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12 Fun Travel Activities for Kids

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Traveling is an invaluable gift, and planning for it brings the uplifting excitement of anticipation. Before each trip, we like to read about our destination, research it, discuss its history, and learn about our travel destination as much as possible. However, I also recognize that no matter how exciting the destination is, there will be boredom, especially during long trips. As a mom, I am always looking for ways to make traveling with kids fun and more manageable. Here are travel theme activities suggestions we enjoy doing that will keep kids busy and entertained while traveling.

Activity pages

To keep my kiddo busy on the plane or during a road trip, we always bring activity books with us. It can be a word puzzle or sudoku books as my daughter loves both or any other fun and entertaining books that will keep her entertained for hours, especially during long flights or rides. She also has a scrapbook handy where she can doodle, write, or color for hours.

Another favorite activity book is this country color flag;

activity pages

Personalized Travel box

For each trip, the kiddo has a personalized box for the destination. We prepare it in advance. The box usually contains favorites activities my daughter would like to do, landmarks to visit, or places to explore. We cut images of these places, glue them onto index cards, and then put them inside a box labelled with the destination name. Upon arriving at our destination, the kiddo writes on the back of the card the date she explores or visits a particular place and her favorite moments, and what she learned.

personalized travel box

Souvenir Ornament

We preserve small mementos for each of our trips and create an ornament using a transparent plastic ball. At Christmas time, we select ornaments of previously visited places and add them to the Christmas tree to remind ourselves of all the great places we've been and continue to have a grateful heart.

souvenir ornament