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Best Live Theatre Shows for Kids in Toronto

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Do your children love theatre? Theatre is one of the most enriching activities for children, and in Toronto, there is no shortage to the number of theatre productions available to see on stage. If you and your children love theatre, you will surely be able to find something to see no matter the time of year or your budget. The following is a handy guide to the best live theatre shows for kids in Toronto.

Mirvish Productions

Mirvish Productions is home to the most well-known theater series in the city. Mirvish Productions regularly hosts traveling and in-house Broadway-style musicals and plays, including award-winning family-friendly musicals such as The Lion King, Anastasia, CATs and much more. For anyone who wants to introduce their children to the glitz and glamour of professional theater, the touring productions found year-round through Mirvish Productions is the perfect way to start. Tickets range depending on the show and seating, but discounts can sometimes be found for family-friendly shows in the weeks leading up to the production dates.

Fringe KidsFest

The Toronto Fringe Festival features a special KidsFest, a theatre festival designed especially for young children interested in acting and theater. KidsFest tickets are $5 each and allow access to numerous kid-friendly shows during the festival. Fringe KidsFest is only available during the Fringe festival, which is held once a year, typically in January.

Harbourfront Centre

Harbourfront Centre is a theater which regularly hosts a variety of theatrical productions, concerts and other shows for a wide variety of age ranges. They routinely have shows that are kid and family friendly; parents should check the annual schedule to see what kid-friendly shows will be playing. In addition to regularly hosting children's shows, Harbourfront Centre also hosts junior, a yearly international children's festival that brings together actors and artists from around the world. Live storytelling, circus acts, music concerts are more held during the Junior festival.

Second city

Second City is an improv and sketch comedy based theater that, in addition to great shows for adults, also hosts shows aimed at a younger crowd. This is perfect for children who love to laugh and get a kick out of the sillier side of theater. Kid-friendly shows are regularly held at the John Candy Box Theatre; parents can check the online Second City site for a specific list of performance dates.

Lower Ossington Theatre

Lower Ossington Theatre regularly hosts plays, musicals and live entertainment that is fun for the whole family. Past productions have included shows such as Peter Pan the musical, Anne of Green Gables and more. Ticket prices range depending on the show and seat selection, so parents should consult the website about specific ticket prices.

Solar Stage

Solar Stage is a family friendly theater that regularly hosts plays, musicals and other live entertainment for the whole family. Many of the productions hosted at Solar Stage feature unique stage designs and props, including puppets, magic effects and more. Productions are held throughout the year. The productions at Solar Stage vary depending on the season, so parents should consult with the website about shows that are currently playing.

Young People’s Theatre

Young People's Theater is the oldest youth theatre in Toronto. The Young People’s Theater regularly puts on productions aimed at children of varying ages. Shows range from comedy to drama and everything in between. Parents can consult the season guide to see what shows are playing; the season guide also includes age recommendations for each production.

Toronto Centre for the Arts

Toronto Centre for the Arts is a performing arts center which regularly hosts musicals, plays and other live entertainment throughout the year. These productions include family and kid-friendly musicals, including touring Broadway musicals, comedy plays and more. Parents can consult with the official website to see what shows are playing each season.

Toronto is a theater-friendly city that has plenty to offer children and families who are interested in enriching their lives through the magic of live theater. And thanks to the wide selection of family-friendly theaters in Toronto, there is always something playing on stage for kids to enjoy!

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Best Live Theatre Shows for Kids in Toronto


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