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The top 29 best family-friendly beaches in Canada

As the summer approaches, you may find yourself and your family longing for a lovely summer months vacation. Luckily for you, Canada is ripe with stunning beaches that offer diverse activities for all ages. Extending throughout the provinces, you'll be able to find a fun adventure close to home or venture elsewhere for your trip. You won't be disappointed by the gorgeous scenery, sandy beaches, and sun-filled days spent at the beach.

We'll explore some of the hidden gems that only add to Canadians natural beauty. Here are some of our favorite family-friendly beaches in Canada:

Ambleside Beach, British Columbia

If you're planning a trip to Vancouver, then Ambleside Beach is a must on your itinerary. Located within Ambleside Park, you'll have endless activities available for the family. From the on-site water park with plenty of water activities, dog beach to the athletic fields, your day at the beach can be a whole day in the sun.

Katherine Cove, Lake Superior Provincial Park,Ontario

With its crystal-blue waters and rolling green hills, the views at Katherine Cove will indeed have you and your family wanting to come back for more. Located on Lake Superior in Lake Superior Provincial Park, the cove offers what some describe as "bathwater" for you and your family's enjoyment.

Sandy Beach, Wawa, Ontario

Sandy Beach boasts a much quieter experience than some of the more urban beaches might. Located just north of Lake Superior Provincial Park, you can enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Superior's crystal waters and the dunes that surround it. So make sure to bring your picnic tables, enjoy your meal and splash in the clear water while admiring the sand dunes.

Jean-Doré Beach, Québec