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Kids’ Books Set in Australia & Oceania

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Books have the power to foster creativity and imagination. Here is our selection of books about Oceania capturing the experience of life down under and its neighboring countries.

Are We There Yet?

This is a lovely book by children's author Alison Lester. After being around Australia with my daughter, she still enjoys revisiting it through this lovely book. The book is narrated by eight -year -old grace. She travels all around Australia with her family in a camper for three months. She chronicles the trip in the form of a journal with diagrams and observations about the places she visited with her family.

New Zealand ABC's

It is a fun book for both adults and kids. Each letter covers some basic facts about New Zealand's history and culture. It is illustrated and gives a glimpse into New Zealand culture, present, and past, including the different customs of the Maori culture.

My Ocean Home Fiji

An illustrated book about a little boy Tui and his adventures in his native land of Fiji. You will follow him in his ocean home and learn about life and tradition in Fiji.

Hello Mama Wallaroo

It is an illustrated non-fiction book about Wallaroo and Australian marsupial similar to a kangaroo. It is a great read-aloud for ages 2-6 about the Wallaroo, a marsupial similar to a kangaroo. Did you know that there are more than 40 different kinds of Kangaroo like animals in Australia? This cute book in A Q&A format offers a good introduction for younger readers to Wallaroo, this marsupial similar to Kangaroo with big ears and feet and only 3 feet tall.

Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas