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Top Multilingual books resources for kids

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Whether you're raising a bilingual child, have a multilingual family, or simply want to expose your child to different languages, multilingual children's books are an invaluable addition to your home library. These books play a crucial role in enhancing language acquisition and opening doors to new cultures and perspectives. We have compiled a list of multilingual books resources available online and some with free available books.

Madeleines Editions is a renowned publishing house specializing in children's literature. With a focus on promoting multilingualism and cultural diversity, Madeleines Editions offers a wide range of books that celebrate different languages, cultures, and traditions. Their collection includes beautifully illustrated storybooks that captivate young readers and spark their imagination. What sets Madeleines Editions apart is their commitment to creating bilingual books, allowing children to explore and learn multiple languages simultaneously. The books are carefully crafted with engaging narratives and vibrant artwork, making them not only educational but also entertaining for children. Madeleines Editions is dedicated to fostering a love for reading and supporting language development in children, making their books a valuable resource for families, educators, and language learners alike. In fact, my daughter loves their digital books. We are sure your little ones will also enjoy these award-winning stories.

Storybooks Canada is a valuable online resource that offers a diverse collection of free, high-quality children's storybooks in multiple languages. Created by the Canada's National Research Council, the platform aims to promote literacy and language development in young children. Storybooks Canada features beautifully illustrated stories that cover a wide range of themes, cultures, and experiences, providing children with a rich and inclusive reading experience. They also have many African storybooks in the 12 immigrant most spoken languages in Canada. The stories are available in various formats, including audio narration, making them accessible to children of different reading levels. With its vast selection of engaging stories and its commitment to promoting literacy, Storybooks Canada is an excellent resource for parents, educators, and children seeking to explore the joy of reading and expand their language skills.

Discover the world of language learning with Language Lizard! Their platform offers beautifully illustrated bilingual books in over 50 languages, promoting diversity and cultural understanding. As a trusted provider of multilingual resources, Language Lizard supports language acquisition through a diverse collection of books, audio materials, and language learning resources.

The platform has free audible for kids and currently has books available in German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, and, of course, English as of now. The Amazon Global Store provides a vast selection of multilingual children's books. With a dedicated section for international books, parents can easily find books in various languages, including bilingual editions, to enrich their child's language learning journey.

MagicBlox is an online platform that provides a vast collection of children's e-books, specifically designed to ignite a love for reading and learning. With a focus on early literacy, MagicBlox offers a wide range of engaging and interactive stories for children of all ages. Their library features high-quality, colorful illustrations and captivating narratives that foster imagination and promote language development. MagicBlox also offers educational resources, including read-along audio and interactive quizzes, enhancing the reading experience. With its user-friendly interface and accessibility across multiple devices, MagicBlox makes it easy for parents, educators, and children to explore and enjoy a world of literary adventures.

Unite for Literacy is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting literacy and providing access to quality children's books for all. With a focus on multilingualism and cultural diversity, they offer a digital library of free, beautifully illustrated e-books in over 40 languages. They also have free narrated books in many languages. Their mission is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to engage with books, fostering a love for reading and preserving language heritage. Through partnerships and initiatives, they distribute physical books and collaborate with educators and communities to improve literacy rates worldwide. Unite for Literacy is making a significant impact by embracing technology and promoting the importance of multilingualism in creating a more inclusive and literate world for children.

The International Children's Digital Library (ICDL) is a remarkable online resource that provides access to a vast collection of children's books from around the world. With over 4,000 titles in various languages, children can explore diverse cultures and languages through beautifully illustrated stories.

With its mission to promote reading and cross-cultural understanding, the ICDL offers an extensive range of digital books in multiple languages, allowing children to explore different cultures and stories from the comfort of their own homes. The library features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for children to browse and discover books based on their interests, age group, and preferred language. From classic tales to contemporary stories, the ICDL offers a rich literary experience for young readers, fostering a love for reading and encouraging global connections through the power of storytelling.

For your kids to be inspired and doodle in French, English, or German, make sure to check World's of friends. It is an inspiring multilingual book full of fun activities , inspiring quotes, and educational facts. The book comes in 3 versions: English, bilingual French/English, and bilingual German/English. All available on Amazon.

Little Linguist is an online bookstore specializing in multilingual children's books. They offer a wide selection of books in different languages, including bilingual editions. From picture books to chapter books, Little Linguist provides resources for children of all ages and language abilities.

10 ) Language-specific Bookstores

Many language-specific bookstores exist both online and in physical locations. These stores specialize in books written in specific languages, making it easier to find authentic children's literature in languages such as Spanish, French, Mandarin, and more.

11 ) Local Libraries and Schools

Don't forget to explore your local libraries and schools, which often have multilingual book sections or language learning resources for children. These resources provide access to a variety of books and language materials that support language acquisition.

Multilingual books are valuable tools for introducing children to different languages and cultures. The top multilingual book resources mentioned in this blog post offer a diverse selection of books in various languages, allowing children to embark on exciting language learning journeys. Whether through online platforms, specialized bookstores, or local libraries, parents and educators have a wealth of resources at their disposal to nurture a love for languages and instill a sense of global citizenship in children. Embrace the power of multilingual books and watch as your child's language skills and cultural understanding flourish.

This list above is certainly not an exhaustive list, please if you know of any other fantastic multilingual resources that were not included here, please share in the comment below so that other families can also benefit from them!

Top Multilingual Children's Books For Kids

Happy learning and reading, and don't forget that "A book is a gift you can open again and again." Garrison Keillor


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