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Top African Fashion Designers to know

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Fashion is the fastest growing industry in the world. Fashion designing is a creative work of art, and there are fashion designers from almost every continent. American and European fashion designers are definitely world famous. However, in Africa, there are many famous fashion designers who exceptional creative works in the field of fashion sparkled around the globe. It is because of their contemporary contribution, Africa came into the spotlight of the fashion industry. African Fashion is also famous because of the vibrant colors and traditional fabrics used, which reflects the continent’s cultural heritage. Many famous African fashion designers made a remarkable contribution to the International fashion industry. Over here is a list of the top African Fashion Designers to know, so let us learn in detail about each one of them.

Top African Fashion Designers to know

The top African Fashion Designers to know

I am updating this article written in 2019 with a new fashion designer for 2020. His name is Imane Ayissi.

Fashion designer Imane Ayissi from Cameroon

Fashion designer Imane Ayissi from Cameroon

51-year-old Cameroon-born, currently Paris-based designer Imane Ayissi is the current icon in haute couture and celebrities favorite in 2020. Last January, he became the 3rd African designer to present his collection as a guest designer on the official haute couture calendar of the Chambre Syndicale de la haute couture. The other 2 African designers to do so were Alphadi from Nigeria in 2004 and Noureddine Amir from Morocco in 2018. His dresses have been worn on the red carpet by Aïssa Maïga, Angela Bassett, and Zendaya, to name a few. His studio is in the hip neighbourhood of Strasbourg Saint-Denis, and his love for fashion is inspired by his mother Julienne Honorine Eyenga Ayissi – the first Miss Cameroon. Before making a name for himself in the world of fashion, he had a career as a dancer and model. He had danced in music videos for superstars Seal, Sting and Cameroonian -French former tennis star and now singer Yannick Noah. He also has modeled for Givenchy, Lavin, and Dior. By joining fashion's elite, Mr. Ayissi's dream is to dress women of all ethnicity while showcasing Africa and shaking up the stereotype of what "African materials are in the fashion world in a new way by refusing to use wax prints.

Fashion designer Anrette Ngafor from Cameroon

Fashion designer Anrette Ngafor from Cameroon

Fashion designer Anrette Ngafor graduated in fashion designing and made some remarkable contributions to the world of fashion. She is the founder of Liiber London, where designs reflect a fusion between the Cameroon and UK fashion styles. Anrette Ngafor is a talented and creative fashion designer. Her designer collections are inspired by the culture, arts, and music. She is also a successful businesswoman taking fashion to the next level.

Fashion designer Dumebi Iyamah from Nigeria

Dumebi Iyamah from Nigeria started her career in fashion since she was very young and in here 20’s. Initially, she started a fashion blog named Andrea Iyamah, which later became a famous clothing line in 2011. She achieved remarkable success for her swimwear collection “Nkwor” globally. People liked the designer clothes of this young and talented fashion designer as they are creative and unique. Her name counts among the top fashion designers, and she also stands as a role model for many young aspirants.

Fashion designer Loza Maléombho from Ivory Coast

Loza Maléombho is an exceptionally talented and creative fashion designer. She is popular because she established her fashion brand in Africa and made it incredibly successful. Loza is not only a businesswoman but also does many things for society like fighting for the rights of a black woman. She is an inspiration to all fashion designers in Africa.

Fashion designer Mimi Plange from Ghana

Mimi Plange made certainly remarkable contribution in the field of fashion. After attending training from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California, she moved to New York. She established her own brand Mimi Plange in 2010, where the entire designer range is influenced by African Heritage. Her designs are also liked and worn by famous personalities like Paris Hilton, Vanessa Hudgens, Serena Williams, etc. which shows Mimi’s success in the world of fashion.

Fashion designer Kibonen Nfi from Cameroon

Kibonen Nfi is a talented Cameroonian international fashion designer and has made a significant contribution to the fashion industry. Initially, she was a banker in Cameroon. Later for her interest in fashion, she moved to the US and got herself trained. Her designs are popular and showcased in many fashion shows and exhibitions. Actress Lupita Nyong has been seen wearing her designs.

Fashion designer Taibo Bacar from Mozambique

Taibo Bacar is a talented African Fashion designer from Mozambique. Initially, he started his career in IT, but later he realized his interest in fashion. Taibo Bacar designer collection was the first African brand showcased at the Milan Fashion Week, which is a remarkable achievement.

Fashion designer Lisa Folawiyo from Nigeria

Lisa Folawiyo is a famous Nigerian fashion designer. She incorporated West African textiles with modern tailoring techniques. Lisa Folawiyo collections are showcased at many international platforms and exhibitions. Her designer collection focuses on handcrafted works for which it gained immense popularity.

Fashion designer Kahindo Mateene from Congo

Kahindo Mateene launched her designer collection in 2009, drawing inspiration from Congolese art and culture. Her designer collection maintains bold colours and prints, putting more emphasis on texture. Her fashion collection is showcased in many international forums and exhibitions.

Shoemaker and shoe designer Vidal Kenmoe

Vidal Kenmoe is popular for producing the hand-made luxury footwear collection in Cameroon. During his early age, Vidal Kenmoe was a British Royal Army officer later he realized his interest in fashion. His brand, Shoes by Vidal, was founded in 2016, reflecting an exceptionally high standard of craftsmanship in designing the shoes. Other than Africa, Vidal has grown as a popular brand globally for unique shoe designs and quality.

 Laduma Ngxokolo – MaXhosa- South Africa

This famous South African textile and knitwear designer Laduma Ngxokolo, is famous for his men's knitwear range. These designer collections are inspired by the traditional Xhosa beadwork for which he earned many international awards. In 2015 he won the Vogue Italia Scouting for Africa prize which is one of his significant achievement.

Nigeria's Wana Sambo

Nigeria's Wana is the founder member of Wana Sambo Clothing Company. She stepped into the world of fashion at an early age and achieved success. Her designer collections include Ready-To-Wear Womenswear handmade in Nigeria, and the brand was officially launched in 2010.

Deola Sagoe – Nigeria – The house of Deola

Deola Sagoe is a leading fashion designer from Nigeria. She is the first black women to showcase her fashion collection at Rome’s celebrated fashion week in 2004. Her collections are internationally recognized and a popular choice for many top models around the world. Deola is definitely one of the top African fashion designers to know.

Sindiso Khumalo - South Africa

Sindiso Khumalo is a popular fashion designer from Cape Town. After completing a Masters in Design for Textile Futures from London, she decided to create her own brand to step into the world of fashion. Her designer collections feature visuals made by watercolors and collage, which makes them unique.

African fashion is in the limelight in recent years, and the credit goes to these talented fashion designers. It is important for us to know about them and their contribution. This comprehensive list gives a brief about the top African fashion designers to know.

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Top African Fashion Designers to know


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