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19 + Amazing Female Travel Influencers From The African Diaspora You Need To Know

Updated: Mar 4

Are you dreaming about your next travel destination? you are in luck; here are 19 + trailblazing, black women travelers influencers that will inspire your wanderlust with their colorful travel stories and beautiful feed.


Cynthia Andrew is a Cameroonian-American Lawyer and world-renowned lifestyle blogger and traveler. I stumbled on Cynthia's blog a few years ago when I was looking for a song, and a link directs me to her music page. On her blog, she has a music page where she shared the artists/music she loves. The artist she showcases that day was Kwaye, and the song was "lost in my boots. " Since I was also a fan of the song, and I noticed that we have similar taste in music, I was curious to know who she was, and while browsing her blog, I also realized that we also share a passion for travel and that is how I discovered her Instagram travel feed. If you love vibrant colors, style, fashion, and stunning world destinations, Cynthia is your gal!


Karen is a Cameroonian- American full-time digital nomad. With her contagious beautiful smile and feed, you can't help but feel good and have a smile on your face. She is always on the go with a hubby and son, Aiden, exploring the world and inspiring everyone to seek adventures near and abroad. If you want many tips about homeschooling, finance and gentle parenting, Karen is your gal!


Ghanaian, British born Travel content creator, and model Jackie Adofo

I stumbled on Jackie's profile through the Cameroonian clothing brand ( Grass-Fields). She was wearing one of their many beautiful outfits. That is how I found out she was also an avid traveler. If you want stunning world pictures captured by a stunning African model, make sure to check her profile.


Adama Amanda Ndiaye is a Kinshasa born Senegalese fashion designer and avid traveler. She is the founder and producer of many fashion shows such as Afrika Fashion Awards, which becomes "The African Fashion Awards" (TMA), and the Black Fashion Week Montreal, Paris, Prague, and Bahia. In 2014 she also launched Fashion Africa Channel. The first 100% fashionable African television.