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Tips for an AMAZING Travel Experience with Kids this Christmas!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

It's almost Christmas, and that means you are finally going on a vacation, traveling to an exotic resort in a faraway destination. Or, you will be flying home to enjoy all the season's festivities with your friends and relatives back at home. Well, you most probably can't wait to get there and have a good time with your loved ones.

But the mere thought of traveling with your kids this Christmas period just makes you tired – because you aren't a stranger to the whole hectic experience. Rife with potential worries, it can easily be a total disaster. From what to pack, when to book your tickets and how you'd pacify on that long flight, traveling during Xmas with kids isn't always an easy one.

Need to have a smooth journey with Kids over Christmas? Here are 8 tips to consider ...

1. Pack, but just the absolutely necessary

Traveling with children during the Christmas period is a hassle, mainly because the station can be crowded. The worst you could do during the same period is to overpack.

There's a great chance you will have the kid's hand to hold or the stroller to push. Doing so, along with a travel bag, a backpack, and several other essentials are never easy. The best idea is to, therefore, pack as little as possible, ideally taking consideration of the essentials alone.

2. Relax, take it slow and plan for the unexpected

Unlike when you are traveling alone, getting on the road with kids inherently means you may never know what to expect. They may not take a nap at all, perhaps throw up and soil the whole place. Still, be sure to pack everything and arrive at the airport, train station, or bus station a couple of hours ahead.

Remember to always be prepared for the unexpected when exploring with your little ones. They may take longer to eat at the restaurant or spend longer strolling to the departures, not to mention the hassle of getting the baggage through the security. You, therefore, need to expect the worst and plan accordingly.

3. 'Tag' your little ones

If traveling with several little kids and you're alone, better brand them with your name and phone number so that in case they get lost; you are easy to locate. Wristbands are the best for tags as you travel this Christmas if you can't invest in GPS tracking devices.

4. Stack up on snacks and tools of entertainment

There's no doubt your 2-year-old will feel hungry and start crying mid-flight. You can imagine the drama and embarrassment if all three kids cry hours into a day-long trip, and you have nothing to soothe them.

To be safe, always be prepared to keep them happy and comfortable using snacks. Pack dry snacks and healthy drinks before hitting the road. Yogurt and fruit drink will ultimately save the day, especially when it's a toddler you are traveling with this Christmas.

Still, ensure to keep the food fresh and tasty. As for their playthings, ensure to carry a decent number of them. Small, new toys they've never played with before are the best. Lots of kid-friendly games on your iPad will also help a great deal. They all will come in handy when the meltdown is imminent.

Pro tip: order kids meals on planes a few weeks before your day of flying is an available option if you have no intention to prep for their trip meals.

5. Travel with medicines

Nothing would ruin your journey with children this Christmas than sickness. Anything, from stomach upsets as a result of bumpy rides to allergies, will ultimately halt an otherwise smooth trip if you aren't with necessary meds with you.

Buy a few Over-the-Counter medicines – painkillers, allergy meds, and any other suitable ones. Don't forget prescription medicines or prescription slips.

6. Break up your trip

Make as many stops as possible as you travel with your kids this Christmas. It is the best way of easing the boredom, ensuring they cope up with sitting down all-day-long. You will be surprised how this travel tip will keep them calm and comfortable throughout the journey.

7. But choose your stops wisely

If you are traveling from abroad, your ideal stops should be in the best cities, convenient transportation, and accommodation spots adjacent to the airport. If traveling by road, schedule your trip with stops a few hours in between.

8. Stay longer in fewer stops

As you make your stops, ensure to stay as long as possible to keep them relaxed and rejuvenated. There's no problem taking a couple of days on the road, provided it doesn't tire them. Indeed, traveling with children can have its challenges at times; however, you can also have an enjoyable, enriching experience traveling with your kids. If you would love to have a pleasant, hassle-free travel experience with your little ones this December, please take note of the above tips.

Please share in the comment below if you have any other useful tips.

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