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The Best Playgrounds and Parks in Toronto

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Playgrounds and parks are the perfect places to enjoy the great outdoors with your family. There are many different parks and playgrounds in the greater Toronto area, so we’ve narrowed it down to the best of the best. The following guide will help you find the very best playgrounds and parks in Toronto, whether you’re looking for a fun playground to take the kids or a scenic park ideal for enjoying an evening stroll.

1. Lambton - Kingsway Park

Address: 37 Marquis Ave, Etobicoke, ON M8X 1V3, Canada

Lambton - Kingsway Park is a fun park with sports facilities and a playground. This park is known to locals as the "Shale Pit" due to its unique pitched hills that become popular sledding hills during the winter time. The park features two ball diamonds, two outdoor tennis courts, a playground as well as an outdoor pool that is accessible for families. The playground includes a climbing structure with several slides, as well as a swing set.

2. Rennie park

Address: 1 Rennie Terrace, Toronto, ON M6S 2X2, Canada

Rennie Park is an expansive park that features many different sports and outdoor activities that are fun for the whole family. Rennie Park features a total of four tennis courts complete with lighting for evening lay; a shuffleboard space; an artificial ice rink perfect for skating; two picnic areas; a wading pool; a gazebo; and a playground for children. The playground features multiple swing sets, climbing structures, sand play areas, and slides. There are yearly camps held at Rennie Park that are accessible for children of all ages.

3. Beresford Park

Address: 400 Beresford Ave, Toronto, ON M6S 3B6, Canada

Beresford Park is a small park that is perfect for quiet afternoons spent with the family. Beresford Park features an off-leash area for dogs, a wading pool, as well as a children's playground. The playground features several slides, climbing structures, swing sets, and a sand play area. The wading pool is perfect for cooling off in the summer, and you can even bring your dog along thanks to the off-leash dog area.

4. Playground at Kew Gardens

Address: 2075 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E 2N9, Canada

The larger Kew Gardens Park is an expansive park that features everything from a bandstand, a baseball diamond, trails, a wading pool and--of course--a playground. The Kew Gardens playground is located in the heart of Kew Gardens and features a unique castle-inspired climbing structure that is surrounded by a shade-providing tree. The playground features multiple slide options, swings, and a sand play area. The playground is situated right next to the wading pool, so it is perfect for cooling children off after they've worked up a sweat on the playground.

5. Jamie Bell Adventure Playground- High Park

Address: 185 Spring Rd, Toronto, ON M6R 2Y8, Canada

Jamie Bell Playground is a unique playground located in the greater High Park. Jamie Bell Playground is a truly picturesque playground that features castle-inspired structures, including a unique multi-tiered archway with paintings, a castle-inspired climbing structure with multiple turrets and houses, tunnels, slides, and of course, swing sets.

6. Corktown commons park

Address: 155 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M5A 0G4, Canada

Corktown Commons Park locally referred to as "The Commons," is a unique park which was built on top of the Don River Flood Plain. The park's natural features include multiple grassy pathways, over 700 trees, thousands of unique planted grasses native to the Carolinian forest ecosystem. For visitors, the park features numerous amenities including a BBQ area, bike trails, picnic table sand benches, a multi-use athletic field, an off-leash dog area, a splash pad, an outdoor fireplace gathering area as well as multiple playgrounds.

7. Toronto Island Park

Address: 9 Queens Quay West | Bay Street, Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, Toronto, Ontario M5J 2H3, Canada

Toronto Island Park is an expansive park which takes up an entire island. Visitors amenities include: a hedge maze; 4 beaches; splash pads; children and family camps; a farm with farm animals to pet; a children’s garden with interactive features and rotating programming; as well as Centreville Amusement Park, an amusement park with 30 rides and attractions plus over a dozen different food options.

8. Trinity Bellwoods Park

Address: 790 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1G3, Canada

Trinity Bellwoods Park is a 15+ hectares park which features an indoor recreation center that includes indoor pools, fitness center with equipment, indoor running track, gymnasium, and multi-purpose fitness rooms. Next to the indoor recreational center are an outdoor volleyball court, a children's wading pool, and a children's playground. Further out into the park, visitors can try out an outdoor ice skating rink, one of 8 outdoor tennis courts, as well as an open field space perfect for football, soccer, rugby and more.

9. Dennis Lee playground

Address: 819 Palmerston Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 3G5, Canada

Dennis Lee Playground is a small playground with enough features to keep children busy for hours. The playground features a wading pool, sand play area, and a playground that includes a wooden climbing structure with multiple slides, a jumping game, as well as nearby swing sets and a multi-person spinning seat. The park also features an off-leash dog walking space, multiple bocce courts, an indoor hockey rink; as well as an indoor community center complete with indoor pool and daycare options.

10. Grange Park

Address: Beverley St & McCaul Street, Toronto, ON M5T 2W7

Grange Park is a small park that is officially owned by the nearby Art Gallery of Ontario. The park features a splash pad for children, field space for sports such as soccer and football, an off-leash area for dog walking and playing as well as a children's playground. The playground includes a distinctly modern-looking climbing structure that has multiple slides, a net-based rope bridge, a spinning ring, unique climbing sculptures and take a break.

The Best Playgrounds and Parks in Toronto

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