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16 Ways To Celebrate Christmas at Home This Year

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

No, Christmas is not cancelled; it is just a bit different this year. The good news is that there are always ways to celebrate and spread the season's joy from a distance even though travel is not possible.

Donate some toys

It is the season of giving, after all. You can spread the joy of the season by giving to a child in need. Try your local homeless shelter or any organization accepting toys for the holidays.

donate some toys

Do random Act of Kindness

The possibilities are endless, so go ahead and bring a smile to someone's face and spread the spirit of the season.

do random act of kindness

Build a snowman

If you are in a winter wonderland region, head to your backyard and get to work and have fun with your kids and build a snowman. You can also make one out of paper if you wish.

build a snowman

Go Sledding

Head to the hills closest to you and have fun