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The Ultimate Guide to Boston for families

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Making the most of your memories in Massachusetts

Making the most of your memories in Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts is a lively, unique city with so much to offer travelers! There are museums, zoos, historical tours, and so much more to keep you and your whole family entertained for days! With so much to do, it can get hard to narrow down the search into a few must-do items! To help with the planning, be sure to check out this ultimate guide to Boston for the best things to do and a couple of necessary locals-only tips:

Things to Do in Boston

Batter up in Boston’s Fenway Park! Fenway Park is a massive expanse of American sports beauty, and will keep everyone from kids to parents on their toes! Even if you don’t come during a game, there are still tours of the compound that will both educate and amaze you! However, if you’re in Boston in the season, it’s highly recommended you try and get into a Red Sox game. The fans are electric, and the atmosphere is unforgettable as you cheer on this grand slam Boston team!

Spend the day with science! The Museum of Science in Boston is one of the best internationally recognized celebrations of all things academia! Literally, science is power here, as visitors of all ages can learn about phenomena they never thought possible! Some exhibits here are even interactive, which works great for the younger crowd as the best way to learn is by doing. The Museum of Science is technically in Cambridge, but averages at just about a 15-minute drive from the heart of the city to city. Explore the full world of education with the whole family and find out what makes this place come so well-loved by tourists and locals alike!

Walk around in wildlife at Boston’s premiere zoo! Franklin Park Zoo is recognized as one of the best options in the area for family fun as you stroll through some of the most extraordinary and awe-inspiring exhibits. See everything from gorillas to giraffes and back again as Boston showcases the best that our animal kingdom has to offer! Kids of all ages will be fascinated by the diverse array of animals available for viewing, and adults will love the relaxed, beautiful scenery you stroll through from exhibit to exhibit. All in all, this is one stop your family won’t want to miss!

This is not your typical museum! While some kids might not place museums at the top of their bucket list, people of all ages come together to support this Boston historical site. The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museums features real boats! And as it is settled on the famed harbor wherein the Boston Tea Party happened, it is truly a museum with a view! Here, you can walk through history and the fight for American Independence all while toeing the line of the Boston harbor. This is an engaging, educational sight that redefines the word museum!

Local’s tip: The Boston Public Garden is one of the best places in the city to just relax! It is nestled in the heart of the city and wrapped in lush green wildlife that makes this place truly serene. It is not so much ‘locals only’ knowledge, but rather one of those places surprisingly underappreciated by the tourism scene. Many people opt for some of the other big-city attractions and forget to stop and smell the mayflowers! Here, kids can play on the soft grass or on the banks of the lake while parents and adults rest underneath the shade of some well-maintained trees.

Where to Eat in Boston

Breakfast done better! Here at the Friendly Toast Restaurant, your order gets served up with a side of fun! It is a unique and kid-friendly scene whose bright colors and happy atmosphere welcome tourists from all over the world! Resting on the outskirts of downtown Boston, it is also one of those locations you won’t feel overly stimulated by. It is busy without being crazy, and kid-friendly without being a kid only. The Friendly Toast Restaurant will serve up a breakfast you won’t soon forget!

You just can’t go wrong with Seafood by the harbor! Jasper White’s Summer Shack is a proud family-fun favorite that serves up only the freshest of Seafood from water to waiter to you! It is highly recommended for being one of the tastiest restaurants in the area, as well as one of the best for children of all ages! On the weekends, they’re even known to cater to popular interests! Check out some of the titled theme weekends, such as Superhero brunch or Saturdays with Star Wars to make your next family meal truly memorable!

This is one destination that was created with families in mind first! The design is such that parents can enjoy a delicious, fairly priced meal while their kids play in the designated areas nearby. It is a laid back arena where the toy chest is well stocked, and the menu well crafted. Adults can choose from any number of dazzling international and local favorites, whereas kids can opt for tried and true items such as hot dogs or chicken fingers. There are even a number of healthy options for all ages that make Full Moon one-stop your family is going to want to make!

Local’s tip: Opt for the outback! KO Catering and Pies is a traditional Australian eatery that offers an incredible menu and some incredible patio seating! It is chock full of savory entrees, and only the best in fresh vegetable pies! It is a cozy café that is more than welcoming of children and doesn’t cost as much as some of the other title restaurants in Boston. It even includes seasonal items, depending on what time of year you visit! Go where the locals go and find your new favorite flavor at KO Catering and Pies!

Boston, Massachusetts is a city loved by both history and travel. It is a charming area with a number of attractions from America’s pastime all the way to some incredible All-American eateries. Treat the whole family, and embrace all the wonders of a Boston vacation for the ages!

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