Updated: Jun 15

keeping kids medication

Illness can be a fun killer, especially when it occurs during the long-anticipated family vacation. It is easy to be swayed with all the excitement of the new environment and forget the kid's medication. A simple omission like that can have a profound effect on your trip. What exactly do you need to know about keeping your kid's medication on schedule while traveling?

• Create a medication schedule

Whether you use a daily planner, a single calendar page you maintain folded in your wallet, or a particular application on your mobile phone, write in or app beforehand each dose and the specific time it's to be provided, and check off that dose because it is taken.

• Documentation

A written medical history for your child should go a long way to help in keeping kid's medication on schedule while traveling.

This document should include:

- Your name and your child's name and the name of your doctor. Your address, medical insurance identification number, and contact numbers for both.

- Pertinent medical advice such as blood type and all health issues in addition to allergies and vaccinations.

• Take Extra Care

Take additional care when pouring doses, particularly when a decimal point is involved, and do not substitute a normal spoon.

And, bring along copies of your child's prescriptions and a list of drugs and their generics as recent names might not have been updated in other countries.