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Travel Insurance with COVID19 Coverage

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

The pandemic has made travel insurance one of the many hot topics of the day. More people are more cautious about reading the fine line of travel insurance policies, especially when traveling abroad. Now more travelers are looking for travel insurance that also offers COVID-19 coverage. They are many insurances on the market but few with COVID 19 coverage. It would be best to have travel health insurance to get you covered against all forms of travel-related risks. Some of these risks include illness or injury overseas, missed or canceled flights, lost travel documents, lost luggage, damages related to weather challenges, etc.

You also need to ensure your travel insurance covers Covid-19 because of the uncertainties surrounding the global pandemic. The next time you are going on a vacation, ensure you secure the travel insurance policy with the right coverage for you and your family.

Why Do I Need Covid-19 Travel Insurance?

We have all seen the havoc this deadly pandemic is wreaking across the globe. With the way Covid-19 is ravaging the world, things will always remain unpredictable for the nearest future. Perhaps, till the whole world gets vaccinated. Until then, a need for Covid-19-covered travel health insurance will always be of importance whenever you are traveling around the world. So it is best to be insured when going on your next vacation. Here are some of the reasons why you need Covid-19 travel insurance:

In case you get stuck away from your Home Country

Let's look at it this way. If you are vacationing outside the country and the government of where you are vacationing declare a country lockdown after noticing a sudden spike in Covid19 cases, you and your family will get stuck there until your government moves to evacuate Citizens of your country stuck in overseas countries. Your only haven there will be reliable travel health insurance. It is your insurance that will cover all the extra costs during the lockdown period.

In case you get infected

In case you get infected while you are away, you may not be able to fund your medical fees with your Canadian health insurance. Some international hospitals are costly, and they may request that you make immediate payment before they commence treatment on you. Lastly, the Canadian government will not be responsible for your medical bills, hence why you need to get travel health insurance that covers Covid-19 before you embark on your vacation.

The persistence of Coronavirus and its uncertainty

It will take some time before the Coronavirus vaccines currently available can circulate the world; it could even take longer for everyone to be vaccinated. Who knows? For Canadians aiming to travel outside the country, you must realize that you are doing so at your own risks. Also, be aware of new COVID19 rules when entering a country as they continuously change. Let's not forget that Covid-19 is an airborne virus easily transmittable within the slightest closeness to an infected person. Also, there are still many uncertainties surrounding the pandemic; therefore, instead of speculating, better be safe, prepare, and get travel health insurance for your family in case of a potential infection.

What Does Your Travel Health Insurance Cover?

Regardless of any country you are visiting, your travel health insurance must include these three things:

Medical evacuation

You must know what you are signing up for. You must ensure your medical withdrawal to Canada, coupled with proper medical care, is covered in your policy. The policy must also bear the expenses of any medical escort that will get you to your destination.

Pre-existing health conditions

Ask your health insurance company to state clearly their terms and conditions regarding your lingering health challenges. Know all the restrictions and limitations available on your policy. Ensure there is a written agreement stating that your insurance covers your pre-existing medical condition.


Lastly, ensure your policy covers the repatriation o