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Books recommendation for kids staying home as a result of COVID-19.

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Interesting Books For Kids To Read In Covid - 19

In this current climate of uncertainty and self-isolation, it is essential to stay mentally strong, positive, and also continue to encourage our children to cultivate a growth mindset. Having a growth mindset will help our children push through challenges during this time of self-isolation, where they cannot go to playgrounds or attend school to interact with their friends or classmates. In honor of World book day, we wanted to celebrate stories and our love for reading with some books we love and think you will enjoy with your kiddos while you are home safe as a result of COVID-19.


This # 1 NY Times bestseller picture book perfect for grade K- Gr2 ( 5-7 ) promotes curiosity and lead Ada twist to question experiment and hypothesis to figure out how the world works and her place in it.

We love it because it is a great read that teaches and encourages children to be critical thinkers in society and ask questions! Warning, you might end up buying the whole series as it is that good :)


We love this book because it promotes determination, perseverance, self-esteem, and a sense of confidence and is perfect for 4 and up. My kiddo had this since she was a tiny tot, and she still loves it at 6. A great story with endearing, heartfelt messages.


It's a story of a boy who finds a fallen bird and nurses it back to health. It is a book with few words, as it's told mainly in pictures. But it is a winner as it emphasizes social awareness, compassion, and mindfulness. Perfect for 3- 7 years kiddos.


This is an adorable tale of a young girl, her best friend dog/assistant, and the making of their creation or the most magnificent thing. Great message and delightful illustration. We love this book because it teaches about the importance of never giving up on yourself, taking risks, making mistakes, and not give up. Great for 3- 7 years.


This is a wonderfully illustrated story told in unrhymed verse of empowerment for kids who feel they don't belong. It encourages them to tell their stories and lift their voices. The author reminds us that we are all outsiders, and it takes courage to be ourselves.

"There will be times when you walk into a room, and no one, there is quite like you until the day you begin to share your stories."

We love this book; it's simply a classic for both child and adult. A heartwarming story about being brave, taking that scary first step, sharing your story, and then finding that we are more alike than we realize until we open ourselves up to others.


The book is an adaptation from Leo Tolstoy's short story "The Three Questions," published in 1903. However, in this book, the characters and the story-line is formatted for young readers. At the heart of the story, there is a boy named Nikolai who desires to be a good person and yet is unsure of how to become what he desires. He then seeks answers to three questions: When is the best time to do things? Who is the most important One? and What is the right thing to do?

We love it because it is a fun story with a wise and timeless message. It has Beautiful watercolour illustration, plus The three questions asked by Nikolai are a wonderful way to get kids and adults thinking about right and wrong. Great for 4 -8 years old.


This book is a colourfully exuberant autobiographical immigration story of mother and son, struggling to adapt to a new and unfamiliar country but finding solace and support in the public library. We love it because of its powerful, moving, and hopeful message—a great read for the 4-8 years old.


This book is a narrative that discusses diversity. The book emphasizes that everyone might have differences, but we are still connected in some way. We love it because it celebrates children's differences and similarities—a great read for 4-7 years old.


A simple but very charming book that captures a father's advice to his young child on living on our planet, how to treat it, and how to treat each other. We love this book because it is Great for both the little ones and promotes respect, environmental responsibility, social awareness and has surprisingly deep messages woven throughout the simple narrative ."There are only three words you need to live by, son: respect, consideration, and tolerance"- Oliver's father.


It is an interactive book that allows your kid to doodle and write down important information about his or her first years. Your child can complete the book alone or with your help but also share with friends, classmates who can also contribute so that their early friendships are never forgotten. We love it because it is a celebration of human relationships and childhood. It allows kids to have fun, write, and be creative and it is filled with motivational quotes that will teach your child that nothing is impossible.

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Interesting Books For Kids To Read In Covid - 19

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Interesting Books For Kids To Read In Covid - 19


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