15 Fantastic Podcasts for Kids

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Podcasts are the new radio channels of the 21st century. Like radio was a rage in the 1940s and 1950s, Podcasts are popular these days, and they are a podcast for every topic imaginable. Anyone can find their niche. The great thing is that there are also fun, entertaining, and educational podcasts for kids too. They all can break the current pandemic routine of indoors time and bring some smiles and fun. Some of these podcasts are also very much enjoyable by grown-ups so the entire family can spend time together by learning something new, engaging, and entertaining. Here is a list of some fun kid podcasts that we like.

Best Kids Podcasts of 2021

1. Circle around

Best Kids Podcasts of 2021

We love The WBUR podcast circle round. Parents create this podcast meant for kids ages 3 to 11. But also enjoyable by grown-ups. We love it because Rebecca Sheir tells a lesser-known folktale or story worldwide, helped by a rotating voice cast of talented actors. The stories are captivating and nearly always accompanied by a positive message or moral.

2. But why?

Best Kids Podcasts of 2021

It is a fun, educative podcast for the entire family. The host, Jane Lindholm helps foster kids' curiosity by tacking questions from every topic sourced from actual kids. It is a biweekly shoe, and every kid can call him with their questions on a specific topic, and there is an expert on that topic that provides clear, understandable answers for kids.

3. Wow in the world

Best Kids Podcasts of 2021

Educative, engaging show for kids created by NPR. Each episode starts with a series of questions about new scientific discovery or finding, answered through comedy and debate. It is hosted by Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz, who discuss the latest news in technology and sciences enjoyable for kids and informative for all ages.

4. Good night stories for rebel girls

Best Kids Podcasts of 2021

This podcast brings inspiring biographies of historical women read by inspiring modern women and simply told for kids. You can't help but feel empowered after each episode. The podcast is based on the best selling book of the same name. We enjoy it and are sure you will too. This is also available in Portuguese as Histórias de Ninar para Garotas Rebeldes (for our Portuguese speaking followers).

5. KidNuZ

Best Kids Podcasts of 2021

Talking to kids about the news can be challenging at times, but in 2020, there are fun podcasts that can help you start your day on a worldly note, which is when KidNuZ comes in.

If you want your kiddo to be aware of the news, this 5 min news podcast is for you. 4 Emmy broadcast journalists mums created this podcast. It is kid-friendly and appropriate for kids ages 8-14. But even grown-up can learn from it. Your kid will be engaged and informed about what is going on around the world.

6. StoryNory

Best Kids Podcasts of 2021

Great stories with great lessons are always in demand in our household, so here comes StoryNory a podcast that posts new fairy tales, adventures, myths, or poems on a weekly basis. The story can be around 20-30 minutes so maybe a great podcast for a bedtime story and getting ready to sleep if you want to break from reading a story at night and encourage your kiddo listening skills.

7. Little Stories for tiny people

Best Kids Podcasts of 2021

Amazingly crafted stories perfect for preschoolers and hosted by Rhea Pechter's. Many animals, friends with great messages and topics will delight and entertain the kiddos.


For our French-speaking followers, or anyone wanting to listen to a kid-friendly French podcast, some of our few favorites kid-friendly French podcasts are :

8. Petits curieux

Best Kids Podcasts of 2021

Perfect for any ages really, it's short, and you learn a whole lot in a few minutes about any world topics you can think of.

9. Promenade imaginaire au musée D'Orsay.

Best Kids Podcasts of 2021

This is another French podcast we enjoy listening as you learn a lot about many art pieces, painting from around the world, and many interesting facts about these masterpieces. It is very entertaining for the kiddos.

10. Une Histoire et Oli

Best Kids Podcasts

For French stories, this podcast is perfect for ages 4-10, and it is made by the French Radio France inter. It is a great podcast for your polyglot kids who want a break from English or German and listen to a French-only story before bedtime.

For our German-speaking followers or anyone wanting to listen to a kid-family friendly podcast in German: Here are some suggestions among the many other great podcasts available in the podcast sphere.

11. Die Sendung mit der maus zum hören

Best Kids Podcasts

"The Show with the Mouse "Ears up: here comes the mouse! There are the famous mouse and the elephant. Lots of laughers, factual stories, music, and a new episode daily—another great podcast for the family. Every day with a new episode that is an hour-long with lots of laughing and factual stories, lots of music and of course with the mouse and the elephant.

12. Familienrat mit Katia Saalfrank

Best Kids Podcasts

If you want to learn and hear about everyday family challenges, this podcast with german educator expert Katharina Saalfrank is perfect.

You will hear about different ideas of upbringing and fears and worries openly expressed by different parents. Katia will answer your questions about education, relationship, family life, and provide tips.

13. KiRaKa Klicker- Nachrichten für Kinder

Best Kids Podcasts

Children's news in German created by KiRaKa WDR's children's radio channel. Another great podcast for both kids and grown-ups.

14. Klaro- Nachrichten für Kinder

Best Kids Podcasts

News from around the world retold by primary school students from Bavaria. Kids provide news for kids, and there are experts and reporters answering questions about sciences and politics.

15. Gute Nacht,Sonnenschein. Der Märchen Podcast

Best Kids Podcasts

If you are in the mood, to hear bedtime stories in German. This is the German fairytale podcast for you. Good night, sunshine. Young and old will hear every Saturday familiar and less common fairy tales and bedtime stories in the original version by the Brothers Grimm, H.C. Andersen, Ludwig Bechstein, etc.

Here you have it! certainly not an exhaustive podcasts list, but certainly some fun podcasts we enjoy listening to either at home or during a road trip. Do you have a favorite podcast you would like to share with us? Please share it in the comment.

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