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Healthy and Fresh Spinach Soup Recipes From Around The World

Spinach is such a beloved ingredient across the entire world. It grows well, needs little maintenance and a nice wash before you can feel free to use it in your food. We've wanted to share a few amazing recipes that we truly adore, which highlight the amazing flavor of the veg, as well as the unique culture of the country they originate.

Here are some comforting soups with a favorite green leafy vegetable, Spinach! You are in for a treat, a lot of Spinach and green colour and a whole list of healthy recipes for you and your family.

Canadian Spinach Soup - Cooking time 30-35 mins

Canadian Spinach is a rich, creamy affair - it's also known as creamed Spinach! Making this simple soup can be wonderful for a large family affair, as everyone will want a little helping of the hot, gooey, melted goodness!

This is one recipe where parmesan cheese is a must! It will melt and provide flavor like no other cheese quite does, and we can't recommend it enough in this dish.

We would like to mention one tip quickly - this dish might be too rich for some people to have as a soup, so don't feel like you need to sit with a spoon to make your way through it. Instead, try having a small amount in a ramekin, and using it to dunk bread and crudites.

Syrian Spinach Soup - cooking time 45 mins

This wonderfully thick, rich, and creamy Syrian soup is packed with stuff - from the obvious Spinach to yogurt and basmati rice which helps to introduce a whole new dimension of flavor! You can try it with brown rice too.

This one-pot recipe comes together in no time, meaning that you can have dinner ready for your family in as little as 35 minutes. Something that will help with that prep time is to ensure you use an immersion blender - you'll puree the Spinach and mint in the recipe in no time, which speeds the process up.

You can use either chicken broth or vegetable stock when cooking this soup, but we'd recommend veggie stock. It's an easy way to get a great hit of savory vegetable flavors in the pot in no time at all.

Give this amazing, minty soup a go soon!

Ndole (Cameroonian )Spinach Soup - 1 hour, 10 mins

To make an amazing helping of this ultimate comfort food, simply fetch your biggest dutch oven, a food processor, a bag of leafy greens, preferably fresh spinach leaves if you can't get the Cameroonian bitter leaves commonly used for this dish, garlic, and green onions.

The utterly superb combination of peanuts, bitter leaves (which are a spinach substitute), meat, crayfish, and oil makes for a harmony of spectacular flavors. The saltiness from the fish contrasts nicely with the creaminess of the peanuts, leading to an amazing soup that tastes almost like spinach dip - only way more addictive!

This is a great way to get one of the best comforting foods into your diet, and we couldn't recommend it enough! This delicious soup from Cameroon is a great recipe and a healthy soup that the entire family will enjoy. Make sure to check your ingredient list here at no extra cost and get some fresh ingredients. Do not worry about the cooking time; after all you will enjoy a favorite African meal.

Japanese Spinach and Egg Miso Soup - 20 mins

While most people already have a notion in their heads about what miso soup is, they couldn't be more wrong. The only things that make miso soup are dashi (fish stock) and miso paste. As long as you use those ingredients, you can still make miso soup!

We'd recommend using white miso in this recipe, as Spinach and egg are relatively mild flavors, so using red miso would likely overpower them.

Making this fresh spinach soup really couldn't be easier. Get a large saucepan, and add in the dashi stock, and washed Spinach. Cook gently until the spinach wilts, and then turn the heat off. Add the miso paste to the pan and stir it in before gently pouring beaten eggs into the soup while stirring. Then, serve the soup hot! We'd recommend serving the hot soup with some thinly sliced spring onions; it always makes a bowl of miso soup look incredible!

Australian Potato and Spinach Soup - 45 mins

A wonderful, straightforward Australian potato and spinach soup is a wonderful thing. The overall flavor is delicious and utterly simple, allowing you to fall in love with the basic tastes in the dish.

We love that this recipe includes a little bit of bacon in the mix. While bacon isn't perfect with every dish, the extremely salty flavor opposes the bright, vegetal flavors that the rest of the soup has. However, you don't need much bacon - just two rashers will do plenty of heavy lifting in this meal.

If you wanted to put a new spin on this dish, try adding a small handful of grated parmesan to the broth - it will melt in no time, and impart some wonderfully funky flavors too!

Chinese Spinach Soup - 30 mins

This amazing dish brings together several ingredients to form something which embodies all the characteristics of great Chinese food - potent flavor, healthy, and unique usage of fish.

The usage of a lot of garlic in this recipe takes a powerful back seat to some of the other ingredients - but you certainly notice that it's there. It provides a great base with the other ingredients interacting with your tastebuds, including the dried anchovy broth, which brings an utterly unique taste to the table.

Next time you make a spinach soup - make it this one! There's a huge amount of variation that you could experiment with, such as using goji berries or a dash of lemon juice in the broth. Either of those ingredients would bring a wonderfully fruity, bright note to the meal - how tasty!

Caribbean Shrimp Callaloo - 20 mins

Callaloo is a wonderful plant that's native to Jamaica and can be used as a great spinach substitute. This, of course, goes the other way - if you can't get your hands on callaloo, we'd recommend using Spinach.

As with all amazing recipes, the flavors in this one strike a spectacular balance. There's plenty of rich, strong heat from a quarter of a scotch bonnet pepper, along with salty richness from shrimp and a hit of acid from lemon juice. We'd recommend serving this soup in big bowls - people are always going to want more!

French Cream Of Spinach Soup - 20 mins

This creamy spinach soup recipe is quite similar to the Australian potato and spinach soup - so grab a large pan or large pot and make sure to go past the grocery store to get more of those ingredients that you loved.

This recipe is vegan, so there's no cream in it. The secret, however, to making creamy dishes without any cream is potato! As it cooks, the potato releases starch which thickens the broth and creates a creamier sauce.

Make sure that you cook this recipe over medium heat and no higher - an aggressive boil will release starch from the potatoes too rapidly, leading to your pot boiling over.

Don't forget to mark these delicious soups in your recipe box and try them for brunch, a night meal for a taste of Spinach. It will be the delight of any taste buds out there! So bon appétit and let us know if you've tried some of these spinach recipes or if you've already had them in your recipe card! We love great soup, and we hope you enjoy them too.

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