Updated: Jan 24

Many people are still surprised at women solo-travelers. What would they say then about women solo-travelers with kids? There are plenty of adjectives people use to describe this kind of trips, ranging from foolish to extremely dangerous. What is the truth?

What kind of moms travel alone with kids?

Times have changed. We travel faster and communicate more easily than ever before. We can be spotted by technology any moment almost anywhere on this planet. That can make us feel less alone when traveling by ourselves. That may be a reason new brave moms increasingly decide on the trips with their kids.

All kinds of moms travel alone. Divorced and married, those who have never been married. Moms with teenagers and moms with toddlers, too.


It is not always easy to find the right time for all members of the family. Actually, it is very difficult to do that. That is one of the reasons moms arrange trips for themselves and their kids, leaving busy fathers behind.

The more people, the more arguments. Moms and children may want to do something, but dads want to do something different. When traveling with moms only, the arguments are reduced by a certain percent.

A solo-traveler a mom sends a message to her kids – never give up, see the challenges, not the obstacles in front of you. A solo-trip with mom can be a life inspiring experience for kids.

Away from the technology they are typically exposed to, kids will have an opportunity to create new family manners, at least for a short time. It can be useful for family relations.

The world around us is a giant classroom. Traveling with a solo mom is like having a great teacher in the best-equipped classroom on earth. Kids learn wherever they go and whatever they do. On a journey, they acquire different skills, from learning about the marine life while snorkeling, to how-to tasks - how to purchase a ticket, how to board a plane, etc.


It is very important to plan a kid-friendly itinerary and book kid-friendly accommodation. If you don't do so, the kids will be bored, and that will cause further trouble.

If anyone offers help, accept. It may be a friend who wants to travel with you or your mom. If the person doesn't bother you, an extra pair of hand will do. Naturally, you can get some help from fellow travelers, but don't expect too much. Once you decide to go alone, you must rely on yourself only.

Don't set your expectations too high. Your kids are just kids and although they may enjoy the trip, be prepared for some grumbling or whining (depending on their age) from time to time.

Although beach vacations or mountains may sound like a good idea, consider city options. Cities are packed with activities designed for kids, and they are always glad to explore these opportunities.