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The Best Family Friendly Activities This Pandemic

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

A wise man once said, "Being stuck inside isn't so bad if you have the stuff to do." There are times in life, like this lockdown period, in which we all feel like everything is going wrong, and trust me, it’s natural to feel antsy and restless, but we all have to try and stay optimistic and make the most of our time by doing something worthwhile.

Crisis gives you the chance to look into what really matters to you.

While technology has connected us to long-distance friends, it has disconnected us from the ones we live with.

So in this pandemic, where we are bound to live with our family, why don’t we take some time to connect and bond with them.

You are probably bored out of your minds by now, especially if you are a professional, and while Netflix and chill is a tempting option, it is not the ideal activity for you.

So we decided to give you a bunch of ideas that will keep you busy and productive and give you a chance to connect with your family and friends.

And before you start bombarding me about the importance of SOPS, let me assure you that all of these activities are safe.

Just don't forget to wear a mask and skip the hugs and handshakes. Plan activities that don't require close contact, and keep a hand sanitizer with you.

I just want you to know that just because we can’t be near other people outside, doesn’t mean that we can’t step out. We can still get fresh air and do some safe, fun outdoor activities. So let's get straight to the activities!

1) Paddle a Canoe

Being in nature is meditative and calming, and going on a canoe trip with your family or friends is the ideal way to do this.

A canoe or a 10-foot kayak would automatically put each person in the group at least six feet away from each other.

It will give you all a chance to breathe in the fresh air and connect with each other and nature.

Paddling is perfect for your health too. The beautiful scenes you encounter and the quiet sounds of nature you hear while Kayaking is known to have euphoric and magical effects.

Also, it is an affordable activity and doesn't require much experience. Call your friends, book a trip, Wear a life jacket, Get into a canoe, and let go of the world's worries.

Best Family Fun Ideas To Enjoy In Covid - 19

2) Camping outdoors or in your backyard

If you are fond of camping, like me, you must be an itching escape into the wilderness even just for a little while.

For me, camping has always been the perfect way to get away from the bustle of the city and the worries of life.

If you can’t find a safe camping facility nearby, you can just arrange one in your backyard, while you’re staring up at the stars around a campfire, it’s easy to pretend that you are in a forest in the heart of nowhere.

Indoors, you use tables and chairs to make imaginary cabins. And outdoors, you can set up a few tents.

If you don't have real tents, you can use sheets or blankets. Create a campfire by nailing some logs together. Then play games like a scavenger hunt, flashlight, tag hunt, obstacle course, charades, or card games.

Best Family Fun Ideas To Enjoy In Covid - 19

3) Go for a Hike

Although all famous National parks, hiking trails, and monuments are closed, you can still find a trail if you are passionate about hiking. Find a trail close to home.

Hiking is an amazing way to keep yourself physically active. It is also one of the best ways to improve your mental health and boost your mood.

First, virtually plan for the trip, get all the essentials for hiking. Convince a family member or a friend or two to go with you, and have the time of your life.

Best Family Fun Ideas To Enjoy In Covid - 19

4) Go swimming

Many pools across the world are locked to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Unlike other activities like cycling, we can’t just wear a swimsuit and go swimming. But you can install an indoor pool or create one yourself if you are a DIYer.