Waterfront Trail on Lake Ontario. You and the family can enjoy the sandy beaches, the playgrounds (like the Adventure Ship Park), or check out the boating. Take in the beautiful sunset views after a long sun-filled day, building sandcastles and playing.

Dune du Sud (or South Dune) is nestled on the Iles de la Madeline. The unique red cliffs located on the island will provide you with an experience unlike anywhere else. This family-friendly beach can become quite busy due to its beautiful and secluded area, so plan to get there at a good time to enjoy beach volleyball with your friends and family.

Nels Bight beach, Cape Scott Provincial Park ,BC

While in BC, check out Nels Bight beach, the park mots popular destination with lots of perfect spots for camping and stretching 210 metres wide at low tide. From soft sand sandy beaches to rainforest, you will have plenty of opportunities to capture the pacific ocean with you and your family and the surrounding area at this popular spot in BC.

The beautiful array of beaches across the country ensures that regardless of which beach or beaches you choose to make a part of your summer, you won't be disappointed. With such diverse experiences, you can select a relaxing vacation or one filled with activities and adventures, or even both. You won't regret adding one of these Canadian beaches to your summer vacation itinerary.

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