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20 Pros of Traveling With Your Kids and Lessons They Can Learn

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Life lessons are all around us, with every experience we encounter. There is always a wonderful teaching moment for kids to learn from and grow—however, nothing as special as the experience of traveling and exploring the world around us. I really believe that Traveling with your kids is not only a fantastic experience for the entire family, but it is educational too. There are many valuable lessons children picked up through travels that contribute to their growth. Here are some of the lessons:

1. They learn how to travel

You don't find yourself magically at your destination. There is a process that gets you there. Your kids learn the entire process by watching you (the parents) prep for the vacation ahead of time, getting ready for the trip. They learn it takes research, planning, and time to select the most affordable tickets, convenient accommodations to stay for the family, currencies, budgeting, and so much more. During that process, they learn how to behave at the airport, board a plane, what happens at customs, and using the cab or train to get to their final destination. Kids learn how to travel from their parents. They learn immensely from observing and be around their parents when prepping for the trip. They can't know all these things when you leave them behind and travel alone. They need to experience it practically.

2. How to pack

The more the kids travel, the better they get at packing the essentials. They get to learn the tricks of packing. Tricks such as being able to know they can't pack all their belongings whenever they are traveling. They only have to pick the most important and most needed things. Also, your kids will learn how to pack their clothes to manage space in their suitcases. Some of these tips include rolling their clothes in a specific way in their luggage to manage space and also minimize wrinkles, as well as deciding which clothes or shoes to bring for a specific adventure. They will know these things when they travel with you.

3. Decision making

Decision-making is one of the skills they will learn while prepping for the trips with parents and arriving at their travel destination. They will fast learn that things usually don't happen as planned and that it's necessary to improvise or change plans and decide what is best to continue the trip. It might be a flight that has been canceled, or planned activities that are now closed, or a missed train, or taking the wrong bus. They get to learn about railway schedules using a map. Also, they get to know the repercussion of making wrong decisions, like taking the wrong bus and finding themselves in the wrong location. All these life experiences help them be better at making decisions and prioritize better. They practically get used to a life outside their comfort zones.

4. How to adapt

Adaptation is another excellent skill your kids learn when they travel. They become aware of themselves and the reality surrounding them. They realize they are no longer in their usual environment, so they need to quickly adapt to the new domain to enjoy the moment.

5. Thinking as a global citizen

Traveling the world builds your kids and empowers them on how to think as a global citizen. Gustave Flaubert said, "Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world." When your kids travel with you, they will have their own understanding of how the world is. They will also learn many things from other places they visit and realize how similar we all are over the world. It will steer the spirit of a global citizen thinker -- a global citizen that thinks more about what benefits the world on a global scale. They will be able to air their opinions anywhere they are based on their experiences. They will see the world beyond their own belief, religion, and culture.

Before we can save the world, we must put aside our differences. We’re all on the same Rock! – Michael Cawood

6. Building confidence