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20 Fantastic Podcasts for Kids

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Step into the wonderful world of podcasts, where stories, knowledge, and laughter blend together to create an audio adventure for the whole family! Just like the radio captivated audiences in the past, today's podcasts have become a sensation with an incredible variety of topics to explore. From thrilling mysteries to fascinating facts, there's a podcast for every curious mind. The best part? Kids have their own special corner in this audio wonderland! These entertaining and educational podcasts will whisk you away from the indoor routine, filling your days with laughter and learning. And guess what? Some of these gems are so entertaining that even grown-ups can't resist joining in on the fun! So gather 'round, and let's embark on a delightful journey of discovery and enjoyment together. Check out our top picks for fantastic kid podcasts that are sure to bring smiles and inspiration to your family's listening time. Get ready for a podcast bonanza like no other! 🎙️🌟

Best Kids Podcasts of 2021

1. Circle around

Best Kids Podcasts of 2021

We love The WBUR podcast circle round. Circle Round, hosted by Rebecca Sheir, is a captivating storytelling podcast that transports kids on magical journeys with every episode. Airing regularly, this enchanting show features folktales from around the world, brought to life with the help of talented actors and beautiful soundscapes. Each story carries valuable life lessons, promoting empathy, understanding, and kindness. With its engaging narratives and captivating performances, Circle Round sparks the imaginations of young listeners and encourages meaningful family discussions. Whether at home or on the go, this podcast is the perfect companion for families seeking heartwarming tales and meaningful moments to share together.

2. But why?

Best Kids Podcasts of 2021

A Podcast for Curious Kids is a delightful and informative show that satisfies kids' endless curiosity. Each episode delves into the fascinating questions young minds ponder, providing clear and engaging explanations. Airing every Friday, this podcast is a fantastic way to kick-start the weekend with knowledge and fun. The hosts skillfully tackle a wide range of topics, from science and history to culture and nature, making learning enjoyable for children and parents alike. But Why encourages kids to explore their world, empowering them to ask questions and seek answers. With its entertaining format and educational content, this podcast is a must-listen for families looking to nurture their children's curiosity and love for learning.

3. Short and Curly

Short and Curly is an exceptional podcast that is perfect for kids and their curious minds. This entertaining show explores a wide range of thought-provoking topics, from ethics and morality to life's big questions, all in a fun and engaging way. Hosted by Carl Smith and Molly Daniels, each episode encourages critical thinking and sparks meaningful conversations with parents and caregivers. It's one of my kid's ultimate favorites, especially when we debate about the different topics. With its witty humor, captivating storytelling, and kid-friendly approach, Short and Curly not only entertains but also educates, making it a fantastic choice for young listeners to expand their understanding of the world around them

Best Kids Podcasts of 2021

Wow in the World is an awe-inspiring podcast that sparks curiosity and wonder in young minds. Hosted by Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz, this delightful show takes kids on thrilling scientific adventures, exploring fascinating topics from space to deep sea discoveries. Airing regularly, Wow in the World features educational content wrapped in humor and engaging storytelling, making complex concepts accessible and enjoyable for young listeners. With its interactive format and exciting sound effects, this podcast encourages kids to ask questions and fuel their imaginations. It's the perfect blend of fun and learning, keeping the whole family entertained and informed. Tune in and embark on a journey of discovery with Wow in the World!

Best Kids Podcasts of 2021

The Rebel Girls podcast is a powerful and inspiring show that celebrates extraordinary women from history and the present. Hosted by a dynamic duo, Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo, this podcast shares the remarkable stories of women who broke barriers, shattered stereotypes, and made a lasting impact on the world. With each episode, young listeners are introduced to diverse role models, from scientists and artists to athletes and activists. Airing regularly, the Rebel Girls podcast delivers empowering narratives that encourage kids to dream big and pursue their passions fearlessly. Through captivating storytelling and uplifting messages, it instills a sense of confidence and ambition in young minds. It's a fantastic resource to inspire young girls and boys alike, showing them that they too can change the world. Join the Rebel Girls podcast and be inspired by the incredible stories of trailblazing women throughout history and today. We enjoy it and are sure you will too. This is also available in Portuguese as Histórias de Ninar para Garotas Rebeldes (for our Portuguese speaking followers).

Past and the Curious is a remarkable podcast that captivates kids with fascinating stories from history and the world. Hosted by Mick Sullivan, this engaging show brings history to life through captivating narratives and intriguing facts. Each episode takes young listeners on an adventure through time, exploring historical events, famous figures, and lesser-known tales from the past. Another favorites, as we become enthralled by the intriguing stories and the curious details of history. With its entertaining storytelling and educational content, Past and the Curious is the perfect choice for igniting a love for history and learning in children of all ages.

Best Kids Podcasts of 2021

Talking to kids about the news can be challenging at times, but in 2020, there are fun podcasts that can help you start your day on a worldly note, which is when KidNuZ comes in.

If you want your kiddo to be aware of the news, this 5 min news podcast is for you. 4 Emmy broadcast journalists mums created this podcast. It is kid-friendly and appropriate for kids ages 8-14. But even grown-up can learn from it. Your kid will be engaged and informed about what is going on around the world.

8. StoryNory

Best Kids Podcasts of 2021

Great stories with great lessons are always in demand in our household, so here comes StoryNory a podcast that posts new fairy tales, adventures, myths, or poems on a weekly basis. The story can be around 20-30 minutes so maybe a great podcast for a bedtime story and getting ready to sleep if you want to break from reading a story at night and encourage your kiddo listening skills.

9. Little Stories for tiny people

Best Kids Podcasts of 2021

Amazingly crafted stories perfect for preschoolers and hosted by Rhea Pechter's. Many animals, friends with great messages and topics will delight and entertain the kiddos.


10. Classics for Kids

We love"Classics for Kids". It is an educational podcast created by Naomi Lewin, offering engaging content about classical music for children. This podcast introduces young listeners to famous composers, their timeless masterpieces, and the history of classical music in an accessible and entertaining manner. It encourages active listening, sparks creativity, and enriches cultural awareness. Families can enjoy it together, fostering a lifelong love for classical music. "Classics for Kids" is available for listening on various podcast platforms, making it easily accessible to children and their families who can tune in on platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast streaming services.

11. Busy Kids Love Music

"Busy Kids Love Music" is an educational podcast designed to ignite children's passion for music. Created by Carly Seifert, this podcast provides young listeners with an exciting and interactive way to explore the world of music. It engages kids with entertaining content, including music history, fun facts, and hands-on activities related to music. "Busy Kids Love Music" aims to foster a deep appreciation for various musical genres and instruments, making it a perfect resource for families looking to introduce their children to the joys of music.

This family-friendly podcast is available on popular podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and others, making it easily accessible for children and their parents or guardians. "Busy Kids Love Music" was created to bring the magic of music into the lives of young learners, helping them connect with the world of sounds, rhythms, and melodies.

For our French-speaking followers, or anyone wanting to listen to a kid-friendly French podcast, some of our favorite kid-friendly French podcasts are :

An original podcast by Franceinfo in collaboration with Astrapi magazine, "Salut l'info!" airs every Saturday, making the news accessible to children aged 7 to 11. It covers serious and surprising information, while providing a space for children to share their thoughts, jokes, and favorite things.Salut l'info is an exceptional podcast that caters to kids' inquisitive minds. Hosted by dedicated journalists, this engaging show provides young listeners with age-appropriate news and information from around the world. Each episode presents current events and relevant topics in a way that is easily understandable and relatable for children. It's one of my kid's ultimate favorites, as they stay informed about the world while enjoying the entertaining and interactive format. With its informative content and thoughtful approach, Salut l'info is the perfect choice for kids to stay updated and engaged in the world around them.

13. Petits curieux

Best Kids Podcasts of 2021

Perfect for any ages really, it's short and sweet, and you learn a whole lot in a few minutes about any world topics you can think of. Hosted by passionate explorers, "Petit Curieux" encourages kids to ask questions, seek knowledge, and explore the world around them. Each episode is filled with fascinating facts and engaging narratives that entertain and educate simultaneously. Whether it's discovering the mysteries of the universe or uncovering the secrets of ancient civilizations, this podcast ignites the imaginations of young minds. "Petit Curieux" is a treasure trove of learning and entertainment, making it an excellent choice for families looking to inspire a love of learning in their children.

14. Promenade imaginaire au musée D'Orsay.

Best Kids Podcasts of 2021

This is another French podcast that we thoroughly enjoy listening to as it offers a wealth of knowledge about art pieces and paintings from around the world, along with many fascinating facts about these masterpieces. It is highly entertaining for kids. "Promenade Imaginaire au Musée d'Orsay" is a delightful and enchanting podcast that takes young listeners on an imaginative journey through the renowned Musée d'Orsay in Paris. Hosted by passionate art enthusiasts, this podcast introduces children to the captivating world of art and culture. With its vivid storytelling and interactive discussions, it brings famous paintings and sculptures to life, allowing kids to explore the masterpieces of great artists from a fresh perspective. The podcast's creative approach nurtures a love for art and fosters the imaginations of young minds. A perfect blend of education and entertainment, "Promenade Imaginaire au Musée d'Orsay" is a must-listen for families seeking a delightful cultural adventure.

Best Kids Podcasts

For French stories, this podcast is perfect for ages 4-10, and it is made by the French Radio France inter. It is a great podcast for your polyglot kids who want a break from English or German and listen to a French-only story before bedtime.

For our German-speaking followers or anyone wanting to listen to a kid-family friendly podcast in German: Here are some suggestions among the many other great podcasts available in the podcast sphere.

Best Kids Podcasts

"Die Sendung mit der Maus zum Hören" is a delightful German podcast that brings the beloved children's show "Die Sendung mit der Maus" to life through audio storytelling. Hosted by the charming mouse and her friends, this podcast takes young listeners on entertaining and educational adventures. Each episode is filled with fascinating stories, fun facts, and captivating interviews, making learning an exciting experience. With its entertaining approach and engaging content, "Die Sendung mit der Maus zum Hören" is the perfect companion for kids to explore the world around them while sparking their curiosity and imagination. Whether at home or on the go, families can enjoy quality time together as they immerse themselves in the magic of this beloved podcast.

17. Familienrat mit Katia Saalfrank

Best Kids Podcasts

This German podcast, "Familienrat mit Katia Saalfrank," is a valuable resource for families seeking insightful guidance and support in navigating the challenges of parenting. Hosted by renowned family therapist Katia Saalfrank, the podcast offers practical advice and expert tips on fostering healthy family dynamics, communication, and understanding between parents and children. With her wealth of experience and compassionate approach, Katia Saalfrank addresses various parenting topics, helping families create harmonious and loving environments. Whether you're facing discipline issues, sibling rivalry, or simply looking to strengthen your family bond, "Familienrat mit Katia Saalfrank" provides a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for parents to build strong and nurturing relationships with their children.

Best Kids Podcasts

Children's news in German created by KiRaKa WDR's children's radio channel. Another great podcast for both kids and grown-ups. It is a wonderful German podcast that delivers news tailored to young minds. Hosted by engaging presenters, this podcast provides children with age-appropriate and informative news updates from around the world. Through lively storytelling and interactive segments, kids can stay informed about current events in a fun and engaging way. "KiRaKa Klicker" fosters curiosity and critical thinking while promoting a deeper understanding of global affairs. With its child-friendly format and captivating content, this podcast empowers kids to be informed and engaged citizens. Families can enjoy listening together, making "KiRaKa Klicker" a fantastic addition to any child's learning journey.

Best Kids Podcasts

News from around the world retold by primary school students from Bavaria. Kids provide news for kids, and there are experts and reporters answering questions about sciences and politics.

Best Kids Podcasts

If you are in the mood, to hear bedtime stories in German. This is the German fairytale podcast for you. Good night, sunshine. Young and old will hear every Saturday familiar and less common fairy tales and bedtime stories in the original version by the Brothers Grimm, H.C. Andersen, Ludwig Bechstein, etc.

Here you have it , our delightful podcast recommendations! While not an exhaustive list, these gems are perfect for home listening or adding joy to your road trips. Now it's your turn! Have a favorite podcast that makes your heart sing? We'd love to hear all about it! Share your top pick in the comments and let's spread the podcast love together! 🎧❤️

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