Travel Requirements For Kids

Updated: Jun 15

Every country has its travel requirements, which is set according to the respective immigration policies. Nevertheless, the passport is a fundamental document required for all international trips depending on the country.

It is a common requirement that the passport should not expire within 6 months after your travel, and, and most times, infants are also required to have a means of identity.

Another vital document is the visa – a permit that allows you to enter a foreign country. You should make useful inquiries regarding visa fees and eligibility. However, permissions are not necessary for most domestic travels.

From my experiences visiting various countries, I shall give you a brief overview of identification requirements regarding travels for minors and adults within some of these countries.

kids travel doc


Domestic travelchildren below the age of 18 in Canada do not require a passport to travel locally. It is, however, advised that such kids should either have a birth certificate or a student ID as a substitute.

Travel within and outside the US – although the US borders Canada, it is expected of Canadian residents to present a valid passport or identification document while visiting the US. This is regardless of the age of the traveler.

International – You need a passport and visa. Although a passport is very vital, you do not need a permit to travel to visa-free countries.

Consent letters are not officially recognized, but immigration officers frequently request for it when you want to exit or enter the country either as a minor or as a spouse. It is a proof to show that you have been authorized by your parents or partner to exit the country. Above are some countries regulations for travel documents ( current as of April 2018) . Do always check with your local government for any updates or change


Children that are not up to 18 years when traveling locally within the states do not need a passport. However, a doctor's approval is necessary for children between the ages of 0 – 14 years, or those on the journey as a lap child.