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Yangtze Boutique Shanghai Hotel

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

The Yangtze Boutique Shanghai hotel is open for everyone looking for a comfy stay in the bustling city of Shanghai, its located in Hankou road in a very central location which makes it even better for tourists looking to explore the beautiful city. It has rooms that can fit all types of guest from the solo adventurer to the family of 4 looking to explore during the holiday seasons; this means whatever you are looking for Yangtze Boutique is here to provide for you. It is also a historic hotel and nominee of the world luxury hotel awards.

Positives of the hotel

As mentioned above the hotel offers something for every type of traveller, room sizes can be ordered to your requirements and will always be exactly how you need them to be; for example family rooms get free cots/infant beds and if the customer still needs more sleeping area they can purchase rollaway or extra beds that can be kept in the same room. Each room, no matter family or solo, comes with air conditioning, a minibar, bathrobes, slippers, free bottled water, free Wi-Fi, tv, and a modern designed bathroom to make sure you are fully refreshed during your stay; you can also order in-room massages to add that extra layer of relaxation.

To make sure your room is kept completely clean of any dust or dirt there are daily housekeeping teams that go around to clean, they will handle any of your luggage with care and make sure the bed is ready for you again once you return from your days' adventures. If you have any valuables, like children's iPads and such, then you can use the in-room safe (laptop compatible) to lock away anything of value and importance.

The hotel itself is located in the downtown region of Shanghai, which is great for access to shops and food. Not only can you get easy access to the basics but the hotel is in a great location for tourist attractions, some to note are the People's Square which is only a 16 minute walk away, another is Yu Garden which isn't much further with a 33 minute walk, another easily assessable tourist attraction is the Shanghai Museum itself which is a simple 10 minute walk away. If you don't feel like walking or think the children will tire easily then the hotel itself offers a limo/town car service which can easily get you to anywhere you need to go, or if you want to drive yourself around there is also a car rental service on-site also, meaning you can go anywhere whenever.

If the food available on your adventures doesn't suit your taste then there are also 2 in house restaurants featured in the hotel, they both have a food hygiene rating of 5/5 and offer a plethora of dishes to suit any taste buds, even the fussy little ones. Every morning there is a buffet breakfast, although to have full access there is a surcharge, this goes along with the snack and deli bar which offers numerous amounts of nibbles to feast if needed. The grownups can also enjoy some refreshments in the bar and lounge area; the bar is open until quite late, which allows the adults to be still able to have fun while the children are asleep.

Negatives of the hotel

The hotel has a list of features it offers to all of the guests that come to the beautiful hotel, but some require more money from the customer, the breakfast buffet for instance, requires a fee to have access to, this would be per head also so if your family is big then it can cost quite a lot. Another feature that requires a payment of some sort is any extra beds that you may require, for example, if you have 4 to a room and only two beds, then you would need to purchase extra beds to host the extra guests, only cots and infant beds are free to any customer.

The hotel offers extra services like a spa and fitness facilities but doesn't have one of the biggest attractions the hotel could offer, a swimming pool, this would be great for customers with families and will become even more popular during the summer when the temperatures can rise very high, and it can become very humid, the pool would offer the perfect solution to heat for tourists who are need of a cool down.

When we stayed at this hotel, we were pleased with its location. It is located in a central area, which is excellent for sightseeing as it has links to attractions and public transport. Nanjing Road was literally a couple of steps away from the hotel. It was easy for us to explore the area and walked the famous pedestrian street to the bund.

The staff at the hotel were helpful and fluent in English too. So if you want to explore that area of Shanghai with your family, it could be a nice place to consider .The hotel itself also have a fascinating history.

Book Now at Yangtze Boutique Shanghai Hotel and have a great time in Shanghai !

Yangtze boutique shanghai hotel


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