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Bem Vindo Ao Rio De Janeiro

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Rio de Janeiro is a vibrant city of music and sunshine that welcomes all visitors. Families looking for an attractive holiday will find something for everyone – delightful attractions, wonderful beaches, seductive dances, tasty food, and a lot of activities.

Bem Vindo Ao Rio De Janeiro
Mum and I @ Christ the Redeemer @ the summit of Mount Corcovado


What visitors first think of in Rio de Janeiro is probably the Copacabana Beach, famous for its crescent shape and lively spirit along its white sands and mosaic-tiled promenade. The art déco Copacabana Palace hotel and the impressive Copacabana Fort, home to a military museum, are overlooking the beach.

The Fashionable Ipanema beach attracts a diverse crowd for sunbathing and socializing. The rocky Pedra do Arpoador peninsula is popular for surfing. That is where you can have gorgeous sunset views. In the district of Ipanema, you will find high-end fashion boutiques, restaurants, and bars playing Bossa Nova.

Christ the Redeemer is another Rio de Janeiro’s landmark. The colossal Art Deco statue of Jesus Christ overlooks the city.

Santa Teresa is an elegant hilltop district full of old mansions, boutique hotels, cocktail bars, and romantic restaurants with a charming village-like vibe.

Most soccer fans of the family will not miss the opportunity to visit famous Maracanã, a football stadium in Rio de Janeiro. It is a part of a complex that includes an arena known as Maracanãzinho.

The Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon in the district of Lagoa is a natural lagoon connected to the Atlantic Ocean. The lagoon hosts rowing and canoeing events.

Niterói Contemporary Art Museum situated in the city of Niterói is one of the Rio de Janeiro’s main landmarks with its large collection of modern art in an iconic building.



Rio de Janeiro is not just extravagant festivals and bustling nightlife. It also welcomes families with kids.

At the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, kids will enjoy sunbathing and water sports on kilometers of clean sand. They can also play volleyball, and frescobol ( a Brazilian beach paddle sport) enjoy other outdoor activities. Certainly, there are more peaceful areas for families who are into a more quiet holiday.

The Jardim Botanico is one of the city’s largest parks. Children will certainly love seeing exotic animals such as monkeys, birds, and reptiles amidst lush greenery. You should not miss the Japanese Garden with numerous species of native plants and Japanese koi carp. Kids will have fun playing with wooden toys and sandboxes at the playground.

The 5-story structure of AquaRio houses 8,000 water animals. Children will adore walking through the undersea tunnel with sharks, eels, and rays swimming above their heads.


Although famous for the beautiful beaches, sun and samba, Rio de Janeiro can boast of valuable museums and galleries including the Museum of Tomorrow, the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of the Indian, the Museum of Telecommunications, the National Museum of Fine Arts, the National History Museum, the Museum of Art, and the Museum of the Republic.


Parque Lage is not often visited by tourists, so it is quiet, and it can be enjoyed in relative peace. The beauty of the colonial mansion at the front of the park and the decorative pool is stunning. You will also be able to see Christ the Redeemer above.

Leme Fort is located within a military base, and it is the best spot for the most fabulous photos of the Copacabana beach on one side and Sugarloaf Mountain on the other. Not many tourists know about this spot, so you will have it to yourself.

You should climb the famous Lapa Steps, one of the most beautiful staircases in the world – with lively colors featuring over 2,000 tiles, mirrors, and ceramics from over 60 different countries.


A great range of family accommodation is available in Rio. Family rooms are often offered at discounted rates both in budget and more upscale hotels. Young children can often stay for free in their parents’ rooms. Typical amenities are kids’ swimming pools, cribs, and even childcare as an extra service.


Food in Rio de Janeiro is fresh and mostly healthy.

Most visitors will try Açai Berry (served as a sweet sorbet, often with banana or strawberry and granola) and Tapioca (a tasty and healthy alternative to bread).

You should also try Pastel From The Fair, deep-fried pastry with different fillings (meat, cheese, dried meat.

Feijoada is inevitable. It is a mix of black beans, meat with cassava flour, shredded kale, rice, and orange juice.

There are also Fried Sardines With Lime, Popcorn and many other popular dishes.


  • In Rio de Janeiro you do not wait for the bus at the bus stop, you call it just like you call a taxi.

  • Tap water is not good for drinking. Not even locals drink it. You can get bottled water everywhere.

  • In the summer, thick layers of sunscreen and much water are recommended because it can be very hot in Rio de Janeiro.

  • You should use mosquito repellent to avoid potential problems related to mosquitos. It is nice to go cycling, but you should be careful when cycling off the paths because the traffic is heavy and sometimes chaotic.

  • For your personal safety and the safety of your belongings, you should apply basic safety rules like watching your stuff and not getting around alone at night.

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Best time to visit Rio de Janeiro is between December and March. It is the weather for the beaches and outdoor activities. However, February is time to experience Carnival, although samba can be listened to all year round.


Rio de Janeiro is a simple city to get around. The transportation options are city buses, Frescao (executive buses), the Metro, vans (minibusses) and a ferry service. Visitors can also use a taxi and Uber service.

Many tourists believe that a vibrant city like Rio de Janeiro doesn’t have much to offer to families with kids looking for a quieter holiday. On the contrary, Rio is a kid-friendly city with a lot of places for different outdoor activities that kids will love.

We certainly had a lot of fun exploring Rio De Janeiro. Don't forget to check out our Instagram posts about some of those Rio sights to know even more.

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