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KidZania, Where Fun and Learning Combines

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

KidZania, Where Fun and Learning Combines

Parents are always looking for ways to entertain their children, but what if you can have the opportunity to combine fun and education for your children in a meaningful experience. Entertainment is best when it educates, and learning is better when it’s fun, and KidZania knows it. KidZania is a family-friendly award-winning children's indoor edutainment' concept facility at more than 27 locations around the globe. The one we visited is in Dubai Mall, which offers realistic setups where your children can pretend working in 40+ job roles.

What KidZania Offers?

KidZania is an interactive, activity-packed city run by children where learning and play combine into each other. The facility is a 7,000m2 scaled replica of a real town with over 40 real-life activities or job-roles for children aged 4-16. The children get entertained while learning about different jobs via thrilling role-play and get an opportunity to develop real-life skills such as decision-making, creativity, teamwork, and social skills.

However, KidZania’s uniqueness does not end here. It is not a city in terms of only a playground but in every sense of a regular city. KidZania has its own versions of a fire station, hospital, police department, beauty salon, bank, radio and TV station, supermarket, pizza restaurant, and many more. Your children can explore what it is like to work in all of these fields in a fun and interactive way. It has its own official passport, currency, and benefits programs rewarding your children as they advance through the city.

KidZanian Citizenship

A KidZanian citizen can use the passport in any KidZania around the globe. The membership fee is only AED 35, and as KidZanian advances through the activities, the citizen earns more stamps and advance through the three levels of B-KidZanian including Naturalized CitiZen, Distinguished Citizen and Honorable CitiZen enjoying more benefits including exclusive discounts on The National Store of KidZania and much more.

Operational Hours

KidZania in Dubai Mall is open 7 days a week with the following timings:

Sunday to Wednesday: 10 am to 10 pm

Thursday to Saturday: 10 am to 11 pm

Ticket Pricing

KidZania offers different packages with different ticket prices. However, all packages charge lower when booked online. For example, the Economy package is of AED 185, but it only costs 166.5 when you book online in advance. Likewise, the premium is AED 250 on regular and AED 225 on online booking, adult AED 75 on regular and AED 67.5 on online booking while senior citizen ticket price is AED 65 but only AED 58.5 when booked online. You can also opt for the annual pass with AED 950 which provides you with immensely valuable access of 7 days a week and discounts on a birthday party and Dubai Ice Rink tickets with no blackout dates.

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Food and Nursery

KidZania also has a fun, and affordable nursery for children up to the age of 2, where professionals take expert care of your children, and your kids learn and play. So, that you can comfortably accompany and enjoy with your elder children.

KidZania well-trained supervisors assist and support your children to accomplish their tasks in a safe environment, encouraging their imagination, curiosity, and exploration with real-life stimulating activities.

The skills practiced by your children at KidZania are essential for every child’s future and are taught in KidZania in interactive ways that cannot be taught in a classroom. On the other hand, the benefit programs provide the KidZania citizens hundreds of ways to do new things and experience more with every visit. KidZania offers regular promotions and events to make your child’s experience more enjoyable and affordable for you. KidZania provides you with the perfect opportunity to surround your children with an environment that focuses on learning and fun as a wholesome approach.

Have you been to KidZania Dubai or any other KidZanias? Please share in the comments, also don't forget to check out our Instagram post about KidZania to learn even more interesting things.

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