2019 Christmas Gifts for Traveling families

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

2019 Christmas Gifts for Traveling families

It is that time of the year again, and Christmas is on its way. For this special occasion of the year where you gather with family and friends, we have compiled a list of some of our useful travel products. We hope the list helps you find practical presents for the nomad traveler in your life. As a traveling family, we know what our travel tribe needs for their jet-set life around the world. We are confident that you will find on this list some Christmas gift hits to surprise or put a smile on any traveler fans out there. Let's go Christmas shopping! Don't forget to click on the product name or simply click buy on Amazon.

1. Polaroid Original

Polaroid  Original

For instant photo lovers who want to print great photos on the go.

This user-friendly photo printer will create fun printing memories straight from your phone

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2. Canon IVY CLIQ Instant Camera Printer.

Canon IVY CLIQ Instant Camera Printer.

Another fun instant mini photo printer. Very slim camera easy to carry around everywhere that you go.Especially when exploring the world.

There are 25 photos per charge and it takes only one minute to print each picture. It also comes with Zink Paper and the photo size 2”x 3.

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3. Travel Jewelry Box Organizer

Travel Jewelry Box Organizer

If you are looking for a jewelry box that you can organize your jewelry in and take with you while traveling, look elsewhere. This box is cute and compact convenient for your travels. It helps us kee our jewelry well organize while exploring the world.

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4. Travel Undergarment Organizer

Travel Undergarment  Organizer

We like this travel bag to keep our underwear well organized Plus, It has a great handle snap so you can hang it up. We like traveling light and above all, we like things well organized and this does the job. It is easy to pack and easy to find things.

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5. The Tangle Teezer

The Tangle Teezer

Having curly thick hair can be very time consuming when its time to detangle your hair. This brush has worked wonders on our curls. This little hairbrush is a life changer if you have kids with curly hairs with sensitive heads.

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6. Hidden pocket Scarves

Hidden pocket Scarves

For those chilly outings with families or friends when you want to go without a bag and still keep your wallet or cellphone secure and safe. This Scarf is a keeper. Well made hidden pocket and it comes in many colors.

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7. Compression socks

Compression socks

For people with swelling legs after a couple of hours in a plane.

Compression socks can help increase blood circulation and reduce the risk of clotting on a flight.

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8. The GoToob

The GoToob

Convenient to whiz through TSA security. Perfect size for a 3 day or a week trip away from home. They also have an ingenious hook that tucks inside the lid when not in use. the bottle can also be hung from a hook or you can pull it over the lid to help keep it closed more securely.

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9. Portable UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

Portable UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

FDA CLINICALLY PROVEN SANITIZER: Proven to kill aggressive germs and bacteria, provides protection against way more than just the common cold virus. The UV light has been proven to kill microbes and this product provides light for about six minutes which is more than enough. It turns on when you close it and turns off automatically

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10. Collapsible Water Bottle

 Collapsible Water Bottle

With this compact, portable, collapsible water bottle, you will put an end to inconvenient security screening at the airport and breeze through TSA. Gone are your worries of having your water bottles thrown out at airport security.

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11. Door Stop Security Alarm

Door Stop Security Alarm

For a practical, simple security system when you are away from home. This product wedges underneath the door that will not be discovered by the one outside the door. It is very loud, but it provides you with peace of mind.

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12. Doona convertible car seat and stroller

Doona convertible car seat and stroller

For the jet setter mum out there who wants the convenience of car seat/stroller combo. Not only it passes through TSA check easily, but you can also take the Doona on board because it’s certified for air travel. It easy to push and maneuver and will bring smiles to the on the go parents.

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13. Backpack portable travel crib

Backpack portable travel crib

EVERYWHERE crib. So light. So portable.

super easy to set up and take down and the mattress is super comfy

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14. Jetkids


Travel bed for children . Not only it allows your little one to glide through the airport without pushing/pulling them, but they can also sleep in style and comfort in the plane.

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15. Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag

Travelon  Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag