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Top Multilingual books resources for kids

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Whether you're raising your child to be bilingual, or your child is already bilingual, or trilingual and learning an additional language, multilingual children's books are a great tool to add to your family's bookshelves. They facilitate your kid's learning by strengthening that additional-language acquisition. We have compiled a list of multilingual books resources available online and some with free available books.

1) Madeleine Editions

For multi-lingual digital books in French, English, and Chinese, check out International publishing house Madeleine Editions. Their multimedia,multi-lingual ebooks are a fantastic way to engage your kiddos. In fact, my daughter loves their digital books. We are sure your little ones will also enjoy these award-winning stories.

2) Storybooks Canada

Its a free platform created by a University of British Columbia team in the Department of Language and Literacy Education promoting multilingual literacy with audio and text. They cover many African storybooks in the 12 immigrant most spoken languages in Canada.

3) Language Lizzard

Language Lizard has a creative platform for teaching children with beautiful, illustrated bilingual books in over 50 languages. Many of these books celebrate diversity and other cultures.

4) Amazon Audible books

The platform has free audible for kids and currently has books available in German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, and, of course, English as of now.

5) Magic Blox

A multilingual platform with free multilingual books online that your kiddos can read and maintain their 2nd or 3rd languages.

6) Unite for Literacy

A platform with free narrated books in many languages.

7) International children library

This site offers a free range of multicultural kids' books in many languages, including Russian.

8) World's of Friends

For your kids to be inspired and doodle in French, English, or German, make sure to check World's of friends. It is an inspiring multilingual book full of fun activities , inspiring quotes, and educational facts. The book comes in 3 versions: English, bilingual French/English, and bilingual German/English. All available on Amazon.

This list above is certainly not an exhaustive list, please if you know of any other fantastic multilingual resources that were not included here, please share in the comment below so that other families can also benefit from them! Happy learning and reading, and don't forget that "A book is a gift you can open again and again." Garrison Keillor

Top Multilingual Children's Books For Kids