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2019 Best Travel Apps For iOS and Android

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Technology is modifying the way we travel. From online flights to hotel booking or even search for food, we rely on our smartphone apps. There are various travel apps designed, especially for making travelers life easy. Like all apps, a few are better than others. I am assuming that you already know about Google maps, Google trips, and Uber. I am interested in writing about the new apps that will save your money, more fit in, and make your trip most memorable. Considering these benefits, do not leave your home without installing these must-have travel apps.

Travel Apps for Language

Google Translate

Platform: iOS and Android

It's a new app released last year, could be your best travel companion. Google Translate can interpret 100+ languages. There is a new feature that let travelers take a photo with text or any symbol and then translate it into English. The camera translation is available for 38 languages.

The app allows translation of Thai, Arabic, Hindi, Vietnamese, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Nepali, Telugu, Tamil, and many others. It is a life savior when it comes to the menu, store/street signs, symbols, etc. There is an offline feature that translates writings and conversations.

After translating, the app allows to copy and share it through text, WhatsApp, or social media. In this way, you will be able to interact with those at your destination before even reaching there. You can save your custom translations in the app for future use. When you are not sure about your pronunciation, you can use the app’s playback mode. It will speak the translation for you.


Platform: iOS and Android

If you have booked your tour ahead of time, then learn the country’s language via Duolingo. It is a popular language app, with over 200 million users learning 31 different languages worldwide. The app is free of cost. It does not only offer beginner courses but also advanced for those who want to polish their skills in a specific language.

By using an analytical science approach, the app teaches you grammar and vocabulary in the form of games. With daily activities and reminders, Duolingo is the ideal app for your summer tour.

SayHi Translate

Platform: iOS and Android

During travel, you may need an app that helps you in translating local phrases. SayHi is a language translation app which offers translation in approximately 90 languages.

The app is capable of recognizing voice accurately. You can change the translating voice's speed and program it as male or female.

SayHi is a user-friendly app with an in-app purchase offer for more languages.

Travel Apps for Booking


Platform: iOS and Android

Skyscanner is a famous booking and planning app. It offers price alerts and combined everyday flyer miles with no additional charges. It is easy to use for explorers to compare the inexpensive flight prices, check hotel deals, or hire the suitable car rental option out there.

A color coding system (green= cheap, red= expensive) makes it easy to use. The app finds economical flights in seconds.

Try to check out other users reviews before ordering or booking. The reviews give you an idea about the price, duration, and overall experience of your next flight.

Go Euro

Platform: iOS and Android

Go Euro is a popular booking app that searches for cheaper rides like train, bus, and plane tickets in Europe. You can search for inexpensive rides on Go Euro's website or app. With this app, you can explore the city in economical rates.

Platform: iOS and Android

Already famous app, collects different offers for flights, accommodation, car rentals, and restaurants. The app shows reviews from customers that can help you in selecting different options. The platform is excellent in terms of presenting inexpensive prices with free withdrawals and booking without a credit card.

Hotel tonight

Platform: iOS and Android

One of the most reliable travel apps is Hotel Tonight, which allows you to book your hotel as a last-minute deal. The app owners’ partners with different hotels to give you discounts. The app gives you 24/7 services along with a daily drop offer. You can reserve multiple rooms in a single day.

Until now, the hotel booking facility is available in 12 countries with 150 destinations. The number is increasing day by day because of the vast usage of the app.

Travel Apps for Organization


Platform: iOS and Android

Rome2rio helps you compare several modes of transportation along with their prices. Nowadays, people have no time to open their computers and compare the available prices. The app will show bus, train, ferry, flight, and cars with the estimated time and fare. By using Rome2rio, you will be able to save money and time during traveling.


Platform: iOS and Android

Receiving multiple confirmation E-mails, while planning for a trip is common. Whether it be from a hotel, an airline, rental cars, or restaurants, organizing all of the information in one place can be a hassle.

TripIt resolves this issue by organizing all of your scattered data in one place. The app’s flexibility allows you to forward confirmation emails, send important travel information in a document, and let the app mechanically fetch important messages right from your inbox.

The app offers a premium subscription to promote your seat on future flights.