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My Toddler Carry On Must - haves

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

While traveling around the world with Loreva, my daughter, we usually have each a carry on. We like it as it is convenient, and we don't have to worry about checking our luggage. It allows us to sail through the airport with ease and peace of mind so that on arrival, we are ready to settle at our new destination. Please check below what it is always included in her carry on. Most items are some of her favorite things that she cannot travel without. She loves her pink Away carry on too, and all her items fit well in it.

Travel Essentials For Kids

1. Snug Play pink headphone

She finds it very cozy for her ears.

2. Cozy neck travel pillow

3. Ipad

To stay entertain during long hauls, her Ipad included many of her favorite educative apps, fun games, books, and Disney movies

4. An Ipad protective case

She selected this specific one as she likes purple and pink. We found it to be sturdy, and it keeps her Ipad safe and protected. Plus, we can wipe it easily with Clorox wipes to keep it clean.

5. Swim water shoes

6. Fast-drying towel

7. Toiletry bag

Easy to carry, sturdy and keep all her toiletry essentials in one place.

8. Art Kit

A fun art kit with 260 shapes of animals,letters,numbers with colored pencils.

9. Her favorite Bunny

Found at Pottery Barn here

or you can find a bunny similar to hers on Amazon as below

10. Swimsuit

While roaming the world it is always handy to have a reliable swimsuit as we never know when we will stumble near a great beach or a pool.

11. Wipes

They are our travels ultimate essentials.

Clorox, Lysol, or Purel are our preferred wipes.

12. Kleenex wipes

13. Cutlery set