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Best Travel Gift Ideas For Travelers This Holiday

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

It is never too early to be ahead of the game when it comes to Christmas shopping. It can be fun to be on the lookout for that special gift that will put a smile on a family or friends during the holiday season. Moreover, suppose that person is also a traveler enthusiast. In that case, you are in luck as the list below it is full of ideas that you can undoubtedly add to your Christmas shopping list to surprise the lucky fellow! Go ahead and keep scrolling for that unique find that will be a winner during Christmas time.

1. Portable charger

RAVPower 20000mAh Portable Charger guarantees multiple charges, especially when you are out and about on adventures. It can charge many devices, plus with the new LCD display, you can see the speed of charge and the battery level.

2. Mini Portable Travel Router

This Lightweight, portable router converts a public network into a Private Wi-Fi. Plus, it is easy to set up and use.

3. Luggage Tracker

For keeping track of luggage in real-time when on the move. Why not try a TSA/ Airports compliant luggage tracker with a Mobile app that provides peace of mind.

4. Travel size Laundry Bag

Cute, lightweight, and perfect for your next short gateway.

5. Waterproof Video Sunglasses

Wouldn't be awesome if you could record full HD video hand free on your next adventure?

You are in luck as these built-in 128GB Memory Sunglasses can let you do that and store 22 hours of video and protect you from UV rays. You can also transfer the recording to the computer.

6. Magnetic Games

12 different mini magnetic games including chess, checkers perfect for your travel.

7. Solar charger

Lightweight, portable, and waterproof solar panel perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

Fast charging and compatible with tablets and cameras.

8. Apple Airpods Pro

With a winning design, fit, and effective noise canceling these airpods pro are worth it.

9. Wireless Earbuds

For charge on the go and a more affordable price with 40 hrs single charge, these waterproof earbuds are also a valuable option.

10. Anti-theft backpack

Waterproof, USB charge port, and lock plus peace of mind.

It has lots of storage, and it is not bulky.

11. Scratch off watercolor map

Vibrant, beautiful watercolor map.

12. Wireless speaker

Compact, waterproof, 20 hrs playtime, and perfect for your travel.

13. Travel Shoe Bags

Perfect for travel or storing your shoes at home away from dust.

14. Cable cord organizer

Medium-sized travel pouch for your electronic cords to keep you organize for your next trip.

15. Languages cards

Great for any age and available in 9 languages with basic words and phrases to keep you entertained while learning something new at your next destination.

16. Drink holder Carry on

3 in 1 20" carry-on. Expandable and lightweight and It comes in 3 different sizes and 4 different colors plus a USB port.

17. Wallet boot

Comfortable boot with hidden pocket and wallet.

18. Pro Lens Kit

This lens work with iPhone, Samsung, and other Android phones. This kit also comes with a clip-on rechargeable LED light! According to the seller, these were the official mobile lends for the 60th Anniversary Oscar Grammy Award Program. Depending on the thickness of a cell phone case, it may work better without the case.

19. Portable golf bag

A great addition to your golf traveler friend packing list.

20. Logic Game

Engaging, challenging, fun, and enjoyable game for all ages.

21. LCD writing tablet

Portable writing board to keep our little travelers busy being creative.

22. Waterproof blanket

Stay dry and warm for your next picnic or camping adventure with this lightweight blanket.

23. Go with me chair

Travel with ease with this portable chair useful outdoors for your kiddos.

24. Travel Telescope

Cost-effective Telescope with bright image quality and high magnification power

easy to assemble and lightweight for smooth travel for astronomy lovers.

25. Folding lap desk

Portable, sturdy, and with storage space perfect for a road trip or plane.

26. Travel Tangram

Magnetic fun educational puzzle perfect for the entire family.

27. Piano book

Award-winning musical keyboard book.

Portable, creative, and educational to entertain your little explorer.

28. Jewelry Box

Keep your jewelry organized in one safe place when away.

29. TSA approved kit

A cute travel kit for your little traveler.

30. Airplane pockets

Avoid germs, keep yourself organized during your next flight with these stretchable multi-pocket tray cover and pocket.

31. Travel Blanket

Lightweight, portable soft travel blanket with a bag. Available in other colors as well.

32. Disposable air seat cover

A gift for your frequent flyer traveler friend since there is no knowing if the seat and armrest are properly sanitized for their next world adventure.

33. Car organizer

Expandable, portable, and keep things organized in your car.

34. Bluetooth Beanie

Here is a soft beanie with Bluetooth for a hand free winter outdoors that will keep you warm while allowing you to listen to music.

35. Levitating globe

Cool gadget for your desk to remind you that the world is out there for you to explore.

36. Vtech KidiZoom Creator cam

For the kid digital content creator out there. This creator cam comes with a tripod, USB cable, microSD card slot, a green screen, and 20 different backgrounds to make creative videos.

37. Kodak Luma projector

This pocket-size projector with a built-in speaker is perfect for the binge-watcher in your life.

38. The Bucket List photo book

To wander all over the world in the comfort of your home. These pages will inspire future adventures.

39. Portable expresso machine

Your coffee lovers traveler will love this portable espresso machine that lets them make the perfect cup of coffee wherever they are. It also has its own travel bag.

40. Ski Boot Backpack

Take your boots and helmet on the road with ease for your next ski adventure this holiday with this AUMTISC Ski Boot Backpack great for traveling.

41. Fold up kayak

If you dream of kayaking all the world on your kayak. This so not cheap kayak is the one for you. After all, it is well designed, and on top of it can folds up, and you can check it on the plane. How cool is that?

We hope you found some unique gift ideas for that world explorer in your life, whether it's a gift for a holiday or a special occasion.

For more gifts, ideas don't forget to check our 2019 Chritsmas gifts post, still relevant today, and some more gift ideas on our Pandemic Travel essential post. If you are searching for books related to travel gift ideas, make sure to click here.

Peace and great health to you and your family this holiday season.

Happy Shopping & Happy Holidays!

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