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Fosshotel Reykjavík, Iceland: The perfect family hotel in the City of Northern Lights

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Reykjavík is Iceland’s beautiful capital city which is a treasure trove of cultural and historical attractions. Iceland attracts millions of tourists each year for its unique natural attractions. When you visit Iceland, it’s like walking over a geothermal pool covered with a large ice blanket. Tourists prefer staying in Reykjavík for easy accessibility to marvel around these attractions. Tourists also visit Iceland to witness the striking natural lighting phenomenon, the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. It is when the night sky gets colourful in purple, red, pink, orange and blue hues. No one can predict exactly where and what time you can see this unique natural phenomenon. But it is clearly visible on the northern side of Iceland. Reykjavík houses some of the finest hotels like the Fosshotel Reykjavík, Iceland. It is a perfect family hotel in the City of Northern Lights. We've stayed there and had a wonderful time and one of the best culinary experience at a hotel.

What is the main advantage of staying in Fosshotel Reykjavík, Iceland?

If you want to get a clear view of the Northern lights, you must stay in hotels located on the northern side. This saves your time, and you might be lucky to catch a glimpse of the stunning natural lighting phenomenon, the Northern Lights. When we visited Iceland, I was curious to witness this unique natural lighting. So,we booked our stay at Fosshotel Reykjavík which is Iceland’s largest hotel with over 300 rooms. It is a perfect family hotel in the City of Northern Lights offering great food, hospitality and breathtaking views. I stayed at Fosshotel Reykjavík with my daughter during our trip to Iceland. The overall experience of staying in this property was amazing. We were also lucky to see the wonderful colouration on the night sky. Here is a brief about what we liked during our stay in Fosshotel Reykjavík, Iceland.

Let’s analyse each one of them from the beginning.

But do you know some striking facts about Iceland?

➔ You find Police roaming around without Guns!

➔ Most of the land is covered under Glaciers.

➔ You can find over 100’s of volcanic mountains spread across but covered under the ice bed.

➔ It is a country without any forest.

Having said so, let me share our experience of staying in Fosshotel Reykjavík during our family trip to Iceland.

Fosshotel, Reykjavík, Iceland: A brief Overview

This luxurious property started its operation date backed in 2015. It is a huge 16th-floor property located conveniently in downtown Reykjavik. Fosshotel Reykjavik boasts itself for being Iceland’s largest hotel. The property has over 320 rooms offering stunning views over the city’s horizon and bay. The rooms are equipped with all modern amenities taking care of your comfortability. Iceland is also famous for its unique culinary culture. The hotel’s in-house fine-dine restaurant, Haust offers a large selection of food. From International Buffet to locally produced, you have all variety in their menu. This is a huge restaurant and can easily accommodate more than 200 people. Tourists love staying in Fosshotel Reykjavík because of its brilliant location. All the city’s popular attractions are within a short walking distance from this property. Tourists staying over here can easily marvel around the city’s brilliant architecture, museums and vibrant shopping areas. Thus, you get a unique opportunity to explore Reykjavík’s brilliant culture. The gym is open around the clock for you to warm up any time during the day. They got a newly opened Spa offering multiple spa-packages for complete relaxation. Fosshotel Reykjavík is definitely your gateway for a brilliant vacation in Iceland which is full of unique experiences.

Fosshotel Reykjavík, Iceland: A Brief Overview of the Rooms

This 16th-floor Luxury property has over seven different types of room category. You can make a choice between Standard Double and Twin Room, Tower View Room, Deluxe Room, Tower Suite and Family Rooms. From all the rooms you get magnificent views of this beautiful capital city. Every room is equipped with ultra-modern amenities like Satellite TV, Coffee and tea maker, Small fridge, Safety box and other important things. These are useful amenities when you stay with family. I booked a family room and was overwhelmed with the staying experience. The room was spacious with exceptional cleanliness and warm decor. The interior was decorated with natural materials. We were feeling like staying in a home away from home. The room we stayed had great Wifi reception and that too was absolutely free! From the large glass-panel windows, we had great views of the city. Although it was a weekend getaway, we were fascinated and wished to stay a little longer.

Fosshotel Reykjavik, Iceland: Haust Restaurant, an overview of this fine-dine restaurant

The Haust Restaurant is a beautiful fine-dine restaurant located on the second floor. Guests staying in Fosshotel Reykjavík can enjoy the freshly prepared stylish buffet served at the restaurant. This restaurant is located in the heart of Reykjavík and a popular place for food lovers to hang around. Haust Restaurant boasts to serve the best buffet brunch and lunch in the town. During our stay in Reykjavik, we tried eating at a few other places, but the food served by Haust Restaurant really relished our taste buds. In my opinion, you get the best fresh gluten-free food in the city served over here. I am sure the chefs of this luxurious hotel know how to cook such wide varieties of unique cuisines. The food is prepared from the fresh farm produce, and it tastes amazing. The restaurant's interior has a stunning decor. Grilled chicken and vegetable spears, flambeed shellfish, Grilled leg of lamb with fresh herbs, etc. are some of the most popular dishes from their Brunch and Lunch buffet menu. We all wanted to stay longer just to enjoy the fresh, tasty, well-prepared food. You can also enjoy drinking local Icelandic brewed beers at the Beer Garden located in the same building. Visit here during happy hours and enjoy huge discounts on drinks.

Fosshotel Reykjavik, Iceland: The final Thought

Undoubtedly, Fosshotel Reykjavik rates high among other hotels in the city. In terms of amenities, hospitality and location, it is a great place to stay and enjoy with family. Moreover, you have a high chance to witness the breathtaking Northern Lights for a lifetime experience. To know more about Fosshotel Reykjavik and check the room availability, click here!

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