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Top things to do in Morocco with Kids

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Morocco is an ideal destination to explore with kids as there are so many exciting activities and tours for children. Moroccans welcome children as the majority of their culture are family-friendly. Visiting The souqs of Marrakesh, mounting a camel, or hiking the high Atlas is something that kids would love to do. You can find countless adventure activities in Morocco when you visit with Kids. Morocco is undoubtedly a magical place to visit with families. Over here you find a unique blend of rural landscapes, beautiful coastal villages, colorfully painted towns, and adobe forts. Undoubtedly, Morocco is a timeless journey with the desert on its doorstep and a captivating place to plan a Family Adventure vacation. There are so many things to do in Morocco with Kids that it might be a daunting task to shortlist them. Stick to this list for the Top things to do in Morocco with Kids, one of the most popular kid-friendly destinations.

But do you know?

  1. Over 70% of the Moroccans are under the age of 30 years entitling it as an African country with the most juvenile population.

  2. Over here you find the second largest film set in the world after Hollywood where blockbusters like The Mummy, Prince of Persia, etc. were filmed.

  3. Morocco is the home to the largest and warmest desert on the Planet, The Sahara Desert.

  4. Chefchaouen, the Blue City of Morocco is famous for its amazing blue coloration but has an interesting fact behind it. The city was painted blue to keep the mosquitoes away.

Having said so, let us now learn about the Top Things to do in Morocco with Kids

Experience Camel Trek Across the Sahara Desert

The great Sahara Desert is located in the southern part of Morocco. It is a must to visit place for families as there is great fun. You find breathtaking Sahara Desert Dunes and experience the nomadic life of the villagers staying in nearby Kasbahs. Camel Trekking is an adventure activity full of fun. Trek on the bumpy sand dunes of the great Sahara Desert and enjoy the sunset. Later enjoy traditional Berber music and delicious dinner at the overnight camp where you stay. Staying overnight with your family in the midst of this 8.6 million sq km desert is indeed an unforgettable experience.

Experience Hiking

Hiking is always a great fun activity. However, hiking the high Atlas Mountains in Morocco is a journey filled with thrill and excitement. From Marrakech, it just takes an hour to reach the High Atlas Mountains. You can trek along with your kids through Berber Villages enjoying a barbecue dinner with any local family and an overnight stay. The major attraction of this hiking experience is The Djemaa El Fna square which is also known as Morocco’s carnival capital. During the evening, there are lots of exciting activities lined up for the kids. You can find snake charmers with cobras, fire swallowers, and many activities to entertain the crowd. The whole place gets transformed into a magical circus stage where artists perform different acts to mesmerize the tourists.

Enjoy Chez Ali Fantasia Show.

The Chez Ali Fantasia is a popular show in Marrakech which you cannot miss. This is a complete family entertainment show and a great place to visit along with your kids. Over here you enjoy the dazzling belly-dance performance, fire-eaters showing unique stans and magicians entertaining the crowd. The cultural exhibition of Fantasia tribal horse is a spectacular show to enjoy over here.

Enjoy Hot Air Balloon ride.

Kids definitely love flying in a Hot Air Balloon over the Atlas. The ideal time to enjoy this amazing experience is during the Sunrise. You get picturesque views of Marrakech throughout the one-hour balloon flight. Enjoy this hot air balloon ride with your kids and it definitely tops the list among the kid-friendly attractions in Morocco.

Experience the adventure Zipline.

Zip lining across the High Atlas is probably the best family-friendly adventure experience to have in Morocco. This zip line is located in the forests of Toubkal National Park which is just half an hour from Marrakech. It is spread over a seven-hundred-foot gorge and is a part of the largest eco-tourism project in Morocco. Before reaching the zip line you need to cross the Tyrol suspensions, rope foot-bridges increasing the adventure of this activity.

Visit Water Park

Kids love splashing in the water, and the Oasaria Water Park is the ideal place to visit along with your kids. It is also a great way to escape from the heat. There are many exciting water rides like slides, wave pool, lazy river, etc. to enjoy with your kids. This water park also has a special splash area exclusively build for kids to enjoy. The park is spread across an area of over ten hectares and has over twenty attractions to enjoy. Visit here with your kids and spend a thrilling day.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that Morocco is a great place to visit as there are so many things to explore. When kids accompany you, it is important to make an exciting kids-friendly morocco travel itinerary. Follow this list of the top things to do in Morocco with Kids and have a great holiday experience.

Additional Questions

What is the best Family-friendly accommodation in Morocco?

There are many family-friendly hotels in Morocco but look at certain factors before making a booking. The hotels should not charge children under two years of age. For children aged between two and twelve years, generally, the family-friendly hotels offer around 50% discount for sharing a room with parents. Also, check for toilet and bathroom facilities before you do the booking. Raid 72, Dar Zemora, Dar el Sadaka are some of the top-rated family-friendly hotels to stay in Morocco with kids.

What are the best Family-Friendly Restaurants in Morocco?

Taste food in any of these restaurants as they have food items on the menu to delight your kids. Amal, Le Trou au Mur, Naranj, etc. are some of the top-rated Family-Friendly Restaurants in Morocco.

What is the best time to visit Morocco?

If you want to enjoy complete greenery, visit Morocco between March and May. You can also visit Morocco in the month of September and October as the temperature remains pleasant.


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Chefchaouen Blue city in Morocco

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top things to do in Morocco


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