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Exploring Dubai with kids

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Hello travel lovers’ ☺, are you looking for the perfect short break? Head over to Dubai and spend some quality time with your family at this green oasis in the desert .We did exactly that and we are still daydreaming about our time in the city of gold !

Fun time at Burj Al Arab
Fun time at Burj Al Arab

Dubai is a city where tradition and future meet. There, you can see awe-inspiring constructions, the diversity of culture, art, food, fashion, and music. Still, it also welcomes families with children with an open heart and offers them action-packed adventures

Things to Do In Dubai - The Highlights

  • View from the highest point of the world's tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa

  • Relax on the relaxing sandy beaches and take a dunk in the warm waters

  • Attempt each sort of water sport comprehensible from windsurfing to flyboarding

  • Go snowboarding at the world's biggest indoor ski incline

  • Daring record-breaking rides at Wild Wadi Waterpark and Aquaventure Waterpark

  • Give your taste buds a treat at Dubai's numerous and varied world-class food points

  • Visit fun zones with your kids

Dubai is not just a fantastic place for adults to enjoy but also for kids. 

In Dubai, there is so much for kids to do, and many of these child-friendly activities can be enjoyed by adults, too. Here are just some of them.

The Aquaventure Waterpark has everything kids of any age might want – there are plenty of exciting rides there.

The IMG Worlds of Adventure is the world's biggest indoor theme park. Children will love different activities - the youngest ones and teenagers alike.

The Green Planet is an entire tropical rainforest in the heart of the desert. Numerous plants and animals live under a glass dome. This is a great place for older children.

Bollywood Parks offer different shows, like the ones in Mumbai's movie industry: stunt-shows, live performances and many other activities.

Motiongate is a Hollywood-inspired theme park with great rides for small kids and thrilling rollercoasters for the older ones.

Kids will always enjoy Dubai Mall with the Toy Store and the famous Hamleys, an ice rink and a giant aquarium.

Ski Dubai is almost unbelievable – a winter wonderland at -4°C with the blazing sun and the desert temperatures outside. 

dubai mall

More Fun activities to Do In Dubai with Kids

“Memories that will last a lifetime”

Every parent would like for their kids to have the ultimate best experience when traveling. As parents, we are always in search of the things, which make them happy, and amaze them. This eagerness and excitement increase if you are going on a family trip to Dubai with your little ones. These are some places you should take your kid during your Dubai trip.

Kidzania @ Dubai Mall

Enjoy one of the best gaming experiences. KidZania is fundamentally a phenomenal indoor Place; your children can appreciate a grown-up life by picking their preferred occupations among the 80 employments available. The made-up city has emergency clinics, eateries, manufacturing plants, general stores, police headquarters and everything that is required in a city. Kidzania comprises of a small-scale city where the kids are urged to learn and develop while having a fabulous time. It’s a place where your kids can discover numerous exercises to do around evening time in Dubai and have an astounding nightly experience.

Dolphins @ Dubai Dolphinarium

One of the not-to-be-missed funs in Dubai for children are visiting the Dubai Dolphinarium and loving these friendly Dolphins. This spot is a cooled indoor Dolphinarium allowing the guests to associate and watch dolphins. The exercises incorporate getting pictures clicked with these stunning creatures and seeing the show that they put up. Your children would love the show and they wouldn't imagine anything better than to connect with them and get photos clicked. Five bottlenose dolphins are exceptionally trained and so friendly.

Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Explore the colorful marine life at the Dubai Aquarium, and Underwater Zoo is among those fun exercises in Dubai for children that would leave them very magnificent. This glorious spot is a holder of a record of being the 'World's Largest Acrylic Panel'. One of the biggest aquariums in the entire world, your children will get the chance to find out such an enormous amount about marine life while on a fun visit. The aquarium and zoo gladly house different animals like mammoth crocodiles, sharks, groupers, thus significantly more for your children to observe.

Burj Khalifa -Dubai Frame

While you are in Dubai with your children and your family, visiting Burj Khalifa is an absolute for most people. At a staggering 830 meters, the pinnacle is about its hypnotizing excellence, striking building and fantastic engineering. Guests are permitted to go up to the 125th floor to encounter the sublime perspectives on the encompassing. The nightfall sees from the high rise are very stunning. We visited the Dubai Frame as well, and the view was amazing as we could see both old and new Dubai. Plus, the queue to the top was not as crazy as the one at Burj Khalifa. If you are short with time, we suggest heading to the Dubai Frame instead. You won't be disappointed.

Helicopter Tour Dubai

The stylish way to fly!

Helicopter Tour Dubai

Dubai is the conveyor of one of the most notable skylines and is perhaps the best spot to visit on the planet. Taking a helicopter ride fo 12-minutes, 17-minutes, or 22-minutes, your voyage through Dubai skylines will bring you extremely near all the focal components behind the magnificence of Dubai. The visit starts at the Dubai Police Academy Helipad and takes you through the absolute most amazing spots of Dubai.

Pizza Making at Pizza Express

Pizza is somewhat of an extensive top choice of either kids or adults, so this pizza-making party offered by Pizza Express is an incredible path for minimal ones to have a fabulous time and get the hang of cooking abilities as they make their very own manifestations. They'll get a selection of fixings, a glass of apple or squeezed an orange and a gourmet expert's cap and cover. When cooked, they'll have the option to fold into their tasty pizzas.

Wild Wadi Water Park

Have fun at Wild Wadi Water Park with your family. Wild Wadi Water Park depends on a special subject - the stories on Juha, a prestigious character from Arabian Folklore. To tell your child about the stories and take them to investigate this themed water park is one of the energizing exercises in Dubai for children. This exciting water park is known to offer the most thrilling and most out of control scope of rides in the nation for you and your children to investigate. There are likewise various full of fun activities and a large pool committed to particularly the little children. The absolute best rides incorporate the exciting oceanic trip, which would bestow an adrenaline race to the riders without a doubt. Your little one can likewise evaluate surfing here.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Witness the beauty of the Dubai Miracle Garden. One of the must-do things in Dubai with kids is to bring them to this delightful world of colourful flowers and plants. The Dubai Miracle Garden is a flower garden in Dubai. One of the major attractions of the park includes the Dubai Butterfly Garden, the region's first and the world's largest butterfly garden housing more than 15,000 butterflies of twenty-six different species.

Dubai Cruise

Go for the marina dinner cruise. Your little ones would love you for this dinner surprise on the very popular Marina Dinner Cruise. This cruise is quite a delight to the tourists as it combines several offerings into one. Hence, make sure to let your kid experience it while in Dubai. So, what can be the ideal most ways to end your kid's day other than a cruise, where there is delicious dishes, stunning views of the beautiful city, and some fantastic music - and all of it while sailing on a cruise?


For most of the people visiting Dubai, there's a tendency to assume that there's nothing cheap to do, but I am always on the lookout for ways to entertain my kid while having fun and without putting a hole in our pocket!

Here's a rundown of places you may visit and can have a great family-friendly trips on a budget.

Dubai On A Budget

Dubai Museum is located in the Al Souk Al Kabir area, which is the heart of Dubai. It’s a perfect place to take your little ones and young kids to learn about the history of the United Arab Emirates.

Abra Ride It’s a fantastic opportunity to show your kids a different side of Dubai. Harking back to a simpler time, the kids will love this experience. Plus, boat rides don’t get much cheaper than this.

Dubai Canal Water Take a trip on Dubai water canal, it’s the perfect place to see Dubai sights, One of the most spectacular parts of the canal is the water feature gushing down from the Sheikh Zayed Road bridge, which is bathed in purple and green changing light as night falls.

There are tons of museums, parks, gaming zones and other things to do in Dubai on a budget, so keep exploring!


History and art lovers will have a great time in numerous Dubai's museums and galleries. These are the most famous: the Etihad Museum, the Naif Museum, the Dubai Museum, the Saruq Al-Hadid Archaeology Museum, the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, the Empty Quarter Gallery, the Andakulova Gallery, and the Third Line.


When you get tired of the city hustle and bustle, you can have a rest in Majlis Café near the Jumeirah Mosque. You can try camel milkshake, delicious pistachio ice-cream made with camel milk, coffee, and creams.

Al Serkal Avenue used to be the old industrial warehouse site, but now it is Dubai's coolest art and culture scene. You can visit art galleries, and you can also take art classes, too.

XVA Art Hotel is a small hotel with only 14 rooms, but it also has an outstanding café that only serves Middle Eastern Vegetarian food. However, it is so special because a part of the hotel is a gallery and the design shop.

Al Qudra Lakes are beautiful man-made lakes that are home to around 130 species including swans, ducks and a huge flock of geese. They were a part of an eco-project and are the perfect picnic spots. They are especially great at sunset.

Al Mamzar Beach Park with the white sand beach, is the perfect spot for kids. They can also dive into the pool here, rent a bike, or go skating at the skating field. The place is amazing for picnics with barbeques. There are plenty of restaurants and snack bars as well.


Families can easily find the perfect accommodation that will be safe and entertaining for their children. There are numerous kid-friendly resorts with family suites excellent for large families. Kids can have fun at teen clubs, kid clubs, kids play areas or kids pools.

If you can, experience Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. It is a luxury hotel with high-class dining and private beach, lavish suites, 9 restaurants, 4 pools, and a luxe spa.


In Dubai, you will be able to try some of the local food. Don't miss this opportunity as the food is great.

Luqaimat, hot dumplings, resemble doughnuts with taste and texture.

Knafeh is a pastry dish made of sour cheese, crisp sugar syrup and dough.

Camel meat is becoming increasingly popular. Local chefs are using it in almost any meat dish - camel biryani, burgers, and stews.

Samboosas are hot pastry appetizers filled with meat, vegetables, and spices, or with three types of cheese.

Turkish cocktails are very popular. The cocktail scene in Dubai's bars is very lively.


Tap water in Dubai is safe to drink, so you need not worry about constantly purchasing bottled water.

• In many restaurants, the tip is included in the bill. Taxi drivers expect passengers not to ask for a small change. It is nice to give delivery drivers, bag packers at supermarkets and people at other similar services some spare change of around $1-2.

• Many stores sell things at a fixed price, but you can haggle in places like the Gold Souk and other places that sell traditional items.

• The local money is the UAE Dirham. Foreign currency can be changed at banks and at exchange offices at airports and most hotels.

• Dubai is not a cheap city, so think about spending your money wisely.


Dubai has a desert climate. The weather is extremely hot, and it rarely rains. The best months to visit the city are between November and March to avoid the hottest part of the year.


In Dubai, you can have a ride on buses, water buses, monorail system, trams, and the Dubai Metro. There is just one operator for the entire network. Taxis are considered to be the most efficient way to get around the city.

Although travelers first think of high buildings and luxury, Dubai is a surprisingly kid-friendly city with many places specially designed for children. While their children are safely engaged in different activities, the parents can enjoy the richness that the city offers.

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