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Updated: Jun 15, 2021

keeping kids medication

Illness can be a fun killer, especially when it occurs during the long-anticipated family vacation. It is easy to be swayed with all the excitement of the new environment and forget the kid's medication. A simple omission like that can have a profound effect on your trip. What exactly do you need to know about keeping your kid's medication on schedule while traveling?

• Create a medication schedule

Whether you use a daily planner, a single calendar page you maintain folded in your wallet, or a particular application on your mobile phone, write in or app beforehand each dose and the specific time it's to be provided, and check off that dose because it is taken.

• Documentation

A written medical history for your child should go a long way to help in keeping kid's medication on schedule while traveling.

This document should include:

- Your name and your child's name and the name of your doctor. Your address, medical insurance identification number, and contact numbers for both.

- Pertinent medical advice such as blood type and all health issues in addition to allergies and vaccinations.

• Take Extra Care

Take additional care when pouring doses, particularly when a decimal point is involved, and do not substitute a normal spoon.

And, bring along copies of your child's prescriptions and a list of drugs and their generics as recent names might not have been updated in other countries.

• Approved medications

If you are leaving the US, CDC (center for disease control) suggests that you check with the American embassy to know what drugs are permitted across the border.


It should be taken at the exact time as you would have at home and not an estimated time. Also ensure the local pharmacy are capable to extend the drug supplies, or simply bring enough to cover the trip.

Keep medicines on your carry-on as your child might require it before or during flight. You will be needing a doctor's letterhead that will give you room to take things through airport security such as insulin needles. Travel with stickers or other small rewards in case your child starts acting up due to being tired or stressed by an unfamiliar environment.

• Ensure proper packing

Your healthcare kit may include a measuring device such as a pill cutter that came with the prescription. You will also need to travel with whatever you need to ensure taking prescription medicine is easier for your little one. You should consider the resources available to you such as whatever can help alleviate the side effects. You should not assume you will have the ability to get your exact requirement at the place you are journeying to. Ensure you take all you need with you as there are no guarantees you will find them where you are going to.

Make a checklist on the listed points. Follow through on them, keep a watchful eye to notice any development, then you will not only ensure that you are in line with keeping your kid's medication as you travel but avoid cutting your long desired trip short.

How do you stay organized with your kids prescriptions while abroad? Please share your thoughts, tips or questions below in the comments!