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To get or not to get Travel Insurance

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Is Trip Insurance Worth It

Whenever I plan to travel, the first thing which comes to my mind is, “should I buy travel insurance”? I have gone to many countries in the past without getting travel insurance. To be very honest, I never felt the need of buying insurance because I was not expecting any health or any other issues at all. But, all that change once I became a mum. Every time I travel with my daughter, travel insurance is a must. Also, I never carried any expensive items in my luggage for which I’d buy insurance.

One of my friend's recent vacations was in Turkey when she accidentally fell onto the floor in a palace in Istanbul and believe me, that one incident changed her mind regarding travel insurance. Not only she had to pay for the consultation fees but also for the physiotherapy as her back was hurting badly. If she had opted for travel insurance before visiting Turkey, she could save a lot of money and spend that elsewhere during her six weeks tour to Turkey.

That’s just one experience. When you are traveling, you don’t know what might happen on the way, and you end up spending all you have. That’s the case especially when you are going to try any adventure on your vacation such as hiking, climbing, horse riding, or many others. Just like medical insurance, there is insurance for your lost baggage, delayed or canceled flights, and also for evacuation which rarely happens.

Do you need to buy Travel Insurance?

Well, maybe yes. For most of your vacations, the cost of travel insurance is not too much. Since you are already spending a lot on your travel, paying a little amount for the insurance will be worth it. See below the following points that will help you in deciding whether you need to buy travel insurance before you leave your country or not:

1. You are not covered by another insurance

Many of us already enjoy various types of coverage by our government such as health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, and house insurance, etc. If you have any such insurance already, check the perks you are getting on this insurance and decide whether you need to buy travel insurance or not. But, if you don’t have any such insurance, I recommend you to purchase travel insurance especially if you are traveling overseas.

2. You are scared that you might suffer from an illness during travel

Imagine if you get injured while climbing a mountain and your medical is not covered? Travel insurance will let you enjoy adventures without breaking your budget. Buy travel insurance and travel with confidence as everything will be handled by your insurance company.

3. You are carrying expensive gadgets

If you are someone who works while traveling just like me, you might need to bring all your devices with you including your laptop. If that’s the case, you must need travel insurance for lost bags as it can happen to anyone. But, if you are not carrying any expensive items, then you might not need to buy baggage insurance.

4. Your credit card doesn’t provide you any coverage

Many companies offer coverage on credit cards. You can ask your bank about the perks being offered to you on your credit card. If there is no such coverage provided on your card, it’s recommended to buy travel insurance to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

5. Because spending a little on insurance will go a long way

Even if you are fit and healthy and you are confident that your trip is going to be a success, you should still get travel insurance, as it will just cost a little. Incidents can happen at any moment and believe me; it can ruin your whole trip as it did mine when I was in Turkey. You can make a list of insurance packages available in your country and choose the most convenient one with maximum perks.

None of us would like to get injured during vacation, but anything can happen any second even when you are completely healthy, or also if you are not carrying any expensive items which might get lost. Without travel insurance, an unforeseen accident could ruin your whole trip. But if you have travel insurance with you, you can enjoy your trip to the fullest with confidence that the insurance company will handle everything. Happy traveling!

What do you think about travel insurance? Do you have any tips or exciting stories regarding you getting or not getting travel insurance? Please share in the comment below.

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