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Flying With A Toddler -Some Tips..

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

I can’t guarantee every trip will go well, but I can pass on my tips and hacks for flying with children that have worked at this stage.

Leave plenty of time for security. Prepare your kid and explain that teddy will have to go through the x-ray machine, but they will have him back.

Choose your seat well. I am a fan of seat guru to help you navigate plane seat map. If you have a potty trained toddler- you may prefer to be near the washroom.

If it is just the three of you flying, then choosing a DEG seat and deliberately not selecting the F seat, may mean you end up with a row of 4 for free, as single middle seats are always the last to go- and worst case, the person who may be allocated that place will still be happy to swap to the aisle so you can all be together.

When traveling with an infant, the bassinet bulkhead seat in the middle in newer aircraft ( B777) – DEFG seats have an adaptable armrest between seat E and F meaning they can extend out and lie on you.

If flying a long haul flight during the day, think about boarding last with your toddler and have your partner board a bit earlier with all the travel gear you have. It is not necessary to keep a toddler restrained on a plane for hours! With a short-haul flight or very late flight, it is often easier to get them on and settled.

Bring something snugly for a comfortable trip. It does help to settle the kids. My daughter always travel with her bunny. They are inseparable.

Make use of the airport playground, if they have one.

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If flying long haul – aim for a night flight. It does seriously help even if your departure time is after usual sleep time. Depending on the flight, we put our daughter to bed at a regular time and wake her up when it is time to walk out the door. It means she generally has enough energy to get her through the journey to the airport, check in and finally after take off.

Pack as many snacks as you can. Bring what you think and double it! Raisins, bananas, mini sausages are all good. Avoid sugary sweets. We do save a lolly for the descent though- just in case the change in pressure irritates her ears.

Order a child meal. If your toddler is over 2, then you can order a child meal on most airlines ( long haul flights). These are less spicy and generally more appealing to kids.

Pack some toys just for the flight. Organize them for easy reach.

Pack spare changes of clothes. Always have a good load of wet wipes and essential medicine.

Flying With A Toddler -Some Tips..

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