12 Amazing Virtual Aquariums and Zoos Tours

Updated: Jan 24

1) Vancouver Aquarium virtual Tour

To peek at some of your favorite sea animals, they have a live webcam that gives you a glimpse of their day at the aquarium.

2) Park Canada

You want to venture to Canada and explore the beautiful wildlife and nature the country has to offer the comfort of your home? You can now do it with park Canada through their live webcam; you will be able to see whales, grizzly bears, polar bears, and moose from home.

3) Atlanta Zoo

In the peach State ( Georgia) we'll head to the Atlanta Zoo and keep an eye on those Pandas they have on their Livestream cam.

4) Georgia Aquarium

Oh Georgia, Oh Georgia you are still on my mind; we are heading to the Georgia Aquarium to see Beluga Whales, African penguins and many other exciting sea creatures via their Live cam

5) WildEarth

Unable to travel to Africa, well, you are in luck, there is WildEarth as a substitute to experience virtual Safaris straight from Africa. Its a taste of what is yet to come when you travel to the African continent for a real safari adventure. Click here to learn more.

6) Houston Zoo

At the space city, we won't be heading to space but the Houston Zoo to check their playful elephants on their live cam first and then say hello to the other friendly animals.

7) National Aquarium